World War II Honor Roll

Israel Goldstein

Corporal, U.S. Army


Company D
759th Tank Battalion
4th Cavalry Group

Entered the Service from: New Jersey
Died: April 5, 1945
Buried at: Montefiore Cemetery
                  Church Road & Borback Street
                  Fox Chase
                  Philadelphia PA 19111 
Awards: Silver Star, Purple Heart

CORPORAL ISADORE "ISRAEL" GOLDSTEIN was born in Pennsylvania in 1914 to Samuel and  Bertha Goldstein. His family came to Camden NJ in the 1920s. They lived at 1433 Princess Avenue in Parkside, and later at 2578 Baird Boulevard, between Marlton Avenue and Federal Street in East Camden. This block was the home of many prominent Camden citizens, including lawyers Leon Mickleman, Joseph Varbalow, and Edward V. Martino; and businessman such as Daniel Gottlieb, Nicholas Bantivoglio, Leon Cooperson, Isadore Borstein, Samuel Varbalow, Ellis Goodman, and David Plasky, among others.  

After attending Camden High School for one year Israel Goldstein left to work in the leather business with his father. Their business was known as the Imperial Gold & Silver Kid Company and was located at 100 West Nicholson Road in Audubon NJ..

Israel Goldstein was inducted into the United States Army on August 12, 1941 at Trenton NJ. He appears to have been assigned to the 759th Light Tank Battalion, which served in Iceland,  Normandy, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany.

The 759th Light Tank Battalion had been activated on June 1, 1941 at Fort Knox, Kentucky, under command of Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth C. Althaus. The unit was stationed in Iceland for eleven months and finally shipped to the United Kingdom in August of 1943. The 759th landed in Normandy on June 16, 1944 and was committed attached to the 2nd Infantry Division. From August 21, 1944 until end of the war, the 759th was attached to the 4th Cavalry Group. 

The 759th passed through Chartres and crossed the Seine on August 26, 1944; then crossed the Meuse River at Dinant and liberated Celles, Rauersim, Stavelot, and Malmedy, before entering Germany on September 13, 1944. The 759th was ordered into the Ardennes in response to the German offensive in December of 1944, then spent early 1945 in defensive positions or out of the line. Returning to action, the 759th reached the Rhine River on March 5, 1945 at Zons. During the final month of the war, the 759th captured a series of obscure German towns in April of 1945, ending the month in Aschersleben, Germany, where occupation duty began.

Corporal Goldstein was killed in action on April 5, 1945 at Nassau, Germany, He was posthumously awarded the Silver Star.

In the summer of 1948 Israel Goldstein came home. He was buried at Montefiore Cemetery in the Fox Chase section of Philadelphia PA.

Camden, New Jersey
                                                                          May 5, 1945

Four Camden County Men Among
The Latest Listed as Dead in War

Six killed and two missing comprise the casualties announced for the South Jersey area yesterday by the War and Navy Departments.
    In all cases, next of kin have previously have been notified, and in case of divergence from this list, the last word sent next of kin is always the appropriate final authority. 


Corporal Isidore Goldstein, 30, of 2578 Baird Boulevard, Camden      

Goldstein Died April 5

 Corporal Goldstein was killed in action April 5, the war department announced. Corporal Goldstein went into service in August 1940, and had been overseas 3 years. He served in Iceland, Normandy, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany. He formerly was associated with his father in the leather business.

Camden Courier-Post - August 13, 1948



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