Dr. Conrad G. Hoell


DR CONRAD G. HOELL  was born in Camden on May 25, 1860. His parents had emigrated from Germany in 1856. His father, also named Conrad Hoell, opened a hotel and tavern at 200-202 Federal Street. This establishment would remain open, under varying ownership, until at least 1970. It was known as Beringer's Cafe from the 1920s through 1940s, and as the Grand Bar as early as 1956 until at least 1970.

 After attending school in Camden and Philadelphia, Conrad Hoell graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and began practicing medicine and pharmacy in Camden at 4th and Pine Streets in 1882. In 1885 he sold this store and opened up another at 4th and Federal Street, and also established a practice in his home at 565 Benson Street.

On August 22, 1887 it was reported in the Trenton (NJ) Times that Dr. Hoell was thrown from his carriage at 3rd Street and Bridge Avenue, suffering a severe concussion. 

Dr. Hoell remained in practice at 565 Benson Street for many years. He served as member of the Camden Board of Education in the 1920s.On July 5, 1927 it was reported that at Board of Education meeting where the question of teachers smoking cigarettes arose, he defended the right of female teachers to use tobacco. 

Dr. Conrad Hoell was still working and living with wife Lillian and daughter Elizabeth, a teacher, at 565 Benson Street at the time of the 1930 census. By 1947 both Dr. Hoell and his wife were gone, but his daughter still resided at the Benson Street address.

Biographical Review - 1897 


March 23, 1918

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Helena, Montana Independent

July 5, 1927

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Camden Courier-Post - January 13, 1928

Three appointments to the Camden Board of Education will be made by him late today or tomorrow, Mayor Price said this morning. The appointments were expected to be made yesterday, but they were delayed, the mayor explained, because a “very capable man” declined to accept as one of the appointees. 

The mayor, under the law, has until January 15 to make the appointments, and the new appointees take office a month later. Three vacancies were to be filled by the mayor with the expiration of the terms of George C. Prince, George M. Bryson, and Albert Dudley. The mayor would not say whether or not he would re-appoint any of the three retiring members. Other members of the present board are Edwin I. Seabrook, president; Mrs. Anne D. Spooner, Irving T. Nutt, Meyer Wessel, Dr. Conrad G. Hoell and Dr. Jennie S. Sharp.