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WILSON L. BROMLEY was born in New Jersey around 1853 to Joseph and Ann Eliza Bromley. Joseph Bromley worked as a boilermaker. The Bromley family was living in South Camden when the Census was enumerated in 1860. The 1860 Census list four children at home, Joseph, 10; Wilson, 8; Daniel, 5; and Eliza, 2. All three of the Bromley sons were at one time or another appointed to the Camden Fire Department, only Wilson, however, made a career of it.

Wilson Bromley was working in a brass foundry in 1870. He married in the 1870s. When the Census was taken in 1880 he was living with his wife Hannah and son Joseph at 710 Oak Street in Camden's Fifth Ward. His next door neighbor was William Morris, both men were appointed to the Camden Fire Department in the spring of 1884.

Oak Street was renamed Locust Street around 1883. Later in the decade, the family moved to 716 Locust Street. He was then working as a boilermaker. By 1886 he had joined the Camden Fire Department. 

In 1886 the Camden Steam Fire Engine Company Number 1 was located at 409 Pine Street in a three story 20 by 90 foot brick building (the old Independence Fire Company No. 3 engine house). The company's apparatus was an Amoskeag second class steamer (maker's plate 6318) drawn by two horses and one Silsby two wheel hose cart drawn by a single horse. The company was equipped with 1000 feet of good hose, axes, lamps, etc. The company roster included John Stockton, Foreman; G. Rudolph Tenner, Engineer; William Deno, driver; William W. Laird, stoker; Wilson Bromley and Jacob F Nesson, hosemen. Call Men were William Deith, Andrew Miller and William Bogia. Bromley and Bogia would later suffer line of duty deaths.

Wilson Bromley and his family had moved to 326 Pine Street by 1890, only a few doors away from the firehouse where he was stationed.

Wilson Bromley and Assistant Chief Samuel Buzine were injured on July 29, 1895 when Engine Company 1's hose cart overturned at South 6th and Royden Streets. They had been responding to a test alarm sent by the Fire Committee of City Council.

Fire fighter Wilson Bromley was injured while responding the a fire at the Farr & Bailey oil cloth plant at South 7th Street and Kaighn Avenue on February 15, 1896. He died as a result of his injuries on February 28, 1896.

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