World War II Honor Roll

George A. McClellan

Second Lieutenant, 
U.S. Army Air Force


527th Bomber Squadron
379th Bomber Group

Entered Service From: New Jersey
Died: December 1, 1944
Buried at: P 208
                  Beverly National Cemetery
                  Beverly NJ 
AWARDS: Purple Heart

Left: Logo of the 527th Bomber Squadron
Right: Logo of the 379th Bombardment Group, Heavy

SECOND LIEUTENANT GEORGE A. McCLELLAN was born on November 15, 1923. He lived in Camden NJ at 441 North 9th Street. After attending Burrough Junior High School, he graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School on Federal Street in Camden in 1941. 

Upon entry into the United States Army, George A. McClellan qualified for flight duty. He was trained as a bombardier, and graduated at Deming NM in January of 1944. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, he was assigned to the 379th Bomb Group, flying B-17 Flying Fortress bombers out of Kimbolton, England, AAF Station 117. 

Second Lieutenant McClellan flew 22 missions over Germany and occupied Europe. On November 30, 1944, while flying in aircraft 42-31597, nicknamed "Landa" on a mission to bomb the synthetic oil refinery at Zietz, Germany near Mersenburg his plane was disabled by German anti-aircraft fire while over Doelzig.. 

The following are the crewmembers and their positions on their last mission aboard Landa

Second Lieutenant John M. Conroy    Pilot   Prisoner of War
Second Lieutenant Milton S. Fox   Co-Pilot  Prisoner of War
Second Lieutenant George A. McClellan Bombardier Prisoner of War
Died in Hospital of Wounds
Technical Sergeant Frank A. Neu Nose Gunner-
Prisoner of War
Technical Sergeant Nathan Gershenbaum Radio Operator- Gunner Escaped and Evaded 
Returned To Military Control
Technical Sergeant Ernest G. Seeger Engineer-
Top Turret Gunner
Missing In Action
Staff Sergeant Patrick J. Kelley Ball Turret Gunner Prisoner of War
Returned To Military Control
Staff Sergeant Elmer R. Evanson Waist Gunner Prisoner of War
Staff Sergeant Jack V. Butterfield Tail Gunner Prisoner of War

The entire crew was able to bail out, Lieutenant McClellan however, was seriously wounded. He was captured by German forces, and died as a result of his wounds the next day, December 1, 1944. The downing of the plane was was witnessed by an officer from nearby Oaklyn NJ, Lt. Paul Risolino, who notified Lt. McClellan's family.

After the war, George McClellan was returned home to New Jersey. He was buried at Beverly National Cemetery on March 10, 1950. He was survived by his mother, Mrs. Augusta McClellan. 

Camden Courier-Post - February 1, 1938

Junior High Awards Made, by Principal Trembath in Special Assembly

Honor certificates, scholarship pins, music buttons, athletic letters and championship awards were presented to pupils of Burrough Junior High School during a special assembly program yesterday by Principal T. W. Trembath.

Students receiving honor certificates for outstanding contributions to all-around school life included:

Highest honor scholarship, Mildred June Allen, 9A-2; honor scholarships, Norma A. Canzanese, 9A-l; Eleanor Spector, 9A-l; Dora Anna Wagner, 9A-3; Anna Mae Winstanley, 9A-1; Robert Bowell, 9A-4; Jeanette Norma Lalli, 9A-2; and Ethelyn Blessing, 9A-3.

English- Albert Kreger, 8A-2; history and geography, Mary Colalillo 8B-l; science, William Anderson, 9B-4 and Charles Metz, 9B-5; mathematics junior business, Leslie Hudson, 8A-1 and Norman Glenn, 8A-3.

Club leaderships: dancing, Mildred June Allen, 9A-2; checkers, Louis Cooper, 9A-1; puzzlers, Lena Santangelo, 8A-5; council, Gloria Keefe, 9B-l; girl reserve, Margaret Cowgill. 9B-l; editors, Eleanor Spector, 9A-l, and library, Jeanette Norma Lalli, 9A-2.

Library Awards Made

School servicing, William S. Gibson, 9A-4 and Bruno Melchionni, 9A-5; library service; Virginia Carsley, 8A-1, Virginia Shearer 8A-5, Esther Biasi 8A-6 and Elizabeth Kracht 9Aˇ1; stage managing, Bruno Melchionni 9A-5. Emil Meloni 9A-5 and Charles Merkh 9A-5.

Homeroom leadership. Herbert Foltz 8A-7, George Charles Turnbull, 9A-3. Hazel Pine, 9B-4, Mary Colalillo 8B-1, Patsy Marcotulli, 8A-4 and Daniel Starr 8B-2,

Student government: Health chief, Anna Mae Winstanley, 9A-l: council and court; Carmella Julia Marchisella 9A -2.

Students receiving "A" averages for the year received pins in school colors inscribed "honor student." "B" averages were rewarded with similar pins bearing the inscription, "for scholarship."

Glee club members of merit got the award of a pin in school colors bearing a music staff and quarter notes.

'B's' Awarded In Sports

Students representing their class in four consecutive intra-mural sports received the block letter "B" for sweaters. Certificates were awarded to girls' championship class teams in volleyball and Newcomb.

Ninth grade "A" averages were made by: Norma Canzanese. Eleanor Spector, June Allen, Jennie Garramona, .Jeanette Lalli, Jeanett Kaplan, Doranna Wagner, Ethelyn Blessing, Robert Bowell, Edna Pfeiffer, Elizabeth Chase, Zelda Berlin, George McClellan and Josephine Beldina.

Ninth grade "B" averages were made by: Anna Mae Winstanley, Louis Cooper, David Cohen, Millie Marzilli, Betty Cramer, Rita Puleo, Arvida Peterson, May Pasell, Elvira Polidore, Althea Young, Dorinda Todd, Kenneth Ennis, Anthony Di Servio, Theodore Bunalski, Lillian Jenkins, Neno DeMarco, Bruno Melchionni, Leslie Hudson, Myra Schaffer, Nicola Pompeano, Gloria Keefe, Marian Jarvis, Clarence Monk, Charles Thompson, Elizabeth Blair, Elizabeth Olive, Joseph Thompson, Edith Andrews, Harry Marsh, Nan Converse, Bertha Feldman, Dolores McCormick, Evelyn Molotsky, William Anderson, Ida Rabinowitz, Anthony Ambrosino, Thelma Thomas, Charles Metz, William Dube, Orville Showers, William Johnson, Frank Hoffmeister, William Smith, Nicola Seneglia, Anthony Petrome.

Many Excel in 8th Grade

Eighth grade 'A' averages were made by Emma Downing, Leonard Hudson, Frederick Robertson, George Richterman, Albert Kreger, Russell Pierce, Herman Kripitz, :Korman Glenn, Bernard. Lentz, Howard Haines, Mary Garner, Mary Colalillo, Armando Cardillo.

Eigth Grade "B" averages were made by Ella Durham, Margaret Fields, Sherman Freed, Martha Fish, William Hench, Armond Capanna, Rose Cianci, Robert Gray, Dorothy Davis, Dorothy Terry, Jack Kates, Edith Lukoff, Leonard Muscioscia, Miriam Van Sciver, Virginia Carsley, Henrietta Griffith, Jessie Odell, Edward Zane, Marjorie O'Brien, Yolanda Di Filippa, Palma Ferri, William Cox, Arleen Edwards, Penelope Marlys, Carmella Gallo, Elsie Judd, Doris Jones, Harriet James, Anthony Constantino, Rose Tryka, Rose Mavronikilas, Anna Shivers, Dorothy Paglione, Erma Pollato, Florence Meccariello, George Edwards, Arnold Shepherd, Lincoln Wood, Howard Weeks, Orlando Compoli, Carmella Constantino, Ernest Ferri, Vincent Serchia, Janet Wenger, Warner Lombardi, Henry Maiale, Frank LaMarra..

Music button recipients by grades were: 9A-l. Lillian Friedenberg, Anna Winstanley and Eleanor Spector; 9A-2, Betty Cramer and Pauline Barracliff; 9A-3, Etheylyn Blessing; 9A-4, Evelyn Fusco, Clarence Claypoole and John DeLakas; 9A-5. Virginia Pitts. Antoinette Pacifico, Gloria Polatto, Leslie Hudson and Joseph Mazola:

9B-l: Virginia Blair, Claire Wenger, Myra Schaffer and Nicola Pompeano; 9B-2. Grace Reino; 9B-3 Nan Converse; Zeldaˇ Berlin and Fred Jenkins: 9B-4. Ida Rabinowitz and The1ma Thomas; 9B-5, Faust DiCarlo and Roland Pepa; 8A-l, Armand Campanna: 8A-2. Irene Pettit and Dorothy Terry: 8A-4, Clara Iapolucci, Helene Haushalter, Elsie Judd and Mary Ann Garner: 8A-5. Rose Mavronikola, Zetta Rentz, Elizabeth Raspa and Sarah Warke; 8A-7, Harry Edwards and Herbert Foltz: 8B-l John Burgo.

Athletic letters were awarded to: 9A-l Michelina Dazzione, Lillian Friedenberg, Alma Wallace, Anna Winstanley. 9A-2-June Allen. Dina DiCesaris, Jennie Garramona, Marie Jackson, Shirley Laxton, Millie Marzillai, Arvida Peterson.

9A-3 Elvera Catalina, Elizabeth Manella, Althea Young

9A-4 Josephine Cardile, Louise Della Monicke, Josephine Guarino.

9A-5 Antoinette Pacifico, Virginia Pitts, Gloria Talerico, Pearl Warner, Louise Watson.

9B-l Oliver Everett.

9B-2 Charles Thompson, William Vasey, McKinley Burrell.

9B-3 Max Dippner, William Smith.

8A-1 Carlo Degianni

8A-3 Carmen Carbone.

8A-4 Patsy Marcotulli.

8A-5 Albert Basile.

Cheerleader rewards were won by Alfred Green and Tony Russo.

Championship certificate awards were made: Volleyball- Inez Braxton, Elvera Catalina, Elisa Mannella, Doranna Wagner, Gertrude Wallace, Althea Young, Gina Annibale, Lucy Augelli, Mary Colallilo, Mary Canzanese, Frances Caratola, Carmella Constantino. Antoinette DiPasquale and Rose Gellura.

Newcomb: June Allen, Dina DiCesaris, Jennie Garramona, Marte Jackson, Shirley Laxton, Millie Marzilli, Arvlda Peterson. Elvira Polidore, Ethel Reese, Doris McMacklin, Florence Meccariello, Lois Mitchell, Dorothy Paglione, Erma Pollato, Yolanda Pompeano, Elizabeth, Raspa, Zettie Rentz, Virginia Shearer and Anna Shivers.

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