AUGUST MUENCH, not to be confused with his son, August E. Muench, ran several bars and hotels in Camden and Stockton (present-day East Camden) in the 1880s and early 1890s before relocating to Riverside NJ, where he operated a hotel there for many years.

August Muench was born in Baden, in hat is now Germany, around 1845. He was married and living in Philadelphia PA by 1870 when son August E. Muench was born. By 1880 he was in business for himself as a tavern-keeper, with his home and business at 709 North 3rd Street in Philadelphia. Living with him at that time were his wife Annie, children August E., 10; John, 5; and Annie, 2. Another son, named Albert, came in the early 1880s.

August Muench was in Camden by the time the 1886 City Directory was compiled. He was the owner of the Liberty Park Hotel, a large establishment on the Haddonfield Turnpike (present day Haddon Avenue) just south of Kaighn Avenue

August Muench remained involved with the Liberty Park Hotel into the first part of 1888. He then took on a bar at 601 Kaighn Avenue, where he remained through early 1891. His son, August E. appears in the city directories for the first time in 1890, living with his father and working as a plumber. The 1890-1891 Directory states that August Muench was selling cigars, and not liquor, when the directory was compiled. Either Adolph Muench or his son was involved with a Charles J. Keating in a business, the Standard Blind Awning Co at 1115 Federal Street was in Camden by the time the 1886 City Directory was published.

The 1891-1892 Directory shows that August Muench and his son had both left South Camden and moved to What was then Stockton, present-day East Camden. August Muench was operating a lager beer saloon on Federal Street near 19th Street, while his son had set up a plumbing business known as A.E. Muench & Company at the corner of 20th & Federal Streets. Later city directories reveal this address to be 1984-1986 Federal Street. The younger Muench would remain on Federal Street until at least 1904.

By 1893 August Muench had relocated again, to Riverside, in Burlington County, New Jersey, where he opened up yet another hotel. Tragedy struck in June of 1894 when son Albert died on June 19th, in Stockton, probably at or near his older brother's home. 

The 1900 Census shows that August Muench had remarried. He was living in Riverside with new wife Christine, children William, 10; Christina, 8; and Frederick 6. He continued in the bar business through at least 1909. During the decade of the 1900s, he appeared in the Trenton Times on at least four occasions.

 Trenton Times June 26, 1903 August Muench awards a contract to George Arndt to build a new Hotel.

Trenton Times January 29, 1904 mentions him in with a new hotel at Riverside.

Trenton Times October 4, 1906 August Muench, August Stecher, and William Mathias visited Bridgeton NJ.

Trenton Times May 4, 1909 August Muench his liquor license was renewed.

The 1920 Census indicates August Muench had retired. "Augustin" and Christine Muench are living with their daughter and her husband William Mueller. William Mueller is working at the watch factory in Riverside, while Christine works at a hosiery mill, probably the one in Palmyra. By the time the 1930 Census was taken August Muench had passed away. His widow was still living with their daughter. The younger Christine had remarried to Carroll Getzinger. The couple then lived at 2137 45th Street in Pennsauken NJ.  

August Muench
inside & outside of his bar
Trolley Exchange Hotel
709 North 3rd Street

Photos taken mid-1880s

August Muench's
Liberty Park Mansion
Camden Courier-Post May 8, 1958

August Muench's
Liberty Park Mansion
Camden Courier-Post - May 8, 1958

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August Muench's East End Hotel
Riverside NJ

Philadelphia Inquirer
September 20, 1892

Penrose Murphy - Thomas Tracy - John Hoosey
Anna M. Stierger -
Christopher L. Dietz - John Rapp
Moritz Gratz - P.J. Murphy - Henry Andrews
Jacob Bendinger -
August Muench - Harry G. Vennell
Louis Everly - Dorothy Stoeple - Rupert Stoeple



Philadelphia Inquirer
April 24, 1895

Robert Selah - Samuel S. Elfreth - Citizens Fire Company No. 1 - Samuel Welch Sr. - John G. Schramm
George Doerfuss - Frederick Feil - John Hoosey - Moritz Gratz - Charles Voigt - Jacob Walz
Joseph Diehm -
Christopher L. Dietz - Frank Powell - Thomas O'Hara - Charles Kleeman - Jacob Schiller
Thomas Tracy - S.H. Long - John J. Trost - Catherine Brown - Jacob Bendinger - William Denneller
August Muench - Gottlieb EIsener - John Costello - Mrs. Rugart - Harry G. Vennell
Charles Mangold - Louis Everly - William Cronmiller - Edward Grantz

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 29, 1896

Frederick Feil - John Hoosey
Louis Everly - ,Jacob Walz
Charles Voigt - John G. Schramm
William Cronmiller - Moritz Gratz
George Doerfuss
Joseph R. Diehm
C.L. Dietz - Thomas O'Hara
George W. Sterling
Charles Kleeman - Thomas Tracy
G.B. Fox - Dora Andrews
George W. Spicks
Catherine Brown
William Denneller
Jacob Bendinger
August Muench - John Costello
John J. Trost - G. EIsener
Fred Wolfinger - Mrs. Rugart
Harry G. Vennell - Andrew Zane
J. Grunert
Eseker Meeks
Burkhardt L. Buenzle

Philadelphia Inquirer April 28, 1897

John G. Schramm
Walter W. Sellard
John Hoosey 
George Doerfuss
Louis Everly
Joseph Diehm 
Christopher L. Dietz
Jacob Walz
B.L. Buenzle
Captain Merritt Hall
Gottlieb Jung
Isaac Adams
George W. Spicks
Dora Andrews
Frederick Wolfinger
John J. Trost
William Denneller
Jacob Bendinger
August Muench
John Costello
Gotthard Eisener
Harry G. Vennell
Charles L. Zeller
John Gallagher
Thomas Tracy
Frederick Lechleimer
Dorothea Feil

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 27, 1898

John Hoosey - George Doerfuss
B.L. Buenzle - John G. Schramm Dorothy Feil - Jacob Bauck
Valentine Doerr - B.J. Lyons
Thomas Tracy - Isaac H. Adams George W. Sterling
William Denneller
John Costello - Jacob Bendinger
Gotthard Eisener
George W. Spicks
August Muench - Dora Andrews
John Hafner - Charles Zoller
John J. Gallagher
Harry G. Vennell - John J. Trost
Charles Mangold
Merritt Hall - Pavonia Park Frederick Wolfinger - Jacob Walz
Charles Kleeman -
Stockton Park
Christopher L. Dietz
Frank Grunert

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 12, 1899

Jonas S. Miller
Charles G. Garrison
John Hoosey
Oscar Scherer
Jacob Bauck
John Costello
Town Hall Hotel
Julius Stienger
Jacob Bendinger
Merritt Hall
Pavonia Park
Chalres Kleeman
Stockton Park
Harry G. Vennell
William Denneller
Charles Zoller
John J. Gallagher
William Walz

August Muench

Pauline Everly
 George Doerfuss 
Christopher L. Dietz
Frank Grunert

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