Camden, NJ

Ray Street

RAY STREET runs for one block, north from Pearl Street to Elm Street, between Borton Street and North 9th Street. The street first appears in city directories in 1890. As of 2006 there were no houses still standing on Ray Street.

Ray Street is named for Mrs. "Ray" Cox, the wife of developer and builder Charles W. Cox, who built the homes on Ray Street. Coincidentally, Borton Street, which is parallel to Ray Street, was named after the best man at the Cox wedding, lawyer Joshua Borton. 

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 Phil Cohen

1946 Map of Camden
Ray Street runs north from Pearl Street, west of Borton Street

Intersection of Pearl Street and Ray Street
Satellite Image
Ray Street


Borton Street
beginning and end marked by
Ray Street
is to the left of Borton Street

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Satellite Image
Ray Street


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500 block of Ray Street
  509 Ray Street
1924 Margaret Moos
1929 Vacant
1947 Anthony A. Sharp
  510 Ray Street
1910s-1924 Robert McClellan 
1929 Samuel Chadwick
1947 Mrs. Frances F. Lynskey
1969 James R. Sweeney
  511 Ray Street

1924 No Listing
1929 Vacant
1947 Rosezilla A. Roth


Lewis Raupp, 53, 833 North 6th Street, dog bite of right index finger
Anna Veroline, 34, 318 Walnut Street, sprained ankle
Albert Passarella, 15, 433 Spruce Street, sprained ankle
Thomas J. Owens, 35, 420 Taylor Ave., bruised wrist and knee
Joseph Manfredi, 14, 335 Chestnut Street, infected palm.
Margaret Cramer, 9, 323 Erie Street, infected finger
Laurence Wiggle, 5, 505 South 6th Street, cut hand
Joseph Carbone, 18, 336 Walnut Street, cut chin
Thomas DiRenzo, 13, 522 Clinton St., splinter in left foot.
Cecelia Homan, 32, 511 Ray Avenue, foreign body in eye
Mary DiVincenzo, 10, 311 Beckett St., foreign body in eye


Theresa Marolda, 59, 1713 South 4th Street, cut finger
Benjamin Druasowictz, 34, 1282 Van Hook St., cut finger
Charles Mangold, 52, 3 North 4th Street, cut finger
Stanley Kaminski, 25, 1119 Liberty Street, cut hand
Marie Birsch, 15, 697 Van Hook St., foreign particle in eye 
Willard Dickson, 3, 1739 Railroad Ave., puncture wound of thigh

511 Ray Street

1938 Cecelia Homan

Camden Courier-Post
February 14, 1938

  511 Ray Street

1947 Rosezilla A. Roth

  512 Ray Street

1924 WIlliam Newton
1929 Arthur Ridgley
1947 Mrs. Helen W. Brown

  513 Ray Street
1924 Philip Genarrie
1929 Vacant
1947 Mrs. Emma Bateman
514 Ray Street

Mrs. Mary V. Test Hall & Family
Merritt A. Hall

Camden Courier-Post
January 31, 1927

William Hurlock
William G. Rogers
Arch Street
Philip Schatz
Robert Ashenfelter
Ray Street
George Beutler

  514 Ray Street

1947 Daniel Hutchinson
1969 A.I. Pace

  515 Ray Street

1924 Vacant
1947 Joseph Pfeifer

  516 Ray Street
1924 Catherine Murphy
1947 Russell M. Haines 
1980 A Martinez
  517 Ray Street
1924 Michael Ryan
1947 Vacant
  518 Ray Street
1924 Martin Haller
1947 Mrs. Edna L. Foltz
  519 Ray Street
1924 William Krapkie

Suspended Jail Sentence is Given Operator Where 17 Were Taken in Raid

Pleading non vult to charge of operating a 'numbers" headquarters raided by the police last July, Dominic Olivette, 28, of 444 Royden street, was fined $100 and given a suspended sentence of six months in criminal court yesterday.

Olivette was arrested by a detail of police led by former Director of Public Safety Charles V. Dickinson and Lieutenant George Frost when they captured 17 men in the Royden street house.

In police court the day following the raid Olivette was fined $100 by Judge Garfield Pancoast on charges of violating Section 422 of the city ordinances prohibiting disorderly persons from congregating in a building.

Olivette paid the fine and was later indicted by the grand jury following an investigation by Prosecutor Clifford A. Baldwin. Judge Shay, in imposing the fine, refused Olivette's plea that he be allowed to pay the sum on installments.

One other man charged with "numbers' writing was fined $100 with the privilege of paying at a $2 weekly rate. He is Herbert Lantry, 35, of 519 Ray street, arrested by Lieutenant Herbert Anderson November 26. He was held for the grand jury by Judge Pancoast when arraigned in police court.

519 Ray Street

1933 Herbert Lantry

Camden Courier-Post
February 2, 1933

  519 Ray Street
1947 Mrs. Mary Jeffries 
  520 Ray Street
1924 Mrs. Addie Farries
1929 Vacant
1947  Edward O. Logan
  521 Ray Street

1924 Vacant
1947 Vacant

  522 Ray Street

1924 William A. Elliot
1947 Henry S. Lemmon

  523 Ray Street

1924 No Listing
1929 Vacant
1947 Edward C. McFarland
1969 P. Bradford

  524 Ray Street

1924 Samuel Chadwick
1929 Vacant
1947 Edward Hermann

  525 Ray Street

1924 Russell Dineen
1929 Vacant
1947 Edward E. Dickinson

  526 Ray Street

1924 James Mills
1929 Vacant

George Kifferley & Family
George & Elsie Kifferley
Elsie Kifferley
George Kifferley Jr.
Alfred Kifferley
Ethel Forrester

1947 No Return
1969 Mrs. E. Costello

527 Ray Street

1892 Nellie Walker
1924 Alice Goldie

1929 Vacant
1947 Stanley J. Barzycki

  528 Ray Street

1924 Walter E. Price
1929 Vacant
1947-1969 John B. Hearn

529 Ray Street

William Corson & Family
William & Mary Corson
David B. Corson

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 19, 1899

  529 Ray Street

1924 Adam J. Weiser
1929 Albert Carney
1947  Vacant
1080 A.E. Collick

  530 Ray Street

1924 Vacant
1929 Joseph L. Cassady
1947 Mrs. Gertrude Pine
1969 Vernon Stanger

  531 Ray Street

Isaac Z. Gosling

  531 Ray Street

1924 Samuel A Cummings
1929 Vacant

Judge Pancoast Proves to 2I That Honesty Is Best Policy

If there’s anything Police Judge Pancoast doesn’t like it's to have people trying to fool him, he said. So yesterday Pancoast sent two alleged speakeasy inmates to jail for 6o days and gave the confessed proprietor only 50 days.

Emil Hatter, 35, of 829 Carpenter Street, was arrested for violating the ordinance prohibiting congregation of disorder1y persons on the premises by Lieutenant Herbert Anderson Thursday. Hatter told the court that he was proprietor and was in the illegal liquor business to provide for his two children.

"That's no excuse," said the judge, "you should provide for them without breaking the law."

He fined Hatter $50 and sentenced him to 50 days when he was unable to pay. The judge then turned to Edward Mackay, 38, of 531 Ray Street, and Alfred Brooks, 45, of 700 Pearl Street [wrong address - PMC], who, Andersen said, were drunk in Hatter's establishment.

Both men admitted having a few drinks, elsewhere, but insisted they were sober and that they did not buy the drinks from Hatter.

"I'm good and tired of having peop1e trying to fool me," said Pancoast. "I don't know what they take me for. I'm going to end it, though, by giving each of you 60 days."

Unable to pay a fine of $100, George Young, 29, colored, 954 South Ninth Street, was sentenced to 100 days when he pleaded guilty to operating a "wash­boiler" still in violation of the city speakeasy ordinance. His wife, Ethel, 19, and Annie Fussel, 37, of 614 Chestnut Street, alleged inmates, were given 30 days each in default of $25 fines. 

531 Ray Street

1933 Edward Mackay

Camden Courier-Post
June 3, 1933

  531 Ray Street

1947-1969 William F. WIltsey
1980 E. Santana

  532 Ray Street 

1924 George Allebach
1929 John L. Worthington
1947 Francis L. O'Toole

  533 Ray Street

1924 Mrs. Ella Huff
1929 Vacant
1947 Christopher Michals


A 16-year-old youth ,¥ho was found unconscious in a vacant house from the effects of drinking liquor was sentenced to 30 days in jail yesterday by Police Judge Garfield Pancoast.

He is Julius Carter, 1288 Van Hook street, who was discovered Monday night in a house at 534 Ray Street by Motorcycle Patrolman Earl Wright.

"You are certainly starting out well," Judge Pancoast told the boy. "Where did you get the liquor?"

"Some fellows gave it to me," was the reply.

"Well, I am going to stop you from starting that habit," was Judge Pancoast's answer.

534 Ray Street

Camden Courier-Post
August 16, 1933

  534 Ray Street

1924 No Listing
1929 Vacant
1947 Fred Esler 

  535 Ray Street 

1924 Willis Hambrose
1929 No Listing
1947 W. George Jenkins

  536 Ray Street

1924 Frank Elton
1929 Vacant
1947 Mrs. Mae Dawson

  537 Ray Street

1924 Vacant
1929 George M. Newkirk
1947 Joseph Setzer
1969 Stanley Barzycki

  538 Ray Street

1890-1906 Carl Huth
weaver in 1890, grocery by 1900
1910-1920 Mrs. Amelia Huth
1924 Mrs Laura Connelly
1929 Katherine Murphy
1947 Raymond F. Taylor 

  539 Ray Street

1924 Vacant
1929 Vacant
1947 Joseph Boody

  540 Ray Street

1924 William J. Grant
1929 Vacant
1947 John E. Chester

  541 Ray Street

1924 No Listing
1929 Vacant
1947 Vacant

  543 Ray Street

1924 Mrs. Anna Giberson
1929 Jospeh A. Burns

  545 Ray Street

1924 Howard Huff
1929 Vacant

  547 Ray Street

1924 Leonard Seibert
1929 Ernest E. Loughlin

  549 Ray Street

1924 Henry Cowperthwaite
1929 No Listing
1947 Vacant

Satellite View of Ray Street - 2012

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