Camden, NJ

Terrace Avenue

TERRACE AVENUE is in East Camden, lying east of South 36th Street and running south from Federal Street for two blocks to Highland Avenue where it crosses into Pennsauken Township and continues across US Route 130 to Browning Road.

Terrace did not exist until the mid-1920s when it and several other streets were developed and homes built by Camden realtor Leon Todd. These row homes are characterized by stucco exteriors, where most all other rowhomes in Camden had brick exteriors. 

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 Phil Cohen
Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Intersection of Federal Street & Terrace Avenue

Unit Block of Terrace Avenue
  10-12 Terrace Avenue

1947 Snyder Engineering Corporationr

  15 Terrace Avenue

1947 Raymond Collar
1947 Samuel C. Shumaker

  16 Terrace Avenue

1947 Mrs. Florence Bowen

17 Terrace Avenue

1947 Margaret E. McKay

Robert Wark & Family
Robert & Margaret Wark
Robert Wark - Dorothy Wark
Margaret Wark - Florence Wark

Camden Courier-Post
January 35, 1972

  18 Terrace Avenue

1947 Raymond H. Frederick

  19 Terrace Avenue

1947 Mrs. Laura A. Houston

  20 Terrace Avenue

1947 Earl R. Simmerman

21 Terrace Avenue

Charles Boulton & Family
Charles & Annie Boulton
Lawrence Boulton
Laura Boulton Shreeve
Annie Boulton McMackin Hurst
Joseph Shreeve (son-in-law)

Left: Joseph Shreeve

21 Terrace Avenue

1929 Lawrence Boulton

  22 Terrace Avenue

1947 Mrs. Kathryn Leckes

  23 Terrace Avenue

1947 John Hulton

  24 Terrace Avenue

1947 Mrs. Elizabeth Wallazz

25 Terrace Avenue

1947 Willard C. Duffin

26 Terrace Avenue

Thomas J. Carroll & Family
Thomas & Sue Carroll


First aid administered by an East Camden physician saved the life of a 2-year-old boy.

Frederick Smith, 2, of 27 Terrace avenue, while playing around his home Tuesday found some, tablets of a poisonous nature. He swallowed them before his mother, Mrs. Anna Smith, could take them from him.

The mother rushed to the office of Dr. Ralph Warwick, Thirty-second street and Federal Street, where Dr. Warwick administered first aid and then had the child removed to West Jersey Homeopathic Hospital.

27 Terrace Avenue

Philip S. Smith & Family
Philip S. & Anna Smith
Frederick Smith

Camden Courier-Post June 8, 1933

  28 Terrace Avenue

1947 Mrs. Laura B. Johnson

  29 Terrace Avenue

Robert K. Draper & Family
Robert K. & Mildred Draper
Marguerite Draper - Gloria Draper

  29 Terrace Avenue

1947 George R. Wetten

  30 Terrace Avenue

1947 Joseph F. Matlack

  31 Terrace Avenue

1947 A.A. Ferri

  32 Terrace Avenue

1947 Carl L. Braun

  33 Terrace Avenue

1947 Joseph Wenzelle

Chief Deitz Dies at City Fire Scene

Second District Fire Chief W. Harry Deitz, 52, a 25-year veteran in the Camden Fire Department, collapsed and died Wednesday night.

Chief Deitz was directing operations at the home of Mrs. Bernice Fox, 41`, at 33 Terrace Avenue, where a fire was burning in the cellar. The chief, who was inside, told Fire Captain Thomas Winstanley he was in need of fresh air and walked outside.

There he spoke with Patrolman Douglas Tydeman about a car parked in front of a fire hydrant which had prevented hooking up a pumper. He collapsed and was placed in a police cart where he was given oxygen as he was rushed to Cooper Hospital. He was dead on arrival.

Coroner Creran ordered an autopsy today.

Chief Deitz was appointed to the fore department in 1937, and was made a captain in 1948 and district chief in 1955. Eligible for retirement since May, he planned to leave the department in January. He lived at 33 South 32nd Street.

Surviving are his wife, Florence; two daughters, Dorothy, a nurse at Cooper Hospital, and Mrs. Roberta Wagner of Camden; a son, William, at home; and his mother and stepfather, Mr. and Mrs. George Attison of Atlantic City.

At the fire, damage was confined to the basement. Mrs. Fox was on the second floor and her two children, Diane, 14, and Bert, 8, were on the first floor when the fire started. Bert ran upstairs and gave the alarm and Mrs. Fox called firemen.

33 Terrace Avenue

1962 Mrs. Bernice Fox

Camden Courier-Post
November 15, 1962

  34 Terrace Avenue

Samuel A. Weiss & Family
president, Jersey Supply Company
Samuel A. & Sarah S. Weiss

  35 Terrace Avenue

1947 Dixon Zacharias
1947 John M. Dickinson

36 Terrace Avenue

James R. White & Family
James R. & Mary White

36 Terrace Avenue

James R. White & Family
James R. & Mary White

Camden Courier-Post
June 3, 1932

  36 Terrace Avenue

1947 Julius Busch

  38 Terrace Avenue

1947 Alex Rome


Charged with stealing seven diamond rings valued at $4000, two men were discharged by Police Judge Lewis Liberman yesterday when the complaining witness failed to appear in court.

John Burke, 42, of 736 Berkley Street, and John Bryan, 31, of 3009 Mt. Ephraim avenue, were arrested on complaint of Mrs. Anna Ricco, of 40 Terrace avenue, who accused them of taking her jewelry during a party on February 18.

Both men denied the charges and when Detective Thomas Murphy testified he notified Mrs. Ricco several times to appear at the hearing, they were dismissed..

40 Terrace Avenue

1936 Mrs. Anna Ricco

Camden Courier-Post
February 21, 1936

  40 Terrace Avenue

1947 Alex M. Capps

  42 Terrace Avenue

William J. Flemming
William J. & Mary Flemming

Intersection of Federal Street & Terrace Avenue

100 Block of Terrace Avenue
100 Terrace Avenue

1947 Mrs. Carrie M. Garrison

Camden Courier-Post
February 22, 1938

  101 Terrace Avenue

1947 Morris B. Sellers

  102 Terrace Avenue

1947 Eugene Dodelin

103 Terrace Avenue

Edward H. Martin & Family
Sergeant-at-arms, Camden District Court
Edward H. & Ruth F. Martin

104 Terrace Avenue


Real Estate Listing Photo
March 1940


  104 Terrace Avenue

1947 Eugene A. Castrovillo

  105 Terrace Avenue

1947 James E. Beckett

  106 Terrace Avenue

1947 Carl F. Heritage

  107 Terrace Avenue

1947 Mrs. Gertrude F. Stone

  108 Terrace Avenue

1947 William J. Smith

109 Terrace Avenue

William P. Spencer & Family
WIlliam P. & Ida A. Spencer
Richard Spencer
Ida Spencer - Emma Spencer

Camden Courier-Post
January 29, 1945

  110 Terrace Avenue

1947 Herman A. Bozian

111 Terrace Avenue

James J. "Soup" Campbell & Family
professional basketball player & bar owner

Marmon Cafe
James "Soup" Campbell

Camden Courier-Post
June 9, 1932

James Campbell Jr.
William Campbell
Terrace Avenue
Admiral Wilson Boulevard
Whoopee Coaster


  111 Terrace Avenue

1947 William A. Peak

111 Terrace Avenue

James T. McGGrory Jr.

  112 Terrace Avenue

1947 Edward F. Nipch

  113 Terrace Avenue

1947 Emory H. Brooks

114 Terrace Avenue

George F. Jefferis

  114 Terrace Avenue

1947 Mrs. Florence M. Smith

  117 Terrace Avenue

1947 Mrs. Ella W. Austin

  118 Terrace Avenue

1947 Clarence P. Bugg

  119 Terrace Avenue

1947 George Ludlam

  121 Terrace Avenue

1947 William V. Silver

  123 Terrace Avenue

1947 Mrs. Wilhelmina B. Strahle