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The Soldiers Monument, February 2002

More Pictures of The Soldiers' Monument

In November of 2005, I was contacted by Jim Williams, a Gloucester County resident, asking if I was aware of a misspelling on the monument.... and of course, on my website. Having gotten the names listed below from George Reeser Prowell's History of Camden County NJ, published in the mid-1880s, I was pretty sure of the facts, but open-minded fellow that I am, I checked. I could find no Robert Grant from New Jersey serving with any Union Army unit. I DID find, as Jim told me I would, a Robert Gant serving with Company D, 12th New Jersey Volunteers. Company D was for the most part comprised of men from outside of Camden County. Robert Gant apparently was a "country boy", having enlisted from Washington Township in Gloucester County, and had few if any ties in Camden to that the record was correct. Thanks to Jim Williams and his cousin, Howard Gant, the great-grandson of  Private Robert Gant, the record was set straight, 102 years after his passing in service to his country.

In April of 2009 Howard Gant contacted me again, with news about a Camden County soldier who had died of natural causes while serving with the Union Army in 1863. Corporal  John  R. S.  Gardner of Company D,  12th Regiment  New Jersey Infantry Volunteers died of disease at Camp Falmouth, Virginia in March of 1863. Corporal Gardner' home was in Washington Township,  Camden County.  He is buried under a good readable tombstone in St. John's M. E. Cemetery in Turnersville, New Jersey. The omission and the confusion in the the case of Robert Gant may have been due to the facts relating to the founding of both Washington Township and Camden County. 

Washington Township was incorporated by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on February 17, 1836, from portions of Deptford Township. The Township officially moved to the newly created Camden County on March 13, 1844. Monroe Township was created on March 3, 1859, from part of the township. Most of Washington Township, along with all of Monroe Township, was moved back into Gloucester County on February 28, 1871, with the remaining portions of Washington Township that were still in Camden County being transferred to Gloucester Township. Additional transfers to Gloucester Township were made in 1926 and 1931.  To summarize, Corporal Gardiner was a Camden County resident for his entire life, his hometown becoming a part of Gloucester County in 1871. 

Phil Cohen
April 9, 2009

excerpted from George Reeser Prowell's History of Camden County NJ


The beautiful and imposing monument erected to the memory of the fallen heroes of Camden County in the War for the Union is situated in the northeast part of the city, near the City Hall, on a plot of ground donated by the city of Camden. It is a fine specimen of workmanship and an honor to the city and county. The movement which resulted in its erection was originated by Post 5, G.A.R., of Camden, formerly Sedgewick Post, No. 6, who contributed the first three hundred dollars. The next contribution was one thousand dollars, by the Board of Freeholders, which body eventually appropriated the balance of the entire amount of five thousand five hundred dollars required. The monument was constructed of granite, by Krips & Shearman. It is thirty-nine feet six inches high, and weighs forty-seven tons. The railing around the monument was furnished by the county. The dedication took place June 9, 1873, on which occasion, the city of Camden was decorated with flags, banners and streamers. The military display and parade were an interesting part of the ceremony. There were present the Third Regiment, from Elizabeth; the Fourth Battalion, from Bridgeton and Millville; the Sixth Regiment and Battery B, of Camden. The prominent persons present were Governor Parker and his staff, composed of Adjutant-General Stryker, Quartermaster Lewis Perrine, Surgeon Barry and Colonels Murphy and Dickerson; General Gershom Mott, with his staff Adjutant-General Lodor, Quartermaster Ridgway, Surgeon Welling and Major Owens; General D. Hart and staff, composed of Colonels Weston and Murphy; Major Robbins and Captain Edgar; Hons. John Y. Foster, A.L. Runyan, Samuel Hopkins.

"The ceremonies were opened by General Carse in a brief address. He then introduced Rev. P.L. Davies, of New York, who offered a prayer, and after this the monument was unveiled with beautiful and appropriate ceremonies, and the cheers of the vast multitude assembled, the music of the bands and grand salute from Battery B, and the Star Spangled Banner at the signal unfolded itself from around the marble shaft and ascended majestically to the peak of the flag staff that was erected in the rear, and as if by magic a perfect shower of miniature flags fell gently upon the vast concourse below. A.C. Scovel, Esq., then introduced John Y. Foster, the speaker of the day, and author of ‘New Jersey in the Great Rebellion.’ He followed the gallant Jersey regiments from the State to the field and through their grand march of triumph, not only the glorious victories won in Virginia, but also the grandest of all marches,— the march through Georgia, and reviewed the termination and turned to reflect upon the great lesson of the hour.".

The following names which are engraved on this monument are of soldiers from Camden County who died during the war:


Louis R. Francine.

H. Boyd McKeen.

John P. Vanleer.

Wm. B. Hatch.


Simpson R. Stroud.

Thomas H. Davis.


C. Haufty.

C. Meves.

J. McComb.

W.R. Maxwell.

C.J. Fields.

T. Stevenson.

C.K. Horsfall.

C. Wilson.

E. Hamilton.



W.S. Briggs.

R.A. Curlis.

W. Evans.

J.R. Rich.

J.T. Lowe.

J.R. Crowell.

Second Lieutenants.

W.S. Barnard.

G.W. Eisler.

T.J. Howell.

D.R. Cowperthwaite.


D.A. Westcoat.

G.M. Hineline.

J.D. Richardson.

J.B. Johnson.

C.E. Cheesemen.

C.H. Jewell.

S.W. Bates.

J.R. McGowan.

J. Curtis.

T. Krugg.

J. Dimon.

C.W. Lowe.

C.F. Dickinson.

E. Mitchell.

H. Fisler.

J.W. Moore.

J.K. Frankish.

I.J. Rue.

C.G.P. Goforth.

P. Riley.

P.A. Grum.

C.P. Fish.

I.A. Korn.

J. Woollard.

C.E. Githens.



J.F. Bailey.

B. Linton.

H.B. Brown.

E.W. Laue.

J.M. Roe.

E. Livermore.

J. Clements.

A.H. Merry.

W.W. Collins.

J. Miller.

S.B. Carter.

J. McClernand.

C.P. Norton.

J. Roshback.

C. Helmuth,

G.A. Smith.

W.F. Hessel.

M. Slimm.

C.E. Hugg.

F. Schwartz.

E. Holly.

G.W. Thompson.

J.C. Dilkes.

W. Thompson.

W.H. Jones.

A. Wooley.

J.S. Kay.

J. Zanders.

W. Rich.

H. Bechtel.

G. North.

H.K. Patton.

P. Larricks.



G. Adams.

G.B. Land.

A. Adams.

J. Lewis.

H. Adler.

J. Leslie

J.E. Amit.

J.W. Lee

J. Adams.

W.R. Lancaster.

E. Ayers.

W. Lock.

T.F. Asay.

J.K. Liphsey.

J. Anderson.

B.H. Linton.

J. Brown.

E. Miles

B. Budd.

C. Mensing.

E. Browning.

J. Munsan.

J. Buchanan.

R. Marshall.

J. Bakely.

H.D. Morgan.

G.B. Budd.

J. Macinall.

J. Bates.

M. Marshall.

L. Breyer.

F. Mullen.

A. Breyer.

E.F. Mills.

J. Bebbe.

T.R. Middleton.

J. Bower.

G.E. Monroe.

J. Bectle, Jr.

L. Miller.

J. Bowker.

J. Miller.

L. Banks.

J. Machoff.

J. Bozarth.

T. Marrott.

A.G. Bryan.

J. Murray.

W. Batt.

A.W. Martin.

D. Bates.

G. Mount.

P. Barnel.

G.W. McAdams.

G. Boom.

A. McGauhey.

S. Beck.

J. McMullen.

W. Brown.

M. McLaughlin.

J. Brice.

C. McLaughlin.

J. Breer.

T.J. McKeighan.

E. Barber.

M. McNulty.

H. Beckley.

W. McDowell.

W. Cook.

N. McElhone.

A. Clingham.

G. McCabe.

A. Coule.

L. McConnell.

W.B. Carson.

J. McAdams.

G.W. Chew.

J. Mckeon.

J.W. Clement.

B. McMullen.

T. Cobb.

P. Nolan.

R.G. Curry.

M. Nicholson.

T. Cloren.

S.B. Norcrof.

T.D. Clark.

J.S. Nicholson.

J. Copeland.

M. Nayse.

I. Calway.

W. Nagle.

R. Clayton.

A. Oldham.

J. Cline.

M. Oregan.

J.G. Conley.

C. Owens.

C.F. Collett.

F. O’Neil.

I.H. Copeland.

P.H. O’Donnell.

J.Q.A. Cline

P. O’Donnell.

N.B. Cook.

I.J. Pine.

J. Conley.

T. Pike.

H. Cramer.

J. Parks.

T. Carmack.

R.M. Price.

H. Culler.

A. Pond.

H. Craver.

P. Pepoon.

J. Conlan.

D. Ryan.

J. Crammer.

J. Rhode.

J.P. Callaway.

D. Rumford.

M. Cavanaugh.

F. Robinson.

W.H. Chamberlain.

W. Robust.

C. Downs.

T.D. Ross.

J. Diehl.

J. Ryan.

J. Devlin.

F. Rodgers.

S. Dermott.

W. Rowe.

S. Dermott (2d).

J. Roose.

J. Dowell.

T.J. Rudderow.

R. Dresser, Sr.

W.J. Rudy.

J.S. Dill.

H. Richmond.

J.R. Dornell.

D. Reading.

E.P. Davis.

A. Schartz.

J. Dyle.

C. Schey.

A. Downs.

R.F. Stone.

J.H. Douglas.

J.A. Steelman.

S.G. Darrow.

G.A. Schmitt.

R. Davis.

J.E. Stark.

E. Dougherty.

D.M. Southard.

D. Drigget.

W. Shroder.

J.E. Dorrell.

J. Schlatter.

D. Doughty.

J. Sturges.

J.J. Dannenhower.

P. Stoy.

T. Davis.

F. Stadler.

M. Effinger.

S. Sympkins.

W. Earley.

P. Stevenson.

R.G. Easley.

D. Sullivan.

J. Elberson.

B.F. Sweet.

W. Edge.

S. Sutton.

J. Edinger.

E.H. Smith.

A. Elberson.

A. Subers.

W. Evans.

W.H. Stockton,

J. Fitzgerald.

W.H. Schaffer.

W. Frey.

S.S. Somers.

J.A. Fenner.

W.R. Stewart.

D. Ford.

J.R. Stow.

F. Fellows.

H. Smith.

J.G. Foster.

B.F. Schlecht.

J. Groskinsky.

J. Stevenson.

J. Gillespy.

D. Simpkins.

L. Grundling.

F. Sichttnberg.

L. Gifford.

C.W. Skill.

G. Gautier.

F. Street.

J.F. Gaul.

J. Smith.

W. Goebel.

J.S. Smith.

H. Githens.

H.P. Snyder.

J. Gammel.

W. Streeper.

R. Grant. - 
This is a misspelling. The soldier in question is Robert Gant, who died if wounds suffered at the Battle of Gettysburg in July of 1863

H. Steffins.

J.H. Gaunt.

T. Simpson.

G. Gerwine.

T. Shields.

D. Gordon.

R.H. Strought.

G.H. Gilbert.

C.S. Turner.

A. Gervis.

H.G. Thorn.

J. Hollingsworth.

G.C. Trueax.

C. Hambrecht.

C.S. Tyndall.

V. Henricus.

J. Thomas.

H.F. Hensman.

H. Todd.

J.F. Haines.

C. Ulrich.

G.A. Holmes.

C. Ulrich.

G. Hanno.

J.G. Vanneman.

P.F. Hilyard.

J. Wells.

D,H. Horner.

L.A. Westcoat.

S.G. Hultz.

T. Walker.

W. Herring.

G. Wannan.

L. Heller.

A.J. Walker.

A. Hawk.

S. Wilson.

G. Howard.

B. Ware.

W.F. Halmbold.

A. Wolf.

E. Hefferman.

W. Wallace.

H. Hears.

J. Woerner.

M. Hall.

W. Wilson.

S.G. Heils.

S.W. White.

G.M.D. Hampton.

J.C. Ware.

W.H. Harris.

J.C. Whippy.

D. Horner.

L.P. Wilson.

J.P. Huyck.

T.G. Williams.

Adam Job.

C. Warr.

J.W. Jobes.

D. Wells.

T. Johnson.

J. Williams.

A.J. Joline.

W. Wells.

E. Johnson.

E. Watson.

G. Kell.

E.P. Wilson.

A.J. Keim.

W.J. Wood.

E. Lock.

C. Winters.

J. Louis.

C.H. Wennel.

J. Logan.

D.R. Winner.

W.J. Leake.

J.C. Young.

F. Laib.

C. Yeager.

D. Lutz.

D.C. Yourison.

J.B. Leach.

M. Zimmerman.


The following is a complete list, as far as can be obtained from the Grand Army Posts and the sextons of the various cemeteries of Camden County, of the soldiers whose remains lie in the places names:

(Known after this was originally published as Old Camden Cemetery)

(One hundred and thirty-five buried here,)

Samuel R. Pain.

Christian Hess.

James Coleman.

James Griffee.

Howard Dewees.

Suton Gehweiler.

George Williams.

Edward Ecke.

James F. Ross.

----- Price.

Ottis G. Sanderson.

----- Lane.

John S. Normine.

Thomas C. Surran.

Martin Effinger.

John Thornton.

Samuel Miller.

James Hollingsworth.

Jacob Price.

William Hampton.

George Roedel.

J.H. Dutton.

Andrew Merkle.

C.H. Cleaver.

Isaac Dougherty.

T.J. Cheeseman.

Samuel B. Carter.

Capt. J.R. Cunningham.

Lieut. Thos. S. Stewart.

Corp. James Ireland.

Charles P. Horton.

Corp. Peter Shivers.

John Miller.

Samuel Yates.

C.B. McBride.

Abraham Stow.

Johan Diehl.

Andrew O. Steinmets.

J.F. Fisher.

Jacob Hirsch.

Alfred Bernard.

John P. Grant.

Corpl. J.R. McCowan.

Adam Kolb, Sr.

J.H. Dutton.

Adam Kolb, Jr.

James Emely.

----- Sibenlist.

Charles Helmuth.

----- Sibenlist.

William D. Richardson.

----- Ware.

James Conover.

Heinrich Rauser.

----- Conover.

Joseph Pike.

----- Harris.

John B. Nevins.

----- Harris.

William W. Howe.

George Elder.

----- Elberson.

William Dorsey.

----- Elberson.

Abner Subers.

John P. Cannon.

James Smallwood.

----- Brinnisholtz.

William L. Gray.

C.H. Kleavor.

John Moran.

----- Conly.

D.W. Morton.

Benjamin Anderson.

John Robinson.

James Griffe.

William Wilson.

----- Price.

William W. Whitaker.

J.G. Johnson.

----- Felden (father).

Augustus F.S. Singleton.

----- Felden (son).

John Williams.

Clayton Edwards.

Daniel Rowan.

Samuel J. Griffee.

James C. Lewis.

----- Biddle.

Robert Midleton.

Elijah Davis.

George Brooks.



Joseph Bontemps.

John M. Ehillman.

Alexander Nicholls.

Wm. H. Schwaab

Lewis Kenney.

F.G.S. Pfeiffer, M.D.

Jonas T. Hull.

Captain James Snow.

Wm. D. Richardson.

William H. Sugden.

Albert Kemble.

Henry K. Patton.

Morris R. Giles.

William P. Reeves.

Joseph S. Fletcher.

1st Lt. Saml. J. Malone.

Joseph McAllister.

Capt. Frank M. Malone

Charles M. Ferat.

Col. W.B. Hatch.

John Schack.

Joseph A. Beck.

Christian Hess.

1st Lt. William M. Shaw.

William A. Tatem.

Joseph C. Huyck.

George H. Snyder.

Joseph C. Vanneman, (Surgeon U.S.N.)

Joseph L. Coles.

Thomas James Howell.

E.T. Davis.

William G. Leake.

H. Dieckman.

John Robertson.

Richard W. Parsons.

1st Lt. S.A. Steinmetz.

Alonzo D. Nichols.

Thomas R. McKenny.

John Miles.

Robert G. Clark.

James H. Kerns.

William B. Benjamin.

D.R. Cowperthwaite.

K.C. Allen.

Geo. W. Roseman.

L.H. Harker.

E. Miles.

William Hutchinson.

William Malone.

Edward B. Brown.

Thomas R. Middleton.

Thomas Herbert.

E.C.R. Woodruff.

Thomas Kelly.

James J. Snow.

E.F. Locke.

R.F. Sherman.

C.B. Carter.

John F. Stratton.

Andrew McCartney.

Samuel W. Mattson.

S.E. Somers.

----- Hansell.

J.W. Norton.

George R. Angell.

C.E. Githens.

John Wallace.

James Carpenter.

Joshua F. Stone.

William B. Schult.

Colonel Martin Seldon.

(In Revolutionary War; died 1806)

Charles H. Billings.

John W. Bear.

Jeremiah Berry.

William J. Paul.

Capt. Henry Z. Gibson.

Daniel Smith.

Chas. G.P. Goforth.

Alonzo W. Schuler.


Jacob H. Gilmore.






Philadelphia Inquirer - May 28, 1911

Mayor Ellis - Soldiers' Monument - William Thompson - Rev. A.H. Newton
First Methodist Episcopal Church - Isaac T. Nichols - Amos Richard Dease
H.L. Hartshorn - William D. Vanaman - Charles A. Ackley -
Charles M. Baldwin
James M. Bentley - John W. Coleman - C.K. Deacon - Malachi D. Cornish
Louis T. Derousse - William Fox - Abe Fuhrman - Harry C. Kramer - Ira E. Lute
Dr. J.W. Martindale - Jacob Neutze - Edward Nieland -
Dr. H.S. Riddle
William Sangtinette -
Bernhard Schroeder - William Schmid
 Sigismund Schoenagle - Daniel M. Stevens - Frank W. Tussey
Walter L Tushingham -
Francis B. Wallen,- Harry A Whaland.

HST Rohna

        Six of the men from South Camden- Lewis Riondino, Joseph H. Johnson, Steven Koscianski, Frank Ballerino, Michael Carr, and Michael Yachus died together when the troop transport HST Rohna was struck by a German guided glider bomb and sank of the coast of North Africa. Two other Camden County men, 19 year-old Harry V. Taylor Jr. of Haddonfield, and William McKeon of Blackwood also were lost that day. In total, 1,015 men were lost, but the story was never told to the families or the general public for over 57 years due to wartime censorship.

The Rohna Survivors Memorial Association

MSNBC Coverage - Tom Brokaw
Read the article, and see the video



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