Camden, NJ


ROSS STREET runs east from 1046 Orchard Street for one block where it terminates opposite 1038 Louis Street, between Mt. Vernon and Chestnut Streets, in a neighborhood that was settled around the turn of the century by many Polish immigrant families. The west end of Ross Street was opposite the main building of the old Camden Pottery factory, another building of the old factory takes up much of the south side. 

At one time seven homes stood on Ross Street, four on the north side and three on the south. All were gone by 2007. Everything was destroyed in 2011 in what was known as the Reliable Tire fire, which engulfed the entire Camden Pottery site and destroyed many homes on Mount Vernon, Louis, Orchard, and Chestnut Streets.

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 Phil Cohen
Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Ross Street
Map Published in 1946

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Ross Street


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1100 Block of Ross Street


1159 Ross Street

1919-1920 Anthony Wassolowski
1924 Basil Ponarik
1929 Vacant
1947 Mrs. Rose Jaskiewicz


1161 Ross Street

1918-1920 John Kedzierski
1924-1947 Anthony F. Gorczynski


1163 Ross Street

1918-1920 Andrew Mroczkowski
1924 No Listing
1929 John Radonski
1947 Mathew  Gorczynski


1165 Ross Street

William Mclaughlin & Family
William & Margaret McLaughlin
William McLaughl;in
Albert McLaughlin
Francis J. "Frank" McLaughlin

Mrs. Agnes Mroczkowski
Josephine Mroczkowski
Victor Mroczkowski
1947 Ignacy Witalksi


1166 Ross Street

1919-1920 Victor Player
1919-1920 Watson Zimiski
1924-1929 John Galecky 
1947 Joseph P. Klincewicz


1168 Ross Street

1917-1924 Peter Szwak
1929 Frank Macheski 

A man and woman were injured at 3.45 p. m., yesterday when an automobile struck a parked car at Fortieth and Federal Streets, according to Pennsauken Township police.

Mrs. Stella Pukala, 22, of 1218 Atlantic Avenue, received cuts and bruises of the face. John Foltynski, 35, of 1168 Ross Street, suffered cuts of the eye and head. Both were treated at West Jersey Hospital.

They were passengers in a car driven by Stanley Czajkowski, 24, of 1133 Sycamore Street. Pennsauken police said Czajkowski's car collided with another owned by George F. Eisle, 4507 Chestnut Avenue, Pennsauken. Eisle charged Czajkowski with reckless driving. Police also charged him with driving without a license.

1168 Ross Street

1938-1947 John Foltynski

Camden Courier-Post
February 7, 1938


1170 Ross Street

1929 Valentine Jaskiwich
1947 Mrs. Stella Papas

Ross Street


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