773-775-777 KAIGHN AVENUE and 24th & FEDERAL STREET 

The Naden Store, Inc. - Kaighn Avenue at 8th Street - Camden NJ

Mary Naden and her family operated a furniture and home furnishings business on Kaighn Avenue at Clover Street in Camden NJ for the better part of five decades. One son, Jacob Naden, also operated a second shop in East Camden on Federal Street at 24th Street in 1930s and 1940s. Interestingly, the Camden Courier-Post reported on February 10, 1936 that he acquired the "northwest corner Twenty-fourth and Federal Streets, north side Federal Street , 20 feet west Twenty-fourth Street;" from "Velma E. Duncan et als" for only $1. 

Born in Russia in 1900, Jacob Naden came to America in 1913. He marries Mollie Visor in the early 1920s, however the marriage did not last, and he remarried. In 1924 he was living at 1025 Princess Avenue in Camden's Parkside section. He wed shortly before the April 1930 census, and with wife Doris he was living in a home at 3728 Terrace Avenue in Pennsauken NJ. He later returnrd to the Parkside section of Camden NJ, living at 1503 Baird Boulevard, near many other members of the Camden business community, and Congregation Beth El. Jacob Naden was very learned in Jewish matters, and was active in civic affairs within the Jewish community. He was an active member of the Camden lodge of B'nai B'rith. By the mid-1960s he had moved his business to Riverside NJ.

The East Camden store was sold to the Hurley department store chain in the late 1940s. The Naden store on Kaighn Avenue remained in business as late as 1977, according to the October 1977 New Jersey Bell telephone directory. Jacob Naden passed away in 1972. 

The building at 773-775-777 Kaighn Avenue was later occupied by another business, South Jersey Store Fixtures, which still occupies the building as of March 2003. 

Inside of the Hebrew Ethical Classin Chaye Adom which belonged to Jacob Naden
Note the address and date
Courtesy of Rabbi David Herman, Baltimore MD, 2006

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 9, 1922

Camden Courier-Post - January 9, 1928

American Jewish Yearbook for 1931-1932
Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia PA - 1931



Dale, H., Haddon Book Bindery


Adlen, R., 1455 Broadway
Arnoff, Rabbi Nachman, 1254 Langham Avenue 
Brown, Barney B., 1222 Langham Avenue
Conston, H., 707 Broadway
Cooper, Dr. David E., 1314 Broadway 
Cooperson, Leon, 40 North 4th Street
Feldman. J., 422 Kaighn Avenue 
Feldsher, R., 800 Broadway
Fine, Florence, 520 Kaighn Avenue
Fox, P., 1122 Broadway
Fridrick, H. E., 2587 Baird Boulevard
Fuhrman, Abe, 444 Broadway
Furer, Jacob L., 602 Wilson Building
Goldstein, Dr. Hyman I., 1125 Broadway
Grossberg, J., 827 Broadway
Heine, Samuel, 910 Broadway 
Hermann, I. H., 300 Broadway
Jaspan, H., 631 Grant Street
Kaplan, S., 804 Wilson Building
Levy, W. H., 2554 Baird Boulevard
Liberman, Lewis, 307 Market Street
Lichtenstein, H. S., 1450 Wildwood Avenue
Markowich. H. W., 1277 Kenwood Avenue
Markowich, S. N., 1221 Haddon Avenue
Markowitz, L. L., 808 Broadway
Marritz, Mark, 521 Cooper Street
Miller, S. N., 548 Federal Street
Naden, Jacob, 773 Kaighn Avenue
Natal, Benjamin, 1491 Greenwood Avenue
Newman, A., 1178 Haddon Avenue
Ostroff, William, 1196 Haddon Avenue
Palitz, Sarah L., 514 Federal Street
Polivnick. Miss C., 1449 Ormond Avenue
Rose, Leon H., 511 Income Insurance Building (300 Broadway)
Rosenfeld, R. H., 3046 Federal Street
Udell, W., 504 Kaighn Avenue
Visor, David L., 23 Broadway
Weitzman, Israel, 1456 Haddon Avenue
Yuschinsky, Miss Dora E., 520 Liberty Street
Zinman, Philip, 548
Federal Street


January 27, 1928

Camden Courier-Post * June 4, 1932

Camden Courier-Post - February 26, 1936

Camden Merchants Plan Gala Event as Span Line Opens
Stores Will Join in Program Featuring Benefits of Purchasing Here

Camden merchants are preparing for their greatest Prosperity Parade.

Sponsored by the retail merchants division of Camden County Chamber of Commerce, this blue-ribbon business event opens here March 13 and continues until April 11.

The event, in which more than 100 merchants operating 200 retail stores have been enlisted, will mark the opening of the Camden High Speed Line and increased purchasing power of the South Jersey public. 

Also, for the first time in Camden, "auction bucks" will be introduced. They are a special form of currency printed for the four-weeks event and will be issued with every 25-cent purchase or multiple thereof, four "auction bucks" to every dollar of merchandise bought.

The "auction bucks," it was explained by Leonard M. Wolper, chairman of the Prosperity Parade committee, will be used as money at two mammoth auction sales to be held in Camden theatres during the parade period. Hundreds of seasonable articles of merchandise donated by local merchants will be up for auc­tion at both sales and may only be obtained with the "auction bucks."

"The parade will be a gala occasion," Wolper said. "Merchants, manufacturers, municipal officials, labor organizations, professional men I and the general public will join hands in demonstrating the value of spending Camden-earned dollars with Camden business men."

Various entertainment and music features are being arranged by the Prosperity Parade committee. Stage,  radio, and film stars are expected to appear personally at various Camden theatres during the. four-weeks event.

A widespread advertising campaign through newspapers, theatres. bill­boards and the radio is also scheduled to attract customers from the suburbs and throughout South Jersey during Camden's biggest business revival.

Besides Wolper, the committee includes S. Lester, Harry A. Moran, Leon Naden, Frank J. Kinsella and Minot J. Savage. John Price Myen  is chairman of the retail merchants division of the Camden County Chamber of Commerce..

$2.00 down, and $1.00 a week...

Buying a radio from
Jacob Naden's Store
24th & Federal Street


of the
Agin Family

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January 1, 1938

This ad was part of a promotion where several local businesses donated gifts to the first baby born in Camden in 1938.

Camden Courier-Post - February 1, 1938

Jewish Community to Fete Dr. Goldstein, President of Palestine Fund

Rabbi Israel Goldstein, of New York, president of the Jewish National Fund of America, will speak tonight at a mass meeting at the Hotel Walt Whitman, in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Jewish National Fund.

Preceding the meeting, he will be the guest at a dinner tendered by members of the Jewish community here.

Leon H, Rose, Camden attorney, who is president of the Jewish National Fund Conncil of Southern New Jersey, will be toastmaster. Rabbis N. H. J. Riff and Philip L. Lipis [of Congregation Beth El- PMC] will speak.

Dr. Goldstein is rabbi of Congregation B'nai Jeshrun, and active in Jewish communal, civic and interfaith movements. He is a member of the New York Regional Relations Board and of the National Executive Committee on Workers and Farmers Rights, and president of the Jewish Conciliation Court of America. The Jewish National Fund of America, of which he is head, has for its purpose the purchase of land in Palestine.

Those at the dinner will include:

David Breslau, Ben Zion Steinberg, Isaac Singer, Mrs. Samuel Kaplan, Mrs. Abraham Kaplan, Samuel Varbalow, Meyer Adelman, E. George Aaron, Jacob Leventon, Jesse Satenstein, Lewis Liberman, A. J. Rosenfeld, Judge Joseph Varbalow, Elias Klein, Mark Marritz, Albert B. Melnik, Dr. Samuel H. Blank, Barney B. Brown, Jacob Naden, Samuel Ginns, Ernest Dubin, Ellis Goodman, Leon Naden, Louis Rovner, Joseph Ruttenberg. Morris Liebman, Albert Caplan, Lester Abrahamer, I. J. Milask, Isadore H. Hermann, Milton C. Nurock, Harry Trautenberg, Manuel Winigrad, Hanan Yarden, Morris Drob and Mrs. Dora E. Rose.


June 1938


March 11, 1942

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October 14, 1942

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Business Card for the 24th & Federal Street store
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Advertising Fan

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East Camden News

February 19, 1942

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The Naden Store - Mach 22, 2003