Camden, NJ


ORMOND AVENUE is in Parkside, running from 1404 Bradley Avenue southeast to Vesper Boulevard. 

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 Phil Cohen
Saturday, September 08, 2018

Intersection of Bradley Avenue & Ormond Avenue

1400 Block of Ormond Avenue
1411-1419 Ormond Avenue
  1411 Ormond Avenue

1947 Harry Teitelman 

  1413 Ormond Avenue

Henry J. Bass & Family
Henry J. & Elizabeth Bass
Miriam Bass
Florence Bass
Grace Bass
Dr. Eugene Bass 

  1415 Ormond Avenue

1947 Paul DePasquale 

  1417 Ormond Avenue

1947 Reverend Cyrus A. Starkey 

  1419 Ormond Avenue

1933 A.L. Goodman
1947 Samuel Baranoff 

  1421 Ormond Avenue

1947 Meyer Friedman 

  1423 Ormond Avenue

1947 Isaac Krichev 

  1427 Ormond Avenue

1945 Milton Sternberg

  1427 Ormond Avenue

1947 Alex E. Segal 

  1429 Ormond Avenue

Christos "Christ" Manou & Family 
Christos & Olga Manou
Laurence Manou
Richard Manou

Our house was a twin. Our neighbors were the Segals. Beyond them (1425) were the Sternbergs. Across the street (1438) was a Mr Laveson (sp) and the Klines. Across Lansdowne Avenue lived the Weinsteins (1431 in photo). The neighborhood was primarily solid middle class Jewish, with quite a few Orthodox, though we were not. I recall a Rabbi Riff walking the neighborhood. Clearly a distinguished man, though his appearance scared to death the non-Jewish neighborhood children. There was also a Rabbi Kellman, whose beautiful daughter Nadine I yearned for. At the end of the block lived a Jackie Chew, always in trouble. Our school was Parkside to which we all (safely) walked to and from home. Other kids I played with had names like Asbell, Bantivoglio, Clyman, Colangelo, Friedenberg, Lundy, Parks, and Sherman.

I do recall that we lived there briefly owing to my father's restaurant at Second and Market. He catered to the executives at RCA and Campbell Soup. He had bought a house in Haddonfield at the outbreak of the war which was occupied by a tenant. Laws then  prohibited evicting tenants during wartime, so we remained in Camden till about 1949, when we bought a summer house at the shore. He may have held title to the house into the fifties, possibly renting it before selling it. We had a two-car garage behind the house which housed black (always black) Buicks.

When I left Parkside, I was sent off to boarding school and then--my family having moved to another house in Haddonfield--to Moorestown Friends. I cannot imagine what this once clean, well-kept neighborhood must look like now.

Finally, I recall Mr Sam Bosco, my father's barber, who called at his office twice a month to trim his hair. It seems he may have had a darker side judging by the news reports.

Lawrence Manou, Chester Springs PA
Janaury 2013

Intersection of Lansdowne Avenue & Ormond Avenue

1400 Block of Ormond Avenue
1431-1500 Ormond Avenue
1431 Ormond Avenue

Morton Weinstein & Family

  1434 Ormond Avenue

Wilbur Bodine Ellis & Family
Wilbur B & Gertrude Ellis


Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon for Mrs. Dorothy Ellis, 28, of 1434 Ormond avenue, who died Sunday at the home of her mother at 6144 Walton avenue, Philadelphia. Burial was in Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Philadelphia. Mrs. Ellis, who had been ill four months, also is survived by her husband, Zellie, Broadway shoe merchant, and an infant daughter.

ELLIS—On February 13, 1938, Dorothy, beloved wife of Zellie Ellis (nee Vernikoff) age 28 years.
Relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral services on Monday, Feb. 14 at 2.30 p. m. at Molnick Funeral Parlor, 1329 Broad St., Phila. Interment at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Pa.

1434 Ormond Avenue

Zellie Ellis & Family
Zellie & Dorothy Ellis

Camden Courier-Post
February 15, 1938

1947 No return 

  1438 Ormond Avenue

1947 Frank Laveson

  1446 Ormond Avenue

Jerome Kline & Family
Jerome & Matilda Kline

September 2009 Razed by City of Camden 

1447 Ormond Avenue

Frederick Schard & Family
Frederick & Minnie Schard
Frederick Schard
Harry Schard

Camden Courier-Post
June 8, 1932 

Camden Catholic High School
William Reed

  1447 Ormond Avenue

1947 Harry L. Birrer


Three Camden residents, including two school teachers, were among the 4.000 students graduated from New York University yesterday at the 101st commencement exercises at Ohio Field, University Heights, New York.

The Camden students are Miss May Marchant, 422 Linden Street, teacher at Woodrow Wilson Junior High School, Bachelor of Science degree in School of Education, Bella Polivnick, 1449 Ormond Avenue, teacher in Camden High School, Bachelor of Science degree in School of Education, and Charles E. Hutchinson, 1353 Park Boulevard, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering.

1449 Ormond Avenue

Bella Polivnick
Clara Polivnick

Camden Courier-Post
June 8, 1933


  1453 Ormond Avenue

Charles Foulon

  1470 Ormond Avenue

Peter S. Gulch & Family
Peter S. & Helen Gulch
John Gulch
Helen Gulch

2003-2009 Abandoned 

  1475 Ormond Avenue

Charles R. Nowrey & Family
Charles R. & Eva E. Nowrey

Robert C. Welch
Camden Fire Department

  1498 Ormond Avenue


Intersection of Euclid Avenue & Ormond Avenue

1500 Block of Ormond Avenue
1526-1598 Ormond Avenue
All built after 1947
  1500 Ormond Avenue

Cooper C. Chew
Cooper C. & Nellie Chew

  1526 Ormond Avenue

1546 Ormond Avenue

William Warren

Camden Courier-Post
March 4, 1961

Clarence Hawkins
Howard Ways
Daniel F. Jiannetto
Albert Harkless
Walnut Street

1554 Ormond Avenue

George Dixon Jr.
Camden Fire Department

  1598 Ormond Avenue

1969 George V. Murry

Intersection of Vesper Boulevard & Ormond Avenue