Anthony Kobus


ANTHONY KOBUS was born in France in 1837. As different census have him as being born in France and Germany, it would be safe to say he was born in the Alsace-Lorraine Region of what is now France. After emigrating to America he  founded a shoe business in 1858 at 943 South 4th Street in Camden NJ. He soon moved to 840-842 South 4th Street, the corner of South 4th and Spruce Streets. The 1880 census has him living at 842 South 4th Street with wife Elizabeth, a native of Bavaria, sons Joseph, 18, and Henry, 15, and daughter Elizabeth, 8, at 840 South 4th Street. It is there where he made his home for many years. Elizabeth Kobus, born in Bavaria in 1827,  passed away in 1883. The 1910 Census shows that Anthony Kobus had moved to the White Horse Pike in Collingswood NJ.

Besides his shoe business, Anthony Kobus was a principal in the Broadway Trust Bank along with John J. Burleigh and William J. Cooper. After his death on November 20, 1920, his sons Henry and Joseph Kobus moved the business to a nearby building at 934 Broadway in 1924. Anthony Kobus was buried at Harleigh Cemetery, next to his wife.

Anthony Kobus' daughter-in-law, son Joseph's second wife Mary Walsh Kobus, was one of Camden first female politicians. She was elected to the City Commission, and served as the Director of Public Safety in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

Trade Cards Cards Advertising
Anthony Kobus'
Grand Boot and Shoe Emporium
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Trade Cards Cards Advertising
Anthony Kobus'
Grand Boot and Shoe Emporium
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Trade Cards Card Advertising
Anthony Kobus'
Grand Boot and Shoe Emporium



1892 Trade Card

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Philadelphia Inquirer

August 20, 1896

Esterbrook Steel Pen Co.
Gately & Hurley
Toone & Hollinshed
Sitley & Son
Howland Croft
J.B. Van Sciver
William S. Scull
Anthony Kobus

John Campbell
William Leonard Hurley

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 28, 1908

William Leonard Hurley - Charles H. Ellis - Charles V.D. Joline - Edmund E. Read
Harry C. Kramer - Howard Carrow - Philander Knox - James H. Davidson
Johm T. Dorrance -
E.G.C. Bleakly - David A. Henderson - Samuel W. Sparks
Henry C. Loudenslager - Francis Howell - Walter Wood - Elmer E. Long
George W. Jessup - Joseph Gaskill - Volney G. Bennett - Wilbur F. Rose
Alexander C. Wood - George A. Frey -
Charles A. Reynolds - E.B. Leaming
Heulings Lippincott - Charles K. Haddon - Fithian S. Simmons -
J.B. Van Sciver
David Jester -
Frank B. Sitley - Alpheus McCracken - Thomas S. Nekervis
DeCourcy May - Isaac Ferris - Lionel C. Simpson -  John M. Kelly
G. George Browning -
Watson Depuy - John C. Danenhower - John B. McFeeley
Elias Davis -
Anthony Kobus - Captain John B. Adams

1919 Advertisement

Athletic Association

Annual Grand Ball

Bank Directory - March 1, 1916

Broadway Trust Company
Broadway below Walnut St. Camden, N.

. J. BURLEIGH President
ANTHONY KOBUS Vice President - WM. J. COOPER Vice President
BURLEIGH H. DRAPER Secretary and Treasurer 


John J. Burleigh        

William Mills 

Dr. S G. Bushey         

Anthony J. Oberst 

Ralph D. Childrey         

John Wesley Sell 

Robert H. Comey         

Dr. Marvin A. Street 

William J. Cooper      

Wilbert L. Sweeten

George A. Frey          

Edward B. Stone

Albert Fogg         

Adam Schlorer

Frederick Grant         

Bernhard F. Schroeder

John B. Kates         

Edward Schuster Jr. 

Dr. Grant E. Kirk        

John O. Wilson

Anthony Kobus


Kobus Family Plot in Harleigh Cemetery, Camden NJ
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