Charles W. Dutton


CHARLES W. DUTTON was born in Camden NJ around 1887. He worked as a guard in the city parks. He moved to 2808 Hayes Avenue in Cramer Hill with his wife Edna around 1939, and in 1945 became a crossing guard at North 32nd Street and River Road as the children would make their way to the Harry C. Sharp Public School at 928 North 32nd Street. This corner would become famous in 1949 when Howard Unruh went on his rampage, killing 13 people in 12 minutes. Charles Dutton was a member of the 11th Ward Republican Club and of Camp 117 of the Patriotic Order Son of America.

Charles W. Dutton suffered a fatal stroke while at home on June 19, 1950. His mother- in-law, Mrs. Sarah Stone, who lived with the Duttons, passed at the age of 90 the next  day. After joint services, Mr. Dutton was buried at New Camden Cemetery on June 23, 1950. Charles Dutton was survived by his wife, daughter Mrs. Katherine Simpson, and four grand-children. 

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Camden Courier-Post - June 21, 1950