Dr. A. Lincoln Sherk

DR. A. LINCOLN SHERK II was born in what was then Stockton Township (present-day East Camden) on August 29, 1896 to Dr. Henry Huber Sherk and his wife, the former Emma Katherine Light. He was named after his uncle, his father's youngest brother. Henry Huber Sherk, originally from Lebanon PA, was a physician and opthalmologist, and at one time served as the President of Camden's Board of Health. By 1887 he had located in Stockton Township at 2013 Federal Street. Late that year the Sherk family moved to 2647 Westfield Avenue, just off the corner of 27th Street and Westfield Avenue. This house would serve as the home and office of Dr. A. Lincoln Sherk for many years. Besides A. Lincoln Sherk, there were three daughters, Katherine, Helen Emma, and Mary. Another daughter, Clara, died in infancy in 1893. 

A. Lincoln Sherk graduated from Camden's original High School, the Camden Manual Training and High School on Haddon Avenue at Newton Avenue, in 1916. His father had passed away the previous year. After serving in the United States Naval Reserve during World War I, he received his bachelors degree from Bucknell University in 1920, and completed his medical studies at Jefferson medical College in Philadelphia PA in 1923. Dr. Sherk interned at Kensington Lying-in Hospital in Philadelphia, Trenton State Hospital in Trenton NJ, and the Hospital P.E. Church from 1923 to 1926, and was a resident physician at Trenton State Hospital in 1926. He subsequently returned to Camden and established a general practice.  

On October 26, 1926 Dr. Sherk married Mary Pauline Schenck

In 1928 Dr. Sherk helped found the Third National Bank, on the corner of northeast corner of 27th Street and Westfield Avenue.

By 1947  Dr. A Lincoln Sherk and family had moved to 106 Browning Road in Merchantville NJ, a block which included Albert S. Woodruff at 101; contractor Edward Ellis at 125; the Bottomley family, who were connected to the Howland Croft & Sons Co. textile mill in Camden, at 129; E. Huelings Antrim at 131, and the family of the late Judge Samuel M. Shay, at 121. Former Camden Mayor Roy R. Stewart lived at 226.

Dr. A. Lincoln Sherk was a member of the Camden County Medical Society, the Camden City Medical Society, and the American Medical Association. 

Dr. Sherk and his wife Mary Pauline had three children, Mary Ann, Henry Huber, and A. Lincoln Sherk III. Henry Huber Sherk followed his father into medicine. Dr. A. Lincoln Sherk's older sister Katherine also went into medicine. Dr. Katherine Sherk married another physician, Dr. Seldon S. Crowell, and moved to Carlisle PA. 

Dr. Abraham Lincoln Sherk passed away on January 4, 1970. He was buried at Arlington cemetery in Pennsauken NJ. His son, Dr. Henry H. Sherk, continued to practice medicine on Westfield Avenue for many years.


April 6, 1928

Dr. A. Lincoln Sherk
Florence Kauffman
Anna Adams
George Bradbury
North 27th Street
North 28th Street
North 32nd Street
Hillside Avenue
Mitchell Street

Camden Courier-Post - June 23, 1933


Charged with driving without a license, Arthur Benjamin, 28, of 430 Liberty Street, was held in $10 security for a police court hearing following a collision at Twenty-third and High Streets shortly after noon yesterday, One man was cut on the head and legs. 

Policeman James Banks made the arrest after Benjamin's car struck and overturned the machine of C.R. Finney, 62, of 201 Cooper Street. Finney was treated by Dr. A. Lincoln Sherk. Benjamin was ordered to appear before Judge Garfield Pancoast June 29. 

Camden Courier-Post - May 12, 1933

Police Judge Will Appoint Substitute to Handle Cases During Illness

 Police Judge Garfield Pancoast today was seriously ill at West Jersey Homeopathic Hospital, suffering from a leg infection.

Semi-delirious, Judge Pancoast was taken from his office yesterday and ordered to bed by his physician, Dr. A. Lincoln Shirk.

A nurse was in attendance last night at Judge Pancoast's home, 234 Morse Street. He ran a high temperature last night and after Dr. Shirk had visited the home this morning the physician ordered Judge Pancoast removed to the hospital.

Mrs. Pancoast said her husband was a "very sick man" and it had been deemed advisable to give him the care a hospital would afford.

Some weeks ago the judge scratched his leg while getting out of his automobile. Infection set in and he was not in court for several days. Finally he returned to the bench against the advice of his doctor.

Since then the infection has not improved. When he began running a fever yesterday, Assistant Clerk Edward Smith helped him home.

Judge Pancoast said today he will designate someone Monday to sit in his absence. He indicated it would be someone other than Clerk James Smith, who usually substitutes in police court.

Dr. Shirk said Judge Pancoast probably aggravated his condition by speaking at a political rally in the Tenth Ward several days ago.

"The leg at times is very painful," the judge said today, "but I am going to take care of it now and stay in bed until I am completely well."

Camden Courier-Post - June 7, 1933

59 Legionnaires Name New Commander and Other Offficials

Walter G. Garlan, of Haddonfield, was elected commander of Thoirs Post, No. 47, American Legion, last night at a meeting held in the ballroom of the Hotel Walt Whitman.

He was unopposed and succeeds LeGrand Roberts, mayor of Oaklyn.

Fifty-nine members participated in the election, which saw spirited con­tests for vice commander, post chaplain and sergeant-at-arms.

Robert C. Brown and Peter De Costa were elected vice commanders, defeating Judge Frank F. Neutze, a third candidate, by a slim margin.

Walter C. Charles won out in the race for post chaplain, defeating Rev. Earl C. Sensor. Ira H. Condit successfully waged his campaign for the sergeant-at-arms post, winning over Paul V. Magee.

Others elected to office were Ellis C. Kircher, finance officer; Frank B. Anderson, service officer; Earl W. Young, historian and Dr. A. Lincoln Sherk, hospitalization officer. 

George Seybold of 305 South Fifth Street, entertained at bridge last evening at his home for Dr. and Mrs. A. Lincoln Sherk of this city, and the following members of his club, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Seybold and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Locke of Camden; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Janvier, of Audubon, Mr. and Mrs. H. Curtis Paschall, of Merchantvllle, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meves and Miss Alice Benkert of Philadelphia. 

305 South 5th Street

1933 George Seybold

Camden Courier-Post
June 15, 1933

Camden Courier-Post - May 11, 1934
Frank G. Hitchener - Frank T. Lloyd -Thomas Davis - Highland Avenue

Camden Courier-Post - February 28, 1938
Diabetes and Mental Hygiene Subjects for Public Relations Meeting

Diabetes and mental hygiene in their relation to public health will be discussed authoritatively at the annual public relations meeting and tea of the Auxiliary to the Camden County Medical Society to be held tomorrow afternoon in the Camden Woman's Club, 424-26 Linden street.

A discourse on diabetes will be presented by Dr. Alexander Ellis, of this city, who is a member of the Cooper Hospital staff, in charge of the out-patients diabetic clinic.
"The Basic Principles of Mental Hygiene" is the topic which has been announced for a second speaker, Dr. Camilla M. Anderson, secretary of the Mental Hygiene Committee of the Pennsylvania Public Charities Association.

Dr. Anderson covers the entire state of Pennsylvania. She is the psychiatrist in charge of the women's division in the Pittsburgh City Hospital and the Allegheny County Hospital. She is assistant professor of nursing at Duquesne University and a special lecturer on mental hygiene in the department of nursing education at the University of Pennsylvania. "Emotional Hygiene, the Art of Understanding" is the title of a book which was written by Dr. Anderson during the past year and which recently has been published.

Mrs. Orris W. Saunders, of this city, is hospitality chairman for the day. Mrs. Arthur J. Casselman, of this city, and Mrs. E. Reed Hirst, of Haddonfleld, will pour and those assisting will be Mrs. William Braun, Mrs. Penrose Thompson, Mrs. A. Lincoln Sherk, of Merchantville; Mrs. Kenneth B. MacAlpine, of Gloucester; Mrs. Kenneth Athey and Mrs. Alfred M. Elwell, of this city.

The Auxiliary has planned a fashion show to be followed by cards for Monday evening, March 7, in the Hotel Walt Whitman. Mrs. H. Wesley Jack, of Haddonfield, is general chairman for the affair.

Mrs. Oswald R. Carlander, of Merchantville, is president of the Auxiliary.

Camden Courier-Post - October 15, 1960

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