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DR. KIRK BENTLEY BARB was a general practitioner who served the residents of Parkside for over 30 years. Dr. Barb was born in in Marion County, Arkansas in 1886. He graduated from North Texas State Normal School in 1908, from the University of Oklahoma in 1914, and from the University of Oklahoma Medical School in 1915. He interned at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1916, then went to John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland for post-graduate studies. 

When America went to war in 1917, Dr, Barb joined the United States Navy, where he served until 1919. Dr. Barb had been living at 1022 North Broadway in Baltimore prior to going into the Navy. He was processed at the recruiting station at Allentown, Pennsylvania on April 25, 1917, and at the Naval Hospital in Philadelphia on July 6, 1917. He reported to the receiving ship at Philadelphia on July 31, 1917. After completing 

basic training Dr. Barb was commissioned as a Lieutenant, Junior Grade in the Medical Corps of the United States Navy on January 19, 1918. He served aboard the USS Glacier beginning on May 10, 1918. Dr. Barb was promoted to Lieutenant on July 1, 1918. He was put to work at the recruiting station station in Brooklyn, New York in August of 1918, where he stayed until March 31, 1919 when he was transferred to the USS Black Arrow. A week later, on April 7, 1919 Dr. Barb was transferred to the Naval Air Station at Rockaway Beach, New York. On May 3, 1919 Dr. Barb was again transferred, this time to the Philadelphia Navy Yard. He resigned his commission with the Navy on September 23, 1919. 

Dr. Barb practiced medicine for a short time in Fort Worth, Texas, where he and his Ireland-born wife, the former Mary Catherine McDonnell, were living when the Census was taken in January of 1920, before moving to Camden. He was affiliated with the municipally owned Camden General Hospital, and, after building a home and office at 1303 Princess Avenue in 1923, worked as a general practitioner. Dr. Barb was a member of the Camden County Medical Society and the American Medical Association. He was also an active member of the Francis Hopkinson Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution.

Dr. Barb's grandson, Jack Barb, wrote the following in March of 2011:

(Dr. Barb)..." was a medical doctor, a General Practitioner, and ran this as his office and his home. The first level was a waiting room,  an examining room and treatment room. The front upstairs was his office, where he could watch the front door and get some privacy. The rest of the house was the home. With his wife Mary MacDonnell, he raised three children Mary Catherine, Eileen Patricia and my father John MacDonnell, who also became a doctor. 

In his estate papers it states: Original cost of $15,000, at his death it sold on 12-21 54 for $10,000 to Irene Gocher and Michael Pappas (trustee for Peter Papas). 1954 taxes were $351.14 per year, water was $29.00 per year, and Sewer was $26.68 per year. 

Mrs. Barb passed away on August 19, 1944 at the age of 53. Dr. Kirk B. Barb joined her on July 23, 1954.

Lieutenant Kirk Barb, U.S. Navy

1303 Princess Avenue
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In his estate papers it states: Original cost of $15,000, at his death it sold on 12-21 54 for $10,000 to Irene Gocher and Michael Pappas (trustee for Peter Papas). 1954 taxes were $351.14 per year, water was $29.00 per year, and Sewer was $26.68 per year. 

Jack Barb, March 2011

Mary Catherine Barb

Trenton Evening Times * November 12, 1933

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Trenton Evening Times * April 19, 1936

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Camden Courier-Post - February 2, 1938

Pre-Lenten Social Function Set for Feb. 22 in Honor of First President

Camden Council, Knights of Columbus, will hold a "George Washington Birthday Ball" February 22, at the Hotel Walt Whitman.

Grand Knight J. Frank Crawford says he can find no trace of a civic affair of this nature ever having been given in Camden to pay honor to the first President of the United States.

Usually the Knights' pre-Lenten ball is held on the Friday evening preceding Ash Wednesday, but the dates are so close this year that the suggestion for a Washington's Birthday Ball met with instant favor.

Both the main and junior ballrooms of the hotel have been engaged for the dance while numerous rooms in the hostelry have been reserved for dinner parties to precede the ball.

Arrangements have been made for lavish and substantial decorations. A life-size statue of Washington on a pedestal will be surrounded by the Stars and Stripes, palms and floodlights.

The ballrooms will be replete with bunting and shields, alternating to achieve the patriotic and nationalistic tinge that the Knights believe this annual occasion should invest the affair.

To carry out the significance of the event and to furnish an exceptional touch to the evening, a committee of women, with Mrs. Jere Crean as chairman, will have charge of the features of the entertainment.

This program will partake of early colonial social activities. There will be dances of those early days together with the march of "The Three Minutes," the patriots whose picture has become as familiar to Americans as the sun and the moon.

Other, members of this features committee include Mrs. Kirk B. Barb, Mrs. Patrick O'Connor, Mrs. Joseph McShane, Mrs. Sabba Verdiglione, Mrs. Joseph E. Mears, Mrs. Vincent de Paul Costello, Mrs. James L. Hughes, Mrs. John Reynolds, Mrs. Frank Daly and Mrs. Andrew J. McMahon.

There Is also a Junior Ladies' Committee headed by Miss Mary Verga and comprising the Misses Catherine Kelley, Margaret Powell, Madeline McFeely, Alice Dolly, Teresa Regnery, Catherine Fay, Julia Kirk, Margaret Kelley, Winifred Cogan, Marie Carr and Marie Stanton Daly.

Thomas J. McCloskey is chairman of the committee on decorations; William J. Hartman of music, and Francis J. Poplaski of publicity. District Deputy George J. Reed heads the reception committee with Grand Knight Crawford, Past Grand Knight John A. Reynolds is in charge of the general committee, with Theodore J. Stiles, secretary; Francis Halstead, treasurer, and Daniel Roche, treasurer of Camden Council, as advisory member.


Mrs. Jere Crean Heads Women's Committee for Event Feb. 22

One of the principal pre-Lenten events in this city will be the Knights of Columbus Ball which is to be held in the Hotel Walt Whitman on Tuesday evening, February 22.

Since the ball falls on Washington's birthday the program has been centered around the observance of the national holiday.

The Women's Committee has completed plans for its participation in the affair and has announced that many dinner parties are being arranged, preceding the ball.

John A. Reynolds is general chairman of the ball committee. Mrs. Jere Crean heads the women's committee and is assisted by Miss Margaret Powell, Miss Madeline McFeeley, Miss Alice Dolly, Miss Margaret Moore, Miss Winifred Cogan, Miss Julia V. Kirk, Miss Kathryn Kelley, Miss Mary McGrath, Miss Teresa Regnery, Miss Margaret Kelley, Miss Jule M. Carey, Miss Winifred Stafford, Miss Rose Mary McKernan, Miss Marie B. Carr, Miss Rita Reigert, Miss Frances Jagod, Miss Mary Verga, Miss Anna Connell, Miss Monica Barrett, Mrs. Kirk B. Barb, Mrs. Marie Stanton Kelly, Mrs. Andrew McMahon, Mrs. Sabba Verdiglione, Mrs. John Reynolds, Mrs. Joseph Mears, Mrs. Charles Grimley, Mrs. John P. Daly,, Mrs. John Holt, Mrs. Frank Daly, Mrs. James A. Kane, Mrs. Joseph P. McShane and Mrs. Patrick A. O'Connor.

Camden Courier-Post - February 21, 1938

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