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DR. LEVI BROOK HIRST  was born in Camden NJ in December 12, 1860, the eight of nine children belonging to George and Rebecca Miller Hirst. Sadly, his mother died when he was nine years old, on February 28, 1870. The family lived in North Camden. His father worked different jobs, the 1870 Census shows him working in a rolling mill, while the 1880 Census shows his profession as shoemaker. By the time the 1880 Census had been enumerated, Rebecca Hirst had passed away. Levi Hirst was working as a pharmacist and going to school. George Hirst passed away on April 12, 1886.

Levi Hirst was educated at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, graduating in 1884, and received his M.D. from Jefferson Medical College in 1894. He did post-graduate work at Jefferson, and specialized in Otolaryngology. Dr. Hirst was affiliated with Cooper Hospital, and served with as hospital steward with the 6th Regiment of the New Jersey National Guard, which was based in Camden, from 1884 through 1894. During this time he served under Drs. E.L.B. Godfrey, Dowling Benjamin, George T. Robinson, Daniel Strock and Wilson Gill Bailey.

As early as 1889 Levi Hirst was attending meetings of the Camden County Medical Society as a guest. After receiving his doctorate, he sat for his examinations and was licensed to practice medicine in New Jersey in 1894. Other doctors in Camden who began practicing that year were Dr. Marcus Mines, Dr. Paul M. Mecray, Dr. Milton Osmun, Dr. Emerson P. McGeorge, and Dr. William E. Miller. 

Dr. Hirst was a member of the Camden County Medical Society, serving as president in 1921. He also was a member and one-time president of the Camden City Medical Society, as well as being a member of the American Medical Association and the Philadelphia Medical Club.

Dr. Hirst married Annisteen E. Reed. There were four children, three daughters, Katherine, Alice, and Annisteen, and a son E. Reed Hirst, who followed his father into medicine as an otolaryngologist. Alice and Katherine went into teaching.

In 1885 Levi Hirst purchased the drugstore at the corner of Haddon Avenue and Federal Street. This address was 592 Federal Street. The 1906 Camden City Directory shows that Dr. Hirst had his home and practice at 586 Federal Street, and still a pharmacy at 592 Federal Street. By 1914 this operation was acquired by Oscar N. Hinski. Dr. Hirst resided at 586 Federal Street through the mid-1920s.

The 1924 City Directory shows Dr. Hirst had moved his practice to 634 Federal Street. The Hirst family was still residing at 586 Federal Street, a few doors away from the Young Men's Christian Association building, and across from Camden Catholic High School and St. Mary's Catholic Grammar School. The daughters were living at home, while Dr. E. Reed Hirst had moved to 1422 Belleview Avenue in Parkside. By 1929 Dr. Hirst and his wife and daughters had moved to 634 Federal Street, and while Dr. E. Reed Hirst had left Camden for Haddonfield, both father and son continued to practice together at the Federal Street address. 

Dr. Levi B. Hirst passed away in 1935.

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