ALBERT S. SHAW was the son of former City Marshal Edmund Shaw and his second wife, the former Catherine Biddle. Edmund Shaw's first wife, Frances, had died in 1850, leaving him with four children. Edmund Shaw and family were living in South Camden as early as 1850. The elder Shaw, who appears in records at time as (Edward, Edwin, and Edmond) was a carpenter by trade. In 1859 he was elected to a one-year term as City Marshal, the equivalent of Chief of Police. He later served as a Justice of the Peace. Albert Shaw's half-brother, also named Edmund Shaw, was an original member of the Camden Fire Department, serving from 1872 until 1881, much of it as the driver of Engine Company 1. Camden City Directories from 1863 to 1874 show Edmund Shaw at 312 Pine Street. Edmund Shaw and his family begin appearing at 311 Division Street in Camden City Directories in 1876, and maintained a presence at that address until 1913.

Not long after the 1880 Census, Albert Shaw married Louisa Yeager. The young couple lived with Louisa's parents, Louisa and Sophia Yeager. Three children came in short order, Alice, Louis, and Emma. Sadly, Louisa Yeager Shaw passed away on December 12, 1893. It had been a hard year, as Albert Shaw's brother, Edmund Shaw, drowned when his boat capsized in the Delaware River off Gloucester on August 6, 1893. Albert Shaw's children went to live with Louisa's sister at 318 Sycamore Street. Albert Shaw moved to 311 Division Street where his brother William Shaw lived with his wife and children. He stayed at that address until 1899. One member of the Shaw family or another lived at 318 Sycamore Street or at 322 Sycamore Street until 1927.

Albert Shaw was appointed to the Camden Police Department on April 16, 1894 during the administration of John L. Westcott. His excellent record of service kept him working through the years when policemen were hired and fired according to which party was in power at the time. 

Albert Shaw married Mary Ellis on October 9, 1894 at Union Methodist Episcopal Church in Camden. He was 34, she was 22. The Shaws made their home as early as 1896 at 328 Pine Street. Albert Shaw's son Louis and daughter Alice came to live with them not long after the 1900 Census. 

Albert Shaw's marriage did not work out, as Mrs. Shaw left her husband, then sued for divorce. The divorce was not granted, but the couple does not appear to have reconciled. Albert Shaw remained at 328 Pine Street into 1904, then moved in with his brother William at 311 Division Street, his son Louis stayed at 328 Pine Street into 1906. Albert Shaw stayed at 311 Division Street as late as 1913. The 1914 City Directory lists him at 218 Mt. Vernon Street, and he is listed at 319 Mt. Vernon Street from 1915 to the fall of 1918,

Much of Albert Shaw's career as a policeman was spent working the area around the Kaighn Avenue Ferry, not all that far from his home. Albert Shaw retired on pension on August 1, 1917.

On August 10, 1917 it was reported that Albert Shaw's son, Louis Shaw, a member of the Camden Fire Department, had transferred over to the Police Department. Louis Shaw served until retiring in 1944, much of it as a detective, and was one of Camden's best-known and most effective detectives in his day. Albert Shaw's nephew, John P. Shaw, had also served with the Camden Fire Department, from 1916 to 1920 before moving to Haddon Heights where he served for 23 years with the Haddon Heights Police Department. Another nephew, Charles H. Elfreth, worked 43 years in Camden's city government, for the most part in the tax office.

The 1920 Census shows Albert Shaw, retired, living at 864 Mt. Ephraim Avenue with his daughter, Mrs. Sadie Tenner, son-in-law George Adam Tenner, and granddaughter Alberta Tenner. George Adam Tenner was the son of former Camden Fire Department member Christian Tenner. They all were at that same address in April of 1930. Not long after the Census, Albert Shaw moved in with his son Louis Shaw at 1437 Kaighn Avenue, where he lived out his days.

Albert Shaw passed away on February 25, 1933. He had been ill for the past two months. 

Albert Shaw's great-nephew, Second Lieutenant John P. Shaw Jr., was killed in France when the plane he was co-pilot of collided with an RAF plane on July 18, 1944. 

Camden Post
April 14, 1894

John L. Westcott - George D. Borton
Samuel Iszard - Charles H. Ellis
James Hanson Jr. - Charles Hewston
James Elberson - Charles Wilbur
Samuel Sheer - John Sinclair
Elwin Steen - Albert Shaw
Charles H. Fitzsimmons - Abraham Jackson
Alfred Sayers - Edward S. Hyde
Thomas Buchanan - Jacob Hicks

Thomas Reed - Joseph Peall - Police Commission - John Beard - Thomas Mullane - John Painter
Harry Miller - Charles Sink - William Fish - William Ripley - James Ayers - Harry Richmond - Robert F. Miller

Camden Daily Telegram * April 14, 1894



John L. Westcott - George D. Borton
Samuel Iszard - Charles H. Ellis
James Hanson Jr. - Charles Hewston
James Elberson - Charles Wilbur
Samuel Sheer - John Sinclair
Elwin Steen - Albert Shaw
Charles H. Fitzsimmons - Abraham Jackson
Alfred Sayers - Edward S. Hyde
Thomas Buchanan - Jacob Hicks

Thomas Reed - Joseph Peall - George Horner John Beard - Thomas Mullane - John Painter

Police Commission - Benjamin Braker
Joseph Potter - Joseph B. Fox
Charles Sayrs - Arthur Bedell
William C. Figner 
William D. Brown - Frederick A. Rex
James R. Carson -
William J. Bradley
Harry Miller - Henry Moffett

Philadelphia Inquirer
October 4, 1895

John Foster
James H. Hunt
Albert Shaw

Joseph DeMarco
Philip DeMarco
Nicholas Walpa


Camden Post
January 24, 1896

Washington Ketline - Charles Gilbert
Harriet Smith - Sue Smith Kinsey
Archie Clark - Edward Bassett
Harry Drake - Willoughby "Dad" Fields
Albert Shaw
John W. Wescott

Camden Daily Telegram * January 24, 1896

Washington Ketline - Charles Stell - W.C.T.U. - Thomas McKenna - N. Front Street
John W. Wescott - Charles Gilbert - Albert Shaw - Garret D.W. Vroom - Frank H. Burdsall
Wilson S. Jenkins - William Carson -
Harriet Smith - Sue Smith Kinsey
Archie Clark - Edward Bassett - Harry Drake - Willoughby "Dad" Fields

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 22, 1897

Eli Shaw
Dr. William S. Jones
Dr. Marcus K. Mines
Dr. A. Haines Lippincott
John Foster - H. Frank Pettit
John Painter
Charles Lane - Alonzo Lane
Elwin Steen - John Sinclair
Albert Shaw
George Mordorf
Lawrence Mather

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Philadelphia Inquirer
May 10, 1898

Samuel Dodd - Michael Fleming
South 2nd Street 
William Comley - Edward Powell
 Richard Golden - John Sinclair
William Selby - Edward Hartman
Albert Meyers - Ralph Bond
Jules Bosch - Caleb Williams
Albert Shaw - Jacob A. Hicks
Isaac Shreeve

Camden Daily Telegram
October 31, 1898

Joseph Nowrey
William Harvey
O. Glen Stackhouse
David Bentley
Frank Matlack
James Roach
J. Oscar Weaver
Albert S. Shaw
Thomas W. Moore

Abraham Briscoe
Walter H. Chase
Edward Lewis
John Miller
Ben Bunston
Edward Fortie
Jacob Granger
Herbert Weaver





Philadelphia Inquirer - May 14, 1899
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South 3rd Street - W. Harry Getty - Charles Metz - Walter H. Keefer - James Boone - George Armstrong
Charles Loriaux - George Smith - Victor Thompson  - George Sterling - Washington Ketline

William D. Hart
- Hugh Boyle - John Painter - Albert Shaw - Robert F. Miller
- John Foster
George W. Anderson - H. Frank Pettit - Harry Miller - Isaac C. Brown - Joseph Nowrey
South 4th Street -
Benson Street - North 17th Street - Federal Street  

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 28, 1899
Arthur Stanley - Cooper B. Hatch - Edward Hyde - John Painter - Albert Shaw
Mrs. Mary Mahan -
South Front Street  
Joseph Nowrey - Howard Carrow - Maurice Hertz - David B. Kaighn - Locust Street - Kaighn Avenue
Peter Kelly - John Keefe - Marshall Hutchinson - E.G.C. Bleakly
South 8th Street - South 9th Street - Ferry Avenue
Haddon Avenue - Carman Street - Walnut Street


Camden Post-Telegram
July 17, 1902

William T. Boyle
Albert Shaw
William F. "Billy" Sand

Camden Daily Courier * January 26, 1903
George V. Tucker - Charles V.D. Joline - Harry Shuster - Odd Fellows - Emmanuel Baptist Church
Robert F. Miller - Albert Keaser - George V. Murry - F. Morse Archer - John Wagner - Harry Miller
Edward Hartman
- John T. Rodan - William Laws - Spencer Moore - Howard Roberts
Assemblyman John S. Roberts -
Ike Toy - Daniel Ayres - Albert S. Shaw - William D. Hart
Mrs. Abbie L. Widener -  Thomas J. Cheeseman Sr. - Charles Wagner


Philadelphia Inquirer
July 3, 1904

George Cramer
Howard Christman
Chestnut Street
Albert Shaw
Dr. Rowland I. Haines
Spruce Street

Camden Post-Telegram
September 2, 1904

Sadie C. Shaw - George A. Tenner
Rev. Dr. George B. Wight -
Albert Shaw

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 5, 1906

William J. Sewell - Mount Vernon Street
Charles H. Ellis - Ionic Lodge of Masons
First Italian Republican Club - Tall Cedars of Lebanon
Improved Order of Red Men - John Carroll - John R. Campbell
Rev. Gilbert Underhill - St. John's Episcopal Church
Elisha Albert Gravenor - John Brothers - Maurice A. Rogers
George Hammond - Joseph Nowrey - Albert Shaw
Thomas Brothers - Camillus Appley - Robert Colkett
Jules Bosch - Thomas J. Murphy - Harry Mines 
George Kappel - George Kleaver - Alfred Snow - Casper Hart
 Arthur Stanley - Fifth Ward Republican Club - William C. Horner
Aaron Matlack - Third Street - Walnut Street - Broadway
Benson Street - Haddon Avenue - City Hall - Harleigh Cemetery  

Bridgeton Evening News - December 31, 1906
Isaac Toy - South 3rd Street - Rev. Alfonso Dare - Wiley Methodist Episcopal Church
Charles H. Ellis - Elisha A. Gravenor - Harry Mines - Albert Shaw - Robert Colkett - Albert Keaser
William Todd -
William Lyons - Alonzo Dyer - Broadway - Berkley Street - Elm Street
Improved Order of Red Men - Camden Aerie No. 65 Fraternal Order of Eagles
 Third Ward Republican Club

Camden Daily Courier
May 16, 1908

W. Scott Franklin
A. Lincoln James
George Beasley
Albert Shaw
M. Lizenby
Frank Garrison







Philadelphia Inquirer - November 14, 1909
Frank Ford Patterson Jr. - James Clay - George Cooper - Fiore Troncone
Edmund Pike - Walter Stanton - Oscar Weaver - Albert Shaw
William Schregler - James Tatem - Edward Hartman

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 14, 1910
J. Oscar Weaver - George W. Anderson - James Clay - Edward S. Hyde
James E. Tatem - Charles Whaland - Howard Smith - George Cooper 
Albert Shaw - Harry Mines - Elbridge B. McClong

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 5, 1910

Elisha Gravenor - Albert Shaw
Lewis Stehr - James Oscar Weaver
Harry Mines -
T. Casper Hart
Mount Vernon Street
Improved Order of Red Men

Rev. N.C. Lassiter
Emmanuel Baptist Church

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 24, 1911
Charles G. Garrison - Frank Ford Patterson Jr. - Charles VanDyke Joline 
Lawrence Doran
  - Samuel Flick - Isaac Shreve - Francis J. McAdams
James Smith - Thomas Noland - A. Lincoln James - John Broome 
Albert Shaw - James Lewis - John Golden - William C. Parker
Daniel Woods - John H. Carroll - Harris D. Stow - Henry S.Scovel

Martin Carrigan
- Aerie No. 5, Fraternal Order of Eagles 

Philadelphia inquirer
February 16, 1914

Charles Rudolph
Margaret Rudolph
Milton Stanley
Edward S. Hyde
Elbridge B. McClong
Frank Crawford
Peter Gondolf
William Lyons
Harry Miller
Arthur Colsey
Thomas Reed
John T. Potter
Tabor Quinn
Charles Whaland
George W. Anderson
Albert Shaw
Thomas Cunningham
William C. Horner




Camden Post-Telegram
August 1, 1917

Elisha A. Gravenor
Charles H. Ellis
Albert Shaw

John Dorsey
Edward Wilson




Camden Post-Telegram
August 10, 1917

Louis Shaw
Mt. Vernon Street
Albert Shaw

Camden Daily Courier
August 4, 1925

Excerpt from
Charles L. McKeone's
Peppery Pot

Albert Shaw
William Shearman
Webster Krips
Soldier's Monument


Camden Courier-Post - July 15, 1930

Here's Camden's Finest, With Whiskers, in 1898

William A. Schregler
William "Rex" Comley
Jules Bosch
John Foster

Samuel Dodd
H. Franklin Pettit
Harry Mines
Edward Hartman
Charles Wilbur
Thomas Brothers
Ralph Bond
John Dall
George Kappell
Josiah Sage
Edward S. Hyde
William Selby
Elbridge B. McClong
Edward Powell
John Sinclair
William Laird
Benjamin Middleton
Alfred L. Sayers
John Anderson
William Butts
John Painter
Frank Matlack
Thomas Hicks
Alfred Hayden
Abe Jackson
Albert Shaw
Edward Steen
Samuel Bakley
Caleb Williams
Elisha A. Gravenor
Thomas Buchanan
Samuel Cox
George Horner
Godfrey Eisenhardt
Harry Curtis
George B. Johnson
John Barnett
Casper Hart
Charles Fitzsimmons
A. Lincoln James
J. Oscar Weaver Sr.
Charles Ridgely
William Fish - George Cooper

Harry Mines, not named above, is in the first row between H. Frank Petttit and Edward Hartman. In the fifth row, at the far right, "John Barnett" was a guess on the part of A. Lincoln James. Another person guessed George Johnson. Both were wrong and it is not known who that policeman is.

Camden Courier-Post * May 15, 1932
August 4, 1925

Excerpt from Benjamin W. Courter's column

Albert Shaw - Edmund H. Shaw - Louis Shaw - John Painter - William Harvey - Mike Kelly

Camden Courier-Post
February 27, 1933

Edmund H. Shaw
Louis Shaw
Albert Shaw


Camden Courier-Post
February 27, 1933

Edmund H. Shaw
Louis Shaw
Albert Shaw