CHARLES H. HART was appointed to the Camden Fire Department to replace James Sutton as an extra man with Engine Company 1, who resigned April 2, 1870. He had previously worked as a brickmaker, and was making his home at 409 Walnut Street when appointed to the Fire Department.

Charles Hart was born in Delaware in November of 1846 to David and Mary Hart. His father was a brickmaker, and Charles would eventually learn that trade. The family had moved to Camden's South Ward by the spring of 1850, and remained there for many years thereafter.

 When the 1870 census was taken in July of 1870, Charles Hart, his wife, the former Anna Harvey, and two month-old son Harry M. were living with Charles Hart's widowed mother Mary A. Hart at 409 Walnut Street. Also at home were Charles Hart's siblings, George B. Hart, Elizabeth, Ida, and Maggie Hart.

Charles Hart's older brother, George B. Hart, was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on April 19, 1871 to take the place of Cornelius M. Brown, who had resigned. George B. Hart served along side brother with Engine Company 1 until he was removed from service on June 7, 1872.

Politically active, in March of 1876 Charles Hart was nominated for the post of janitor at City Hall. He lost the vote, which was held in City Council. 

On March 20, 1877 Charles Hart was appointed to serve as a policeman in Camden by Mayor James Ayers, to begin serving on April 1, 1877. Charles Daubman as appointed Chief of Police. The other men who were appointed were Jonathan Watson, Andrew Baird, John T. Miller, Daniel Johntra, Robert Pine, William Smith from the Third Ward, William Hawkins, Isaac Ellis, John W. Campbell, John E. Anderson, John Brown, Mark Sheldon, Thomas Conway, John Furey and William Smith from the Eighth Ward. Charles Daubman and Robert Pine had previously served as members of the Camden Fire Department.. 

The 1878 City Directory shows Charles Hart living at 926 South 5th Street working as a policeman. The 1880 Census shows Charles and Anna Hart and their son Harry at the same address. he was then working as a coremaker. They were still at this address as late as 1888

In the early 1880s Charles Hart began working as a fireman and later as engineer. By 1894 he was working as marine engineer, working aboard one of the ferry boats that crossed the Delaware back and forth in the years before the Delaware River Bridge (know today as the Benjamin Franklin Bridge) was built. 

By 1890 the Hart family was living at 406 North Front Street. When the 1900 census was taken. Harry M. Hart, then 30, was still at home. He worked as a stationary engineer. The Harts were still at the Front Street address as late as January of 1920.

Philadelphia Inquirer

April 5, 1870

James Sutton- Charles Hart
John Graham - Joseph Nece
Robert Pine - William Henry "Harry" McKeen
Engine Company 1
Engine Company 2

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Philadelphia Inquirer * October 11, 1898
Mary A. Hart - William D. Brown - Charles H. Hart
South 5th Street - North Front Street
Union Methodist Episcopal Church