Camden, NJ

Rose Street

ROSE STREET is a small street that runs parallel to Mount Ephraim Avenue, from 1156 Sycamore Street south to Everett Street. 

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 Phil Cohen

Intersection of Rose Street & Sycamore Street

1100 Block of Rose Street
1133 Rose Street

Charles Romanowski & Family
Joseph Romanowski

Camden Courier-Post
February 16, 1928

Joseph Carpani
Walter Smith

Sycamore Street

Rose Street

  1146 Rose Street

1923 Anthony Garbacka

  1163 Rose Street

Andrew Mroczkowski Family
Frank Mroczkowski

1923 No Listing

Intersection of Rose Street & Kaign Avenue

Intersection of Rose Street & Liberty Street

1300 Block of Rose Street
1312 Rose Street
  1312 Rose Street
  1313 Rose Street
  1314 Rose Street
  1315 Rose Street
  1316  Rose Street
  1317 Rose Street
  1318 Rose Street
  1319 Rose Street
  1320 Rose Street
1321 Rose Street

John Wylupek & Family
John & Catherine Cichocki Wylupek
William (Bronislaw) Wylupek
Walter Wylupek

Camden Courier-Post
December 22, 1932

Samuel M. Shay
Salvatore Gravano
South 9th Street
Dorsey Robinson
State Street
Stanley Sandawo
Charles Sandowo
Rose Street


1322  Rose Street

Harry Andruszko

Camden Courier-Post
March 26, 1931

Harry Andruszko operated a bar at this address from 1935 to summer of 1938

  1322 Rose Street
  1322 Rose Street

Marion's Market
Marion Majkszak & Family
Marion & Olga Majkszak
David M. Majkszak
Dennis Majkszak

  1322 Rose Street

1987-1989 Pearl Williams

  1323 Rose Street
  1325 Rose Street

Intersection of Rose Street & Mechanic Street

1400 Block of Rose Street
  1400 Rose Street

Rose Cafe
1969 Augie's Beef & Ale

  1402 Rose Street

Ignatius & Jennie Raczkowski
Anna Raczkowski

  1404 Rose Street
  1406 Rose Street
  1409 Rose Street
  1409 Rose Street
  1410 Rose Street
  1412 Rose Street

Intersection of Rose Street & Atlantic Avenue

1400 Block of Rose Street
  1438 Rose Street
  1440 Rose Street
1442 Rose Street

1995 Percival "Poppy" Smith

Camden Courier-Post
July 15, 1995

1442 Rose Street

1995 Percival "Poppy" Smith

Camden Courier-Post
July 15, 1995

  1444 Rose Street
  1446 Rose Street
  1448 Rose Street

Wardach's Tavern
Joseph Wardach
Hank Wardach

Intersection of Rose Street & Lansdowne Avenue

1400 Block of Rose Street
  1456 Rose Street
  1458 Rose Street

Intersection of Rose Street & Whitman Avenue

1400 Block of Rose Street
  1487 Rose Street
  1489 Rose Street
  1491 Rose Street
  1493 Rose Street
  1496 Rose Street
  1497 Rose Street

Intersection of Rose Street & Everett Street

Camden Courier-Post - July 15,1995

 'Suspicious' fire kills man

Courier-Post Staff

 CAMDEN - An elderly man died Friday in a house fire that officials are labeling suspicious.

Percival "Poppy" Smith, 71, was found lying on the floor next to the bed in the front upstairs bedroom of his home at 1442 Rose St., officials said. Neighbors reported he had lived in the house for several years.

"It could be a fire bombing," said Acting Camden County Prosecutor Joseph Audino. ''All the damage was through the front of the home.”

"Ace" Jackson, a boarder in the home, desperately attempted to save Smith, said a woman who lived nearby.

"He was trying to break down the door and crying, 'Poppy, Poppy,''' said Venus Harris of Atlantic Avenue. "Then there was a fiery explosion that burned his face and he had to give up. So I went to get help."

Harris called 9-1-1 at 2:44 p.m., said 3rd Battalion Chief Joseph Gallagher. Three minutes later, Gallagher said, his unit arrived to fight the blaze.

"The fire was out in 10 minutes· so the hot weather wasn't a big problem," Gallagher added. "But the whole first floor and part of the second floor were totally burned. The fire also spread to the porch of 1444 Rose Street, where nobody was home."

Smith was pronounced dead at 4:40 p.m., said Audino. As his body was brought out three minutes later, Jackson's brown mixed-breed dog, Missy, walked forlornly back and forth in front of the house.

Audino said an autopsy would be performed today or Sunday, but that preliminary indications were that Smith died "as a result of the fire."

Smith lived in the home with his niece, Anita Harper, Jackson, and George Taylor, Audino said. It was not known whether any­one else besides Smith was in the house when the fire started.

The whereabouts of Jackson on Friday night were unclear.

Police are checking a report that residents of the Smith home were recently involved in an argument with another resident. "It's under investigation," Audino said.

One neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said some men "broke the windows on the first floor at least three times in the last few months."

Another bystander said a woman had tried to move into the house recently and, when she was refused, "threatened to burn it down.

Aftermath: Firefighters (above) battle a fire at a Camden house. The first floor and part of the second floor were damaged. EMT Pat Kessler (below) tries to calm boarder Ace Jackson who was injured when he tried and failed to get in the front door to save 'Poppy' Smith, 71.