Building Contractors

Simon Levy founded his business in 1911. He was a carpenter who was living in New York with his wife Sarah in 1920 when their first child, Jerome was born. The Levy family returned to Camden shortly afterward, and son Sidney was born in 1924. Simon Levy founded a building and construction business, which was he originally ran from his home. By 1928 he was operating the business out of 1214 Kaighn Avenue

Simon Levy was very busy in the late 1920s. He built a row of eight houses at 632-646 Van Hook Street late in 1927, completing them just before Christmas. He was involved in three other projects just after New Years Day, 1928, an extension to a store at 528-530 North 3rd Street, a new two story office and apartment building at 410 Kaighn Avenue, and a two story apartment house on South Eight Street near Kaighn Avenue

In 1930 the family lived at 1248 Magnolia Avenue in Camden NJ. Sometime after 1936 Simon Levy moved his business to 320 Market Street

The Levy family was struck by tragedy during World War II, when the eldest son, Second Lieutenant Jerome Levy, was killed in action over Germany while serving with the Army Air Force. The family next door were the Auslanders, their son Leonard Auslander was also killed while serving with the Army in Europe.

By the 1950s the business had grown to the point where it relocated once again, this time to 1498 Broadway, at Everett Street in South Camden. Listed in the October 1969 New Jersey bell Telephone Directory, the S. Levy Company was gone from Camden by the fall of 1970. However, as of 2007, the S. Levy Company remains in business, under the leadership of a descendant of Simon Levy, who also bears the name Simon Levy.

Camden Courier-Post - January 9, 1928

Camden Courier-Post

January 9, 1928

Camden Courier-Post - October 14, 1936
The S. Levy Co. had just completed alterations on 1111 Haddon Avenue, then the new location of George Schatz's business, George's Auto Service.

Camden Courier-Post - February 2, 1938

When Hague Gets Through With the Law

To the Editor:

Sir-The citizens of Jersey City have got to be grateful to Mr. Hague for relieving the legitimate law makers, and interpreters of such an ,immense burden. Master Hague has condescended to take the law into his own congruity, and so benevolently to take over the law.

When Hague gets through with the written law it is even too good to use for the bedding of figs.

Hague, an advocate if plutocracy, indicates the evils of Communism.

I would be more willing to live under the most Communistic state of affairs than in Hague's Jersey City.

1428 Magnolia Street

Camden Courier-Post * February 14, 1938
Hartmann Approves Plans for 2 Modern Stores at 213-15 Broadway
100 Garage Licenses Granted by Building Bureau, Palladino Reports

Plans for two modern stores on the site of 213-15 Broadway, have been approved by Commissioner Frank J. Hartmann.

The stores, modernistic in design, will be built for Abraham Brandt, of 104 King street, Gloucester City. The contractor will be S. Levy, Inc.

Two former stores on the sites have been razed to make room for the more modern buildings, which will be the first of their design in the city.

The stores will be one story in height with false fronts built to give them greater height. The plans provide for the future erection of upper stories.

The weekly report of William J. Palladino, personal secretary to Broadway and architectural assistant, shows 19 building permits were issued for a building valuation of $22,738.

During the week 13 building trades and 100 garage licenses were issued. Permits were granted for 19 private, two public and three garage-repair shops. A permit was granted for a parking lot. Receipts of the building bureau for the week totaled $538.50. Total inspections were 104 with four violations reported. Six complaints were investigated.

Permits granted in the past two weeks include;

New gas stations at 2363 Bridge Boulevard, $5000; 
Atlantic Refining Co., owners; J. W. Markeim, contractor.
Fire repairs at 1127 Mt. Ephraim avenue, $500; 
William Yost; Anthony Ferozzi.
Fire repairs at 753 Chestnut street, $143;
Alexander Wallace; R. Carusso.
Repairs at rear of 500 Broadway, $200; 
Edward Waddington; John Welsh & Son.
Repairs at 820 Broadway, $150; 
City of Camden; Charles Schraloli.
Repairs to baker's oven at 1228 Haddon avenue, $400; 
Alfred Essig; S. Huberek.