Camden, NJ


Thorn Street lays parallel on the southwest side of Haddon Avenue and the rail line utilized since the 1960s by the PATCO high speed line, running southeast from Lansdowne Avenue to Copewood Street, although more or less officially it is said to run from Everett Street to Copewood, as a section of what ordinarily be considered Thorn Street is assigned to Whitman Avenue to enable Whitman to remain contiguous from Haddon Avenue to the tunnel under the rail line and on to the blocks that run towards Norris Street, Louis Street, and Mount Ephraim Avenue.  

The 1947 Camden City Directory shows no addresses on Thorn Street. There were a number of industrial buildings along Thorn Street, however they did not carry Thorn Street addresses, i.e., these were the rears of the Radio Condenser Corporation which carried 1500 Davis Street as its address. The business still has a presence there in 2015, as RF Products, Inc. 

In the 1970s a three story apartment complex was built in the 1500 block of Thorn Street, known as the Ivy Hill Apartments. There was a great deal of attention in the press in 1998 to the apartments when a raid was conducted on one unit where the tenants, mother and daughter who both worked as Camden County Sheriff's officers, had ties to notorious drug dealer Kenneth Waller. The Ivy Hill Apartments and Thorn Street have been the scene of other crimes in recent years, including a shooting at the intersection of Chase and Thorn. In more recent ears an two building industrial complex was built at 1601 and 1605 Thorn Street. These buildings appear to have had a number of tenants over the years, some relating to recycling. 

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 Phil Cohen

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Map - 2015

Ivy Hill Apartments

Ivy Hill Apartments - May 5, 2005

Radio Condenser Company -1920s
Thorn Street & Copewood Street

Front of building on Thorn Street,
to make the sign visible from Haddon Avenue