CHARLES M. LANE was born in Pennsylvania on October 14, 1831 to James S. and Mary Lane. His father was a bookbinder. The Lane family had moved Camden shortly after the birth of younger brother James M. Lane, and they were in town in time for the 1840 Census. When the census was taken in 1850 the Lane family included older siblings John and William, and younger siblings Ann, James M., Theophilus, and Barton Lane

On May 3, 1853 Charles M. Lane married Catherine Wallace. The Lanes appear in the 1860 Census living in Camden's South Ward, Charles M. Lane working as a carpenter. He was living with his wife Catherine and two children, James E. Lane and George Lane. Younger brother James M. Lane was also living there. It appears that James M. Lane had married, but as of the time of the Census there were no children. . 

Charles M. Lane had moved to Camden's Middle Ward by 1870. The family at that time was comprised of Charles and his wife Catherine, children George, Charles, Alonzo, Albion, and Miriam. Charles Lane's parents, James and Mary Lane were living with him.

James M. Lane was quite involved with the Camden Fire Department and in local politics. Both Charles M. Lane and younger brother Barton Lane served briefly with the Camden Fire Department. 

On December 7, 1869 the Camden Fire Department went into service. Charles Lane's older brother James M. Lane was one of the charter members, serving as an extra man with the Hook & Ladder Company

On October 9, 1872 younger brother Barton Lane was appointed to the Camden Fire Department to serve as a stoker with Engine Company 2 as a replacement for Henry Grosscup, who had resigned. He was dismissed from this position on November 6, 1872 and was replaced by Joseph Swing, who served for less than a month before being replaced in turn by Thomas McLaughlin.  

On April 8, 1877 Charles M. Lane was appointed to the Camden Fire Department as an extra man with the Hook & Ladder Company, taking the place of his brother James M. Lane, who had been promoted to foreman of the Company, a position similar to that of modern day Captain. Charles M. Lane was removed from service on November 24 and was replaced by Benjamin Cavanaugh. Charles M. Lane was living at 219 Royden Street during his time with the Fire Department.

The 1878-1879 and 1879-1880 Camden City Directories both show Charles M. Lane at 528 South 2nd Street. The 1880 Census shows Charles M. Lane, now a widower, and his four sons still living at 528 South 2nd Street, the home of his younger brother Theophilus Lane, who worked as a saddler. Of Charles Lane's sons, the three older boys were working at a shoe factory, only the youngest, Albion, was still in school. 

After leaving the fire department Charles M. Lane continued working as a carpenter. He lived in South Camden for the rest of his days. The 1883-1884 and 1884-1885 City Directories show Charles M. Lane at 218 Clinton Street. By the following year he was living at 327 Line Street. The 1887-1888 City Directory was living at 506 South 3rd Street. In 1890 he was living at 429 Berkley Street. City Directories from 1894 through 1897 shows Charles Lane at 646 South 3rd Street

On October 12, 1897 Charles M. Lane and his son responded to cries for help coming from Line Street. The were among the first on the scene in response to the murders of Mrs. Emma Zane and her daughter, Sarah Shaw. The third occupant of the house, Sarah Shaw's son Eli Shaw, was tried for the double murder but was acquitted after a controversy filled trial.

The 1898 City Directory states that his address was 527 South 5th Street, and he was still at that address in June of 1900 when the Census was taken. By 1906 he had moved to 533 Berkley Street, lodging at the home of Isaac Peacock. This was his home until his passing on March 26, 1911.

Charles M. Lane's sons Alonzo and Albion R. Lane, were well known in Camden in later years operating a butter and egg business. Albion Lane's grandson, Robert C. Lane, was killed in action in North Africa in 1943.

Philadelphia Inquirer * March 26, 1877

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 13, 1897
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Charles M. Lane - Alonzo Lane
Harry Mines - John Foster
John L. Westcott 
Elwin Steen - H. Frank Pettit
Albert F. Meyer - Detective Crawford
Samuel Dodd
Wilson H. Jenkins - William H. Carson
Samuel Dodd - Eli Shaw 
Dr. W.S. Jones - Dr. A.H. Lippincott

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 30, 1897
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Emma Zane - Eli Shaw - Wilson H. Jenkins

Henry S. Scovel
Dr. William S. Jones - Dr. A. Haines Lippincott - William A. Husted - Thomas Benkert
Martin J. O'Brien - William Anderson - Charles Folwell - John Irwin
Elwin Steen
Harry Delameter - O. Glen Stackhouse - John Foster - H. Frank Pettit
James E. Tatem - Frank B. Haines - Albert Fogg - John Painter - John H. Beard - Albert Hollingshead
William Stein - Charles M. Lane - Elwin Steen
John Sinclair - Mrs. Anna Knight

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Philadelphia Inquirer
December 22, 1897

Eli Shaw
Dr. William S. Jones
Dr. Marcus K. Mines
Dr. A. Haines Lippincott
John Foster - H. Frank Pettit
John Painter
Charles Lane - Alonzo Lane
Elwin Steen - John Sinclair
David Shaw
George Mordorf
Lawrence Mather

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