Dr. Francis
Bicker Sr.

DR. FRANCIS J. BICKER SR. was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1859 to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Frederick Bicker. After being educated at the Zion Academy and the Philadelphia School of Pharmacy, he graduated from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia in 1890. 

Francis J. Bicker Sr. came to Camden from Philadelphia in the 1880s. In 1887 he was living and working as a drug clerk for Dr. John W. Donges at 1801 Broadway. After graduating from medical school he set up a general practice with offices at 1701 Fillmore Street, the corner of Fillmore and Van Hook Streets, near the John W. Mickle Elementary School. Married to Theresa Trainor Tuttle, he had three children, Carl Frederick, Dorothy Katherine, and Francis Joseph Bicker Jr. 

Dr. Bicker passed away on May 24, 1915, and his wife followed him on January 5, 1916. They are buried at Harleigh Cemetery in Camden. Sadly, Carl Frederick Bicker died while serving with the United States Marine Corps during World War I. Son Francis Joseph Bicker Jr. (1901-1968), a lifelong resident of Camden, worked as a plumber, and in 1916 formed a partnership with Isreal Ross, working out of a building the 600 block of Van Hook Street.

Dr. Francis J. Bicker was a member of the Camden County Medical Society, the Camden City Medical Society, and the American Medical Association. He also was a member of Camden Lodge Number 293, Benevolent Protective Order of Elks. He joined the Elks in April of 1906 with the endorsement of John S. Smith and the approval of membership committee members Dr. H.H. Davis, J. Willard Morgan, and George B. Bond.

Dr. Francis J. Bicker
Francis J. Bicker Jr.
Carl F. Bicker
Dorothy Bicker

Philadelphia Inquirer * October 29, 1899

Gottlieb Mick - Dr. John W. Donges - Christopher S. Magrath - Isaac Ferris Jr. - Charles Devaull
John Hood - George D. Borton - James F. Davis - Joseph Devinney - George Holl - Joseph Nowrey
William E. Anthony - David T. Campbell - John Pugh - John K. Esler - Harry Stetser
Cornelius Schepperkotter - Dr. Francis J. Bicker - Jonas S. Miller - Allyn Brewer - 
Joseph Peacocok - David A. Shreeve - Charles D. Heath  - Frederick Krueger - F.S. Neipling
Aaron Bryant - Jacob C. Lippincott - Thomas Wentz Jr. - William J. Thompson - John S. Smith
 George Williams - Charles C. Old - Jacob C. Daubman - Major William H. Tice
Clarence T. Atkinson - James Burke - Thomas Bodell - Francis Ford Patterson Jr.

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 21, 1902

Dr. Frances J. Bicker Sr. - Sitley & Son - Chelton Avenue
Broadway - Fillmore Street - Van Hook Street - South 6th Street

April 18, 1906

Camden Lodge No. 293, B. P. O. E.

CAMDEN, N. J., April 13, 1906


You are requested to attend the regular Stated Meeting, April 18, 1906, at 8 o'clock, at which time the following named applicants for membership will be balloted for:


Thomas H. Edwards

37 Shoe Man'f''g 423 Benson St.

Brother John H. Switzer

Bro. John Harris
Bro. W. Penn Corson
Bro. Asa L. Roberts

Francis. J. Bicker M.D.

46 Physician

Fillmore & Van Hook Sts.

Brother John S. Smith

Bro. H.H. Davis
Fro. J. Willard Morgan
Bro. George B. Bond

Charles W. Bossle

31 Hatter 706 Linden Street

Bro. Joseph Bossle Sr.

Bro. J.R. McCabe
Bro. H.B. Francis
Bro. B.H. Shivers

John Morgan Jr. 

27 Real Estate Agent Merchantville, N.J.

Bro. John W. Barr

Bro. William F. Rex
Bro, D. Harry Condit
Bro. Frank E. Gardiner

Howard Callingham

23 Bookkeeper Orston, N.J.

Bro. Joseph Bossle Sr.

Bro. Thomas J. Moore
Bro. Samuel B. Crall
Bro. James H. Eyster

G. Frank Travis

34 Tailor 320 Spruce Street

Bro. John W. Barr

Bro. John H. Switzer
Bro. William G. Maguire
Bro. Charles W. Brecker

Theodore Stiles Jr.

42 Meat and Provision Dealer 27 N. Third Street

Bro. C.W. Brecker

Bro. Wm. Shillingsburg
Bro. James T. Bailey
Bro. P.S.D. Johnston

C.F. Taylor

35 General Storekeeper Collingswood, N.J.

Bro. Thomas J. Moore

Bro. Samuel B. Crall
Bro. James H. Eyster
Bro. H.I. Cooper

Frank Reiss

  Cotton Duck Salesman Collingswood, N.J.

Bro. S.H. Wilkinson

Bro. Thomas J. Moore
Bro. Samuel B. Crall
Bro. James H. Eyster

Edward M. Wright

35 Produce
Com. Merchant
Merchantville, N.J.

Bro. John Stewart

Bro. Al. L. Smith
Bro. M.W. Taylor
Bro. H.H. Voorhees

      Attest: J. FRED. NEWTON,                                                           ALEX. J. MILLIETTE,
                                             Secretary.                                                                              Exalted Ruler.

Camden Post-Telegram
May 2, 1911

Fillmore Street
Jefferson Avenue
Mrs. Alice Vanatta
Dr. Francis J. Bicker

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 13, 1911

Charles G. Garrison
Cooper B. Hatch
Dr. Frank O. Stem
John B. Adams
William A. Butcher
Dr. Francis J. Bicker
Samuel Brick
George Blatherwick
Edward Bakely
John W. Croft
Alfred Clement
William B. Carson
Dr. Frank B. Cook
John Hull
Hugh Morgan Hatch
Rev. Dr. Edmund B. Kulp
George P. Kroecker
Joseph P. Lucas
Harlan S. Miner
James G. Pidgeon
Morton J. Pennock
George W. Swope
William Stem Jr.
George Schleinkopfer
William H. Whalan

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 25, 1915

Fillmore Street - Van Hook Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 17, 1917

Carl F. Bicker - Francis B. Bicker Jr. - Dorothy Bicker
William T. Boyle - Central Trust Company