527 Washington Street

Camden Courier-Post - January 2, 1940

ISSIE BRODY appears to have been born in Russia around 1898 to Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Brody. The family came to America in 1907, eventually settling at 101 Chestnut Street, where the Solomon Brody conducted a grocery store. Older brother Jack Brody was killed in action while serving with the United States Army during World War I. When the census was taken in 1920, Mrs. Brody had passed away. The family then consisted of Solomon Brody, Issie Brody, sisters Sylvia, Anna, and Vera; and brother Louis Brody.

In 1935 Issie Brody opened a car wash and detailing shop, an "auto laundry" in the parlance of the day, at 540 Washington Street, where he also stored vehicles and performed oil changes and lubrication. As time went by he acquired a total of nine properties on the other side of Washington Street, and in 1939 had built a new garage where he repaired cars and sold Esso gasoline. The new garage, at 527 Washington Street, opened in January of 1940. By 1947 Issie Brody moved to an apartment over a ladies hats store at 403 Broadway, a short walk from his business, with wife Molly and son Ormon Brody. 403 Broadway then sat between Wallen's Jewelry and gifts at 405, and Leo's Appliances and Jewelry at 401. 

Issie Brody remained in business on Washington Street though at least the fall of 1959. The building was not being used as a garage by 1990. During the 1990s, 527 Washington Street served as a warehouse, and briefly as an indoor flea market. Around 2003 Respond Inc., a social services agency in Camden, acquired the building, and converted it into a job training center.

Camden Courier-Post - January 2, 1940

403 Broadway

Fall of 2003

The building was razed a few weeks later

527 Washington Street - March 22, 2004
 Looking North from Berkley & Williams Streets
527 Washington Street - March 22, 2004
 Looking Northeast from Southwest corner of Washington & Williams Streets

In 2004, the Brody Esso building houses a "welfare- to-work" training facility, known as Respondworks!
It is the New Worker Center of Respond Inc.