Camden, NJ

Summit Street

SUMMIT STREET, also known as SUMMIT AVENUE, in North Camden runs for one block, from 1027 Penn Street and 1030 Linden Street, between North 10th and North 11th Streets, near the site of the old Haddon Bindery. When the 1920 City Directory was compiled, there were 22 homes on Summit Street. By 1947 only three buildings were still standing. Things remained this was for several decades until new homes were built on Summit and Chester Streets in the 1990s.

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 Phil Cohen

 Summit Street

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  309 Summit Street

1924 Robert Carey
1947 Vacant

  310 Summit Street

1924 Joseph Terrill
1929 John R. Daniels


Accused of throwing coal at a railroad detective who says he caught them taking two bags of coal from a coal car at Tenth and Bulson streets, two youths were sent to jail for three months yesterday by Police Judge Garfield Pancoast.

They are Lucius Robinson, 18, of 903 Ferry avenue, and Daniel Paulk, 17, of 1708 South Tenth street. Their accuser was Eugene Pavon, of the Reading Railroad. They said they were merely walking across the tracks. The police said both have been arrested before on coal stealing charges.

Samuel Gillard, 18, colored, of 310 Summit street, went to jail for 30 days in default of a $25 fine on a charge of stealing a bag of coal from the American Ice Company, Twelfth and Federal streets. John Rusch, 1319 Princess Avenue, manager of the plant, said he captured Gillard.

310 Summit Street

1933-1947 Mrs. Anna Gilyard

Camden Courier-Post
February 2, 1933

  310 Summit Street

1947 Vacant

  311 Summit Street

1924 Lee Roberts
1929 Chelton Johnsons
1947 Gone

  312 Summit Street

1924 Dennis Howard
1929 Mrs. Rachel Smith
1947 Mrs. Eunice WInston

My mother, 3 siblings and I moved to Camden in February 1954: 312 Summit Street in North Camden, a small street sandwiched between 10th and 11th Penn Street. Went to the old Clara S. Burrough Jr. High on Haddon Avenue. In 1955, we moved to 1191-1/2 Penn Street, again in North Camden, directly behind Admiral Wilson Blvd.

Summit Street reminded me of photos I had seen of Hiroshima after the bomb. There were no more than 3 or 4 houses. Ours was the only one with an indoor facility. The rest of the street was rubble (bricks) from homes that had been demolished, a few cars parked but the scene was bleak. We were delighted to move.


George Kennedy
April 2010

312 Summit Street

The Kennedy Family

  313 Summit Street

1924 Harry Ewing
1929 James Mitchell
1947 Gone

  314 Summit Street

1924 Samson Terrill
1929 Mrs. Sarah Terrill
1947 Gone

  316 Summit Street

1924 Benjamin Nevels
1929 John Hawkins
1947 Gone

  317 Summit Street

1924-1929 Hayward Royster
1947 Gone

  318 Summit Street

1924 Joshua Brown
1929 Mrs. Ida Haywood
1947 Gone

  319 Summit Street

1924 John Elsey
1929 Arthur Livingston
1947 Gone

  320 Summit Street

Mrs. Ella Jones
First Nazarene Baptist Church

1924 Hezekiah Brooks
1929 Bertha Smith
1947 Gone

  321 Summit Street

1924 Thomas Brokenberry
1929 Vacant
1947 Gone

  322 Summit Street

1924 James Clark
1929 Fannie Howe
1947 Gone

  323 Summit Street

1924 Mary Hill
1929 Preston Russ
1947 Gone

  324 Summit Street

1924 Nora Berkley
1929 Nora Brinckley
1947 Gone

  325 Summit Street

1924 Cora Smith
1929 Henry Robinson
1947 Gone

  326 Summit Street

1924 Charles H. Johnson
1929 Dusha Wallace
1947 Gone

  327 Summit Street

1924 Rev. Henry Jackson
1929 John Brown
1947 Gone

  328 Summit Street

1924 Simeon Gilyard
1929 vacant
1947 Gone

  329 Summit Street

1924 William Wade
1929 Henry Smith
1947 Gone

  330 Summit Street

1924 George Price
1929 vacant
1947 Gone

  331 Summit Street

1924Joseph Barrett
1929 Elmer Fortesque
1947 Gone


Two colored men were under arrest last night following a cutting affray in North Camden. Each charges the other with atrocious assault and battery.

They are Herman Langston, of 332 Summit Street, near whose home the brawl occurred, and Emory B. Ball, 30, of 1028 Admiral Wilson Boulevard. Langston was treated at Cooper Hospital for cuts on the head and back. Ball was cut on the hand.

332 Summit Street

1924 Henry M. Burch
1929 _____ Taylor
1932 Herman Langston
1947 Gone

  333 Summit Street

1924-1929 Elias Ward
1947 Gone

  334 Summit Street

1924 John Gibbs
1929 vacant
1947 Gone

  335 Summit Street

1924 William Sanders
1929 Carl Sewell
1947 Gone

  336 Summit Street

1924 Isaiah Smith
1929 Margaret Smith
1947 Gone

337 Summit Street

James Brown
Ida Burton aka Ida Whitler

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 27, 1904

Ida Burton

  338 Summit Street

1924 Nathan Lively
1929 Elizabeth Porter
1947 Gone

  339 Summit Street

1924 Mabel Thomas
1929 Webster LEak
1947 Gone

  340 Summit Street

1924 Peter Carr
1929 James Gray
1947 Gone