Captain Andrew Blair Frazee

CAPTAIN ANDREW BLAIR FRAZEE was born on August 28, 1820. He was for many years the Superintendent of the Camden & Philadelphia Ferry Company. He was the subject of a biographical sketch in the 1897 book, Biographical Review Containing Life Sketches of the Leading Citizens of Camden and Burlington County NJ, published in 1897, and featured below. He was active in Masonic affairs and as a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

Captain Frazee lived in his later years at 302 North 2nd Street in Camden NJ. His daughter married Camden businessman and County Sheriff Richard F. Smith. Their son, Andrew Blair Frazee Smith, was prominent in Camden business and civic affairs. Another grandson, Robert Blair Frazee, died while serving in the United States Marine Corps during World War II. A second descendant, Andrew Blair Jakway, was also lost during the war, while serving with the United States Navy.

Captain Andrew Blair Frazee passed away on March 28, 1904. he was buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Camden NJ, with his first wife, Susan Van Hook Voorhees Frazee, who had died in 1871, and his second wife, Mary E. Young Frazee, who died on January 1, 1948.

Camden Democrat - May 25, 1872

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 28, 1895


William Joyce Sewell
Harrison H. Voorhees
James R. Carson
Andrew Blair Frazee
William C. Dayton
Martin J. O'Brien
Maggie Longworth
South 3rd Street
Royden Street

Church of the
Immaculate Conception

Martin Coyne
John M. Kelly
Francis X. O'Brien
Charles Livingstone
Ferry Avenue
Fillmore Street
John Foster
Samuel Dodd
Legion of the Red Cross
Harry B. Paul
Howland Croft
Oliver M. Smith
Mary A. Gregory
Mickle Street
Rev. J.B. Graw

Camden Democrat - August 15, 1885

William C. Gatzmer

Philadelphia Inquirer
January 25, 1901

Capt. Andrew Blair Frazee
Frans Ludvik Engdahl
Edward Mills
Herman Mithoefer
S. Glover Rudderow
George T. Maddock
Frederick G. Weise













Camden Courier-Post - February 16, 1928

A Good Landing - in 1873

Centennial Week brought to the light of day this old water color, which for years hung in the office of the late A.B. Frazee, superintendent of the old Camden & Philadelphia Steamboat Ferry Company. It was painted in 1873 by one Hoagland, a local artist of 60 years ago. Before his death, Frazee gave the picture to I.N. Price, an employee of the company in the old days. Mr. Price, who now lives at 725 Spruce Street, presented the picture to his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Ethel Price, who, in turn, gave it to the Courier for publication.

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Evergreen Cemetery, Camden NJ - August 22, 2003
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