DONALD WATSON joined the Camden Police force on August 22, 1940, along with Stanley Zuchowicz and William Large. William H. Neale followed them onto the force two days later. Both Neale and Watson would go on to serve as Chief of Police in Camden. 

Donald Watson was appointed Acting Chief of Police in April of 1960 after Gustav Koerner retired. In August of 1960 William H. Neale was appointed Chief of Police. Donald Watson resumed his previous rank of Inspector. He was again given the duties of Acting Chief in May of 1964 when Chief Neale was ill. Chief Neale applied for his disability pension in February of 1965 and at that point Donald Watson was formally appointed Acting Chief of Police, pending a civil service examination. He was succeeded by Harold Melleby in March of 1967. Donald Watson retired in 1969.

For many years a resident of 935 Beideman Avenue in Camden's Cramer Hill section, Donald Watson passed away on March 21, 1991 at the age of 83, survived by his wife, the former Elizabeth R. Rowan, a daughter and five sons. Youngest son Jerome Watson served with the Camden Fire Department for over 31 years before retiring on January 1, 2000.

Camden Courier-Post * December 4, 1940

Joseph Caputi - Joseph M. Carroll - Roland Comerford - Vincent Conley - James Eskridge
Joseph Hooven - Julius Kaunacki - William E. Kelly - William H. Neale - Francis J. Nelson
John E. Opfer - Cecil H. Picou - Earl Quinton - Edward W. Tatem - Harry Tracy - Harold Vecander
John H. Watkins - Edward Watson - Donald R. Watson - George T. Weber - Stanley Zuckowicz
Philip Farrow - Anthony Bretschneider - John Gryckiewicz - Thomas Winstanley
William Palese - Anthony Dzinski - Joseph Guarino - Martin Nelson - William Cleary - Otto Kaiser   

Camden Courier-Post
April 27, 1964

Donald Watson - Beideman Avenue
Keith Kauffman - William Neale


Camden Courier-Post
October 8, 1964

John T. Odorisio - Keith Kauffman
Anthony R. Saponare - Boyd Street 
Anthony C. Saponare - Rocco Saponare
Frank Martelli - Line Street
Louis Martelli - Casper Martelli
Joseph Grace - Pfeiffer Street
Richard Hailey- Kossuth Street
Frank Valora - Pierce Avenue
Francis McHugh - Clinton Street
Charles Taylor - Magnolia Avenue
Anthony Gambone - Myrtle Avenue
George Corson - Penn Street
William Horay - North 2nd Street
Vincent Miller - Greenwood Avenue
John Stinsman - North 22nd Street


Philadelphia Evening Bulletin - October 10, 1964

12 new police candidates sworn in

12 new men are reviewed by Camden Public Safety Director Keith Kauffman (far right in civilian clothes) and acting police chief Donald Watson.

The candidates were
Anthony R. Saponare

Frank Martelli 
Joseph Grace 
Richard Hailey
Frank Valora 
Francis McHugh
Charles Taylor 
Anthony Gambone 
George Corson 
William Horay
Vincent Miller
John Stinsman

Camden Courier-Post * February 24, 1965

Donald Watson - Keith Kauffman - William Yeager - George Weber
Harold Melleby - Thomas Kelly - William Neale

Camden Courier-Post * November 8, 1968

Standing L to R: Edward V. Michalak - Donald Watson - Charles Galasso - John Huelas - Jerome J. Watson - Daniel J. Galasso
William H. Huelas - Ronald J. Boyle - Robert G. Boyle - George S. Szychulski -
Glenn H. Moore - Marvin W. Bendy - Samuel Battle Jr.
Ronald Angemi - Robert C. Welch - George R. Abbey -
Beideman Avenue - Atlanta Road - North 33rd Street - Mt. Ephraim Avenue Kaighn Avenue - South Merrimac Road - Ormond Avenue - Oak Walk

Camden Courier-Post *  March 24, 1991

Camden Courier-Post March 24, 1991