World War II Honor Roll

John T. Martin

Sergeant, U.S. Army


39th Infantry Regiment
9th Infantry Division

Entered the Service from: New Jersey
Died: August 6, 1943
Buried at: 
Awards: Silver Star, Purple Heart

SERGEANT JOHN T. MARTIN was born in Ireland in 1911 to Patrick J. and Annie Martin. The Martins had lived in New Jersey earlier America earlier in the century, where brother James and sister Helen were born in 1904 and 1909 respectively, before there temporary return to Ireland. Four more children were born in Ireland after John Martin, brothers William and James, and sisters Catherine and Helen Martin. The family returned to New Jersey permanently sometime after 1915. (This information is according to the 1930 Federal Census, it should be noted that the 1920 census indicates all children were born in New Jersey). Patrick Martin worked as an engineer and as a blacksmith for "Public Service". In 1920 the family owned a home at 638 Cedar Street.

John T. Martin attended Camden Catholic High School in Camden NJ, and the Camden County Vocational School in nearby Pennsauken NJ. By 1930 the Martin family had bought another home, at 610 North 6th Street in Camden NJ. By that time John Martin had begun working for the Camden Courier-Post newspaper. He remained with the Courier-Post, where he worked in the circulation department as a driver, until his induction into the Army in January of 1941. 

John Martin took part in the North African campaign, before going to fight in Sicily. He wrote his family from North Africa, before the invasion of Sicily. His letter stated that he had successfully come through the drive which threw the enemy out of Tunisia, and noted he had seen action on many of the hills which American troops overran in the push towards Bizerte and Tunis. He wrote

"When we would move up to contact the enemy every one would be on edge or perhaps a little bit scared, but after a few shots were fired we forgot about being scared and started after the enemy."

Sergeant Martin also told of being with one of the first units to enter in Ferryville, Tunisia. He also wrote of meeting an old friend Sergeant J. Norman Vandegrift, of Collingswood NJ. 

Sergeant Martin died of wounds received in action on the island of Sicily on August 6, 1943.

John T. Martin was awarded the Silver Star posthumously. He was survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Martin, of the Camden address, and his brothers and sisters. 


July 28, 1948