Camden, NJ


NORRIS STREET runs south from 1272 Mechanic Street to Sayrs Avenue, lying between Louis Street and Haddon Avenue. 

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 Phil Cohen

 Intersection of Mechanic Street & Norris Street 

Wesley Clark
standing in front of 1405 Norris Street

Mechanic Street and the corner store
1401 Norris Street
are in the background

Intersection of Norris Street & Mechanic Street as seen looking North from Atlantic Avenue
March 19, 2012

 1400 Block of Norris Street

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 1400 Norris Street


 1401 Norris Street

Simon & Rebecca Sosenko
Anna Sosenko
Jay Jerome Sosenko aka Jay Jerome

Herman & Helen Lisker


 1402 Norris Street


 1403 Norris Street

Carl & Edna Spatz


 1403 Norris Street

Joseph & May Schuler Family
Gladys Schuler
Anna Schuler

 1405 Norris Street


Little Gladys Schuler and admirer in front of 1405 Norris Street. Note the curved iron rails on the porch. These rails extended down the block

1405 Norris Street

Anthony Romano & Family
Anthony & Josephine Romano
Mary Romano

The  Romano family resided at 1405 Norris Street from 1947 to 1954.  The photo was taken in 1952  of little Mary Ann on a pony.

My Uncle Bert Romano owned the Haddon Esso Gas Station on Haddon Avenue for many, many years. My Dad, Anthony, was a mechanic at the station.

Mary Romano
May 2009

1405 Norris Street

Anthony Romano & Family
Anthony & Josephine Romano
Mary Romano

Halloween 1951

Mary Ann Romano Olt
March 22, 2014


 1405 Norris Street

Frank C. Adams Jr. & Family

 1405 Norris Street

Frank C. Adams Jr. & Family

Young Frank Adams, 1956


 1406 Norris Street



 1407 Norris Street

Mrs. Mary Clark & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley & Ann Clark
Clement Clark
Walter Clark


 1409 Norris Street


 1411 Norris Street


 1413 Norris Street


The funeral of Leonard Mislich, 49, shipyard worker who died Monday from injuries suffered when struck by an automobile, will be held at his home, 1415 Norris Street, tomorrow at 8 a. m. High requiem mass will be celebrated in Sacred Heart Church at 9.15 a. m. Mr. Mislich, who was employed by the New York Shipbuilding Corp., is survived by his widow, Amelia, and four children, Mrs. Mary Hughes, Mrs., Josephine Sherlock, Charles Mislich and Harold I. Mislich, all of Camden.

 1415 Norris Street

1937-1938 Leonard Mislich

Camden Courier-Post
February 2, 1938

 1415 Norris Street

1937-1938 Leonard Mislich

Camden Courier-Post
February 21, 1938

Gene R. Mariano
Ralph Bantivoglio
Norris Street
Charles R. McKissick
Charles Wells
George S. Bennett
Robert McGough
South 10th Street


 1417 Norris Street


 1417 Norris Street


 1419 Norris Street


 1421 Norris Street


 1423 Norris Street


 1425 Norris Street


 1427 Norris Street


 1443 Norris Street


 1445 Norris Street

 1449 Norris Street

Photograph Taken March 19, 2012

1449 Norris Street

Photograph Taken March 19, 2012


1449 Norris Street

Photograph Taken March 19, 2012

1449 Norris Street

Joseph Putek

Camden Courier-Post
October 24, 1935

 Intersection of Atlantic Avenue & Norris Street 



Intersection of Atlantic Avenue &  Norris Street as seen looking North from Lansdowne Avenue
March 19, 2012

 Intersection of Lansdowne Avenue & Norris Street 

July 14, 2010

The intersection is flooded
during a thunderstorm

Photo by Dave Hernandez

Norris Street as seen looking North from Lansdowne Avenue - March 19, 2012

 Intersection of Whitman Avenue & Norris Street 



 Intersection of Everett Street & Norris Street 



Stanley Rykaczewski


My family has a history in Camden as my grandparents had a grocery store at 1501 Norris Street , my parents had a home on Dayton Street , as well as all my older siblings (5) grew up there.  The photo is of my grandfather:  Stanley Rykaczewski  behind the counter (his wife Martha is not shown).  Sometimes people called him “Mr. Reagan” per my mother. Three of his five children are shown in the photo:  Florence , Vicky and Stanley (Joseph and Martha are not in the photo).

Joani Gibbs
June 2010

 1500 Block of Norris Street 


 1500 Norris Street

 1501 Norris Street

Stanley Rykaczewski
Stanley's Grocery

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Camden Courier-Post
February 9, 1933



Judge Samuel M. Shay yesterday sentenced Spencer Murray, 52, colored, of 1181 Sycamore Street, to 80 days in the county jail after finding him guilty of receiving stolen goods. Murray is alleged to have sold $2000 worth of copper template  stolen April 1 from the Camden Pottery Company, Mt. Vernon and Orchard Streets, to a Philadelphia junk dealer. He received about $3.25 for it, he said, atter buying it for $2.95 from Paul K. Obylinski, 16, of 1506 Norris Street, and Edward Wisniewski, 17, of 1359 Jackson Street. The two youths were convicted recently of the theft. 

1506 Norris Street

1933 Paul K. Obylinski

Camden Courier-Post
June 20, 1933


Charged with loitering with intent to steal three Liberty Park youths will be given hearings in police court today. 

They are John Milena, 20, of 1244 Whitman avenue; John Malik, 15, of 1295 Everett street, and Edward Bukowski, 17, of 1507 Norris street. They were arrested by Detective George Zeitz.

Prior to their arrest 900 cigars were stolen from the parked automobile of Edward Spiegel, 1500 Bradley Avenue. Zeitz said the youths were near the car.

 1507 Norris Street

Edward Bukowski

Camden Courier-Post
August 9, 1933

 1521 Norris Street

William Oswill

Philadelphia Inquirer
January 6, 1916

Charles Whaland


 1527 Norris Street

1942-1947 Leon's Grocery
Leon & Rose Polniak
Ludwig Polniak


 1537 Norris Street

 Intersection of Thurman Street & Norris Street 



 Intersection of Morton Street & Norris Street 

1299 Morton Street

Northwest Corner
of Morton
Norris Streets

February 22, 2004

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Formerly Nicholson's Cafe, the Morton Cafe, and  Buck's Lounge


 1500 Block of Norris Street 


 1550 Norris Street


 1551 Norris Street

Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Barbalace & Family
Dominick Barbablce
Sebastian Barbalace
Pasquale Barbalace
Lucy Barbalace

1554 Norris Street

Amadeo "John" Laudadio & Family
Amadeo & Anna Ferranto Laudadio

Camden Courier-Post
July 21,1969

1555 Norris Street

Eleanora Stolinski

Czeslaw Mikolojozak

Philadelphia Inquirer
November 11, 1914

Victor S. King
Newton B.T. Roney

Arthur J. Podmore

Kaighns Point Land Association

1558 Norris Street

Private Joseph A. Matyasik

 1563 Norris Street

Private Frank Owsianka


 1563 Norris Street

Joseph J. Owsianka

1564 Norris Street

Luigi Settimi & Family
Luigi & Rosa DeStefano Settimi
Caesar Settimi
Harry Settimi
Roberto Settimi 
Vittorio Settimi
Domenica Settimi
Antonietta Settimi

Camden Courier-Post
June 13, 1967


1572 Norris Street

Edward Luckiewicz & Family
Edward & Stella Luckiewicz
Edward T. Luckiewicz
Thaddeus J. Luckiewicz
Robert J. Luckiewicz

Camden Courier-Post
April 23, 1968


 1576 Norris Street

 Intersection of Chase Street & Norris Street 



 1500 Block of Norris Street 


 1578 Norris Street


 1586 Norris Street

 Intersection of Jackson Street & Norris Street 



 1600 Block of Norris Street 

 1600 Norris Street

Leonard J. Drozd


 1601 Norris Street

1933 Oresto Fidele


Arrested on a federal charge of transporting and possession of beer, John Grost, 39, of 1603 Norris Street, was committed to jail without bail for a hearing before U. S. Commissioner Wynn Armstrong today.

The truck driven by Grost was stopped at Collings Road and the Black Horse pike by police, who found three half barrels of beer. In the machine with Grost was Bruno Skalowski, 16, of 1057 Everett Street, who was held as a material witness.

When the pair were locked up, Grost told Jailer Harry Stahl that "someone drove alongside of his truck and put the barrels in there." 

1603 Norris Street

1931 John Grost

Camden Courier-Post
October 21, 1931

 1607 Norris Street

Louis Pilarz & Family
Louis & Hazel Pilarz
Hazel PIlarz Coward
Raymond Campanell

Camden Courier-Post
July 25, 1960

1610 Norris Street

William J. Merrigan
& Family
William & Florence Merrigan
William J. Merrigan Jr.
Kenneth Merrigan

  1619 Norris Street

1933 Edward Parker

Markowski, Implicated in Connecticut Case,
Found at Sister's House

Edward Markowski, 21, of 1240 Whitman avenue, was arrested yesterday when a squad of city detectives visited a house at 1619 Norris street. Markowski is being held incommunicado at police headquarters.

Detectives said that Markowski was arrested on a warrant issued by State Police of Connecticut and that he is wanted in that state for participating in a holdup of a gambling house on Jan. 18 last. LeRoy Jenkins, 27, formerly of Camden, was captured when the holdup victims beat him severely and threw him into the street. Police said that Jenkins implicated Markowski as his pal during the holdup.

Ten days ago State Trooper D. Nelson, of Connecticut, came to Camden with a warrant for Markowski's arrest. Since that time Camden police have been searching for him. They received a tip that he would be at the home of a sister at the Norris street address and early in the morning visited the house and arrested him. Police said that when Markowski was arrested he vigorously denied his guilt and stated that he would fight extradition to Connecticut.


1240 Whitman Avenue

1938 Edward Markowski

Camden Courier-Post
February 11, 1938

 1627 Norris Street

Ginger's Cafe

 Intersection of Sheridan Street & Norris Street 

Stanley J. Wdzieczkowski was operating the bar at 1627 Norris Street as early as June of 1939, when his liquor license was renewed, as reported in the Camden Courier-Post. The bar is listed in the 1940 under the name of John S.  Wdzieczkowski, and in the 1943 and 1947 directories under Stanley J. Wdieczkowski. In 1947 the name Ginger's Tavern was also applied. New Jersey Bell Telephone Directories  from 1954 through 1982 show the name as Ginger's Cafe. Stanley J. Wdzieczkowski was lsited as the proprietors as late as 1964. It is unclear as of this writing how long the Wdzieczkowski family was still involved in the bar after that. 

In 1985 the bar is listed in the New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory as the Deja Vu Cafe. It remained opened under this name into the early 1990s. Since then it has been opened intermittently under various names and managements.

1627 Norris Street

Northwest Corner
of Sheridan
Norris Streets

February 22, 2004

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 1600 Block of Norris Street 


 1651 Norris Street


 1667 Norris Street

1938 Michael Dandrea


 1677 Norris Street

 Intersection of Van Hook Street & Norris Street 



 Intersection of Decatur Street & Norris Street 



 1700 Block of Norris Street 


 1704 Norris Street

In Memoriam

KANE—In loving memory of a dear husband and father, Wilson Kane, who passed away February 17, 1937, 

How we miss you words cannot tell.
As husband and father you've done well.
And through Him who doeth all things well,
We will meet again.

Sadly missed by Wife and Family.

 1766 Norris Street

Wilson Kane

Camden Courier-Post
February 17, 1938


 1767 Norris Street

Lottie Schultz

First due Collingswood Engine and Battalion 3's aide are seen stretching the first line as fire vents out the first floor of a vacant dwelling at 1773 Norris Street on October 30, 1996.


1773 Norris Street

Mischief Night, 1996

At 8:33 p.m. a call was received for a dwelling fire at 1773 Norris Street in the South Camden section of the city. In this area most of the homes are two story brick rows. Camden City Fire Marshal Herb Leary (FM 1) was the first to arrive, he reported heavy fire coming from a two story dwelling in the middle of a row of ten occupied dwellings. The first arriving Company was Engine Company 108, Collingswood, NJ. They were immediately ordered to use a 2 1/2 inch attack line to make the initial knockdown. And within 5 minutes the heavy fire was completely darkened down as other arriving units came to their assistance. The fire was confined to the one vacant dwelling. Occupied homes on both sides received smoke damage but another job well done.

 1778 Norris Street

Nicholas Pavlak


 1782 Norris Street


 1783 Norris Street

Frank Kasper & Family
Frank & Mary Kasper

 1783 Norris Street

Joseph Dyro & Family
Joseph & Sophie Dyro
Marie Dyro
Josephine Dyrom Armstrong
Edith Dyro Pohl

Camden Courier-Post
January 8, 1958

Polish American Citizens Club

 Intersection of Dayton Street & Norris Street 



 Intersection of Browning Street & Norris Street 



 Intersection of Sayrs Avenue & Norris Street