Camden, NJ

Watson Street

WATSON STREET is in East Camden, having been acquired by the City of Camden in 1899 when the Town of Stockton became part of the City. The street was originally known as Chestnut Street and was renamed in 1906 along with many other streets in East Camden and Cramer Hill. Watson Street runs from South 20th Street, intersecting with Rand and Boyd Streets before coming to its end at Morse Street. Since 1951 it has been the western edge of the Peter J. McGuire Gardens public housing project. 

Form the early 1900s through the early 1950s, Watson Street between South 29th and Boyd Streets was the western edge of a city landfill. The 1906 Sanborn Map of Camden does not show any structures on Watson Street between Boyd and Morse, however a row of 16 homes were built soon afterwards, on the east side, and a twin dwelling on the west side at 2117-2119. 

Nine of the rowhouses on the west side of Watson Street between Rand and Boyd Street were badly damaged in a fire on February 24, 1948. In 1951 the homes on the west side of Watson Street between Boyd and Morse Street were acquired by the Housing Authority of the City of Camden, which built the Peter J. McGuire Gardens public housing project on the site. Around 1970 the Housing Authority of the City of Camden erected a high rise apartment building on land on the west side of Watson Street for senior citizens which was named Kennedy Tower. In the late 1990s McGuire Gardens homes were razed and rebuilt. This project was completed in the early 2000s, with a few new homes on Watson Street. In the early 2000s all of the homes on Watson Street between Boyd and Morse Streets were demolished and the block was erased in order to make room for the new Thomas J. Dudley Elementary School.

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 Phil Cohen

Intersection of South 21th Street & Watson Street


Intersection of Rand Street & Watson Street


Intersection of Boyd Street & Watson Street


2100 Block of Watson Street

  2100 Watson Street

1906 None

Robert Payton & Family
Robert & Lillian Payton
Lillian Payton - Gertrude Payton

1947 Fred G.Van Horn

2102 Watson Street

George M. Townsend & Family
George M. & Helen Townsend
Dorothy Townsend

  2102 Watson Street

Harry Ford & Family
Harry & Ella Ford

1947 James Winegartner

  2104 Watson Street

Daniel Rocco & Family
Daniel & Mary Rocco
Anthony Rocco  - Daniel Rocco Jr.
Joseph Rocco - Peter Rocco

1947 Mrs. Edna Alexander

  2106 Watson Street

1947 No Return

  2108 Watson Street

1947 Mrs. Catherine Ellicks

2110 Watson Street


George Evans & Family
George & Dorothy Evans
Joan Evans - George Evans
Thomas Evans

Trenton Evening Times
February 25, 1948

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  2112 Watson Street

Edward Yates & Family
Edward & Myrtle Yates

1947 Mrs. Myrtle A. Whittaker

  2114 Watson Street

1947 Elwood Wilds

Warren P. Miller & Family
Warren P. & Constance Miller
Wayne V. Miller

  2116 Watson Street

1947 Philip Mertz

  2117 Watson Street

1933 Anna Walters
1947 Charles J. Walter

  2118 Watson Street

1947 Earl W. Crim

  2119 Watson Street

1932 Ernest Heimbach

2119 Watson Street

George H. Warner Sr. & Family
George & Margaret Warner
George Warner Jr.
Margaret Warner - Lillian Warner

Camden Courier-Post
February 10, 1943

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2119 Watson Street

1951 Stuart Dahm

Camden Courier-Post
July 12, 1951

  2120 Watson Street

1947 Mrs. Mae O'Brien

  2121 Watson Street

John F. Kennedy Tower
public housing apartment building

  2122 Watson Street

1947 Hugh Wood

  2124 Watson Street

1947 Arthur C. Mellon

  2126 Watson Street

Elwood "Edward" Menzies

  2126 Watson Street

1947 Charles F. Eller

2128 Watson Street

William Thompson

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 8, 1914

  2128 Watson Street

1947 Cyril E. Van Horn

  2130 Watson Street

1947 Nicola Caroulla

2132 Watson Street

1947 Mrs. Gertrude Ashworth

Hubert Dockery & Family
Hubert & Anna Dockery
Naomi Dockery
Thomas Dockery
Hubert Dockery

Camden Courier-Post
August 14, 1951


Intersection of Morse & Watson Street