Dr. Howard Francis Palm


Dr. Howard Frances Palm was a fifth generation doctor. His great-great-grandfather, Dr. Johannes Palm, came to America in colonial times, eventually settling in Lebanon County PA. Great-grandfather Dr. Peter Palm settled in Sinking Spring, Berks Couty PA, and grandfather Dr. Francis Palm also practiced there. 

Howard Francis Palm was born to Dr. James P. & Lydia Dundore Palm in Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County PA on March 22, 1855. After studying medicine with his father, he enrolled in Jefferson Medical College in 1879, graduating on March 12, 1881. He was also enrolled at the same time at the Philadelphia School of Anatomy, graduating on March 31, 1881. He proceeded to set up a medical practice in Camden NJ.  By 1887 he bought a home at 614 North Second Street, and practiced medicine in the Cooper's Point neighborhood of North Camden until his passing on January 2, 1942. Dr. Palm served as superintendent of the Camden Dispensary in the early 1890s.

Dr. Palm's first wife, Ida, passed in 1922. He remarried prior to 1930. Dr. Palm was survived by his second wife Lucie, a son and daughter, four grandchildren, and a great- grandchild. Lucie Palm passed away in 1982.

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Jefferson Medical College Hospital
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     The house at 614 North Second Street is no longer standing, however, the wrought iron fence that was in front of it and of 616 North 2nd remains, as does the gate and driveway to where Doctor Palm kept his horse and buggy, and later his automobile.

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Palm Family Plot at Harleigh Cemetery, Camden NJ