aka Jennings Sixth Regiment Band,
aka Jennings Third Regiment Band

JENNINGS' BAND, also known as Jennings' Sixth Regiment Band and later as Jennings' Third Regiment Band was well known in Camden from the 1880s right on up America's entry into World War I in 1917. It was organized as the National Cornet Band in 1868 and became the Sixth Regiment Band in 1871. In its later years the band was known as Jennings' Third Regiment Band, as the old Sixth New Jersey Regiment had been replaced in Camden by the Third in a reorganization of New Jersey's National Guard Units. The name stuck even after Joseph Jennings retired as bandmaster in 1910.

George Reeser Prowell wrote about the band's early days in his HISTORY OF CAMDEN COUNTY, NEW JERSEY, published in 1886:

The National Cornet Band was organized in 1868, with Joseph Jennings as leader. In 1871 the name was changed to the Sixth Regiment Band and it was mustered into the service of the National Guard, and was the only regimental band in the State for years. Their present band-room is at the Sixth Regiment Armory, southwest corner of West and Mickle Streets. The present members are Joseph Jennings, John Roth, Augusta Buese, Gordon Phillips, Lewis Seal, Charles Landwehr, Charles Felcon, John Brown, D. C. Newman Collins, Alfred Colbins, Charles Bowyer, Isaac Heins, Joseph Young, Richard Richardson, Benjamin A. Woolman, Harry Carles, William Stevenson, Frederick Klaproth, Henry Myers, G. Philip Stephany, Adam Markgraft, Charles Ellis, Emerson Ogborn, Charles Frost, Hiram Hirst.

Bandleader Joseph Jennings' was in the newspapers for a tragic reason in the fall of 1902, when his son, W. Price Jennings, and another boy, John Coffin, were murdered. Their killer, Paul Woodward, was quickly arrested, tried, and executed. 

The Sixth Regiment Armory, which was the home of the band for many years, was destroyed by fire in 1906. Three Camden firefighters, George W. Shields, William Hillman, and William Jobes, were killed while fighting this blaze, and several other firefighters were injured.

Joseph Jenning's led the band into 1912 when he retired. Joseph Bossle Sr. took over as bandmaster and reorganized the band. He led the band until 1919 when he took over the Tall Cedars of Lebanon band, which his son, Joseph Bossle Jr., had organized a few years before

Undated Newspaper Article
Philadelphia Newspaper

Visit by officers of the 6th Regiment,
New Jersey National Guard,
to the Philadelphia home of
Captain William C. Shinn

Lieutenant Colonel William H. Hempsing
Captain Henry C. Lees
Frederick A. Rex
Lieutenant E.L. Thornton
Richard Coates Wilkins
6th Regiment Band
under the direction of
Professor Joseph Jennings

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 1, 1880

Thomas M.K. Lee Post No. 5, G.A.R. - William B. Hatch Post No. 37, G.A.R.
William H. Shearman - Sixth Regimental Band - Colonel Joseph C. Nichols
Joseph McAllister - William D. Middleton - Francis Saunders - Frederick Shill
Rev. J.B. Graw -
North 5th Street - Arch Street
Hatch League No. 2, Loyal Ladies League

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 12, 1890
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Samuel Dodd - Jesse Pratt 
Robert Bender
Samuel S. Buzine
John A. Stockton
Henry Grosscup
Mortimer WIlson
Amadee Middleton
Isaac McKinley
Engine Company 1
Engine Company 2
Engine Company 3
Engine Company 4

WEB'S. Miller - E.E. Jefferis - Thomas Murphy
Jennings' Sixth Regiment Band

Albert Gilbert - Chalkley Leconey
Engine Company 1 - Engine Company 2
Engine Company 3 - Engine Company 4

Camden Post-Telegram
February 28, 1896

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 2, 1897
Walter J. Stanton Sr. - Clement H. Haines - John Dangleman - George S. Dilmore 
John "Long John" Gallagher - Jenning's Sixth Regiment Band - Ivy Fife & Drum Corps
George S. Dilmore New Years Association - Fireside New Years Association
J.H. Trainer New Years Association -
Y.M.C.A. - North Camden
Federal Street - Broadway - Atlantic Avenue - North 6th Street - Elm Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 23, 1901

Jackson Street
Colonel D.B. Murphy
Jennings Third Regiment Band
John Foster
Arthur Stanley - William E. Albert
Hugh Boyle
George Horner - David Bentley
George A. Donovan
Edward S. Hyde
Samuel S. Elfreth
Samuel Buzine - Benjamin Kellum
Ivy Fife & Drum Corps
Cooper B. Hatch

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Camden Post-Telegram - June 18, 1910

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 16, 1910
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Jennings' Band - Joseph Jennings - Joseph Bossle - John A. Mather

Camden Post-Telegram - July 31, 1913

Frank Crawford - Philip Marlow - William T. Boyle - John S. Smith - Harry Cheeseman

Camden Post-Telegram - October 14, 1912

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 6, 1914

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 7, 1914
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Charles Worthington - Joseph Nowrey - Charles H. Ellis - Jennings' Band

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 7, 1914
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Linden Street - Pearl Street
Joseph Bossle Jr. - W. Louis Bossle - Dr. N.R. Bossle - Charles Bossle
Tall Cedars of Lebanon - Albert Eckenroth
Jennings' Band - Conway's Band - John Philip Sousa - Victor Herbert