Camden, NJ

Nelson Street
Nelson Court

NELSON STREET, which also was known as Nelson Court ran one block from Boyer Street south to 131 Kaighn Avenue, between Front and South Second Streets. The street does not appear in the 1885 Sanborn Map of Camden. It does appear in the 1891 Sanborn Map, but at that time was known as Knight Street, with a few houses in place. By 1906 the 1100 Block of Knight Street had been renamed. It appears in the 1906 Sanborn Map as Nelson Court.

A few homes remained on Nelson Street as late as 1961. In February of that year, Nelson Street was "erased" as part of a redevelopment plan. The Kaplan & Zubrin pickle factory erected a new building on what was Nelson Court.

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 Phil Cohen

Nelson Street - 1946 Map of Camden

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Sanborn Map
North Side of Kaighn Avenue
South 2nd Street

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Camden Courier-Post
September 19, 1932

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1100 Block of Nelson Street
  1115 Nelson Street

William Smalls & Family
William & Elizabeth Smalls

1947 Mrs. Anna Otterson

  1117 Nelson Street

Lansing Cowley & Family
Lansing & Martha Cowley

1947 Mrs. Mary Dobovich

  1119 Nelson Street

William Morgan & Family
William & Margaret Morgan

1947 Andrew H. Cooney

  1121 Nelson Street

Harry Anders & Family
Harry & Lilly Anders

1947 William M. McHale

  1123 Nelson Street

Marcy Archer
rooming house

Gone by 1947

  1125 Nelson Street

Jennie Clark
Francis & Bertha Hamilton

Gone by 1947

  1127 Nelson Street

A garage was here in April 1930

1131 Nelson Street

James O'Neil & Family
James & Tillie O'Neil

Camden Courier-Post
April 5, 1928

  1131 Nelson Street

1947 George Bacon

  1133 Nelson Street

Adam Howell & Family
Adam & Catherine Howell

In the 1100 block of Nelson Street, Number 1133 was occupied by the Austin Burke. Austin Burke's father-in-law, George Bacon, lived at 1131.

There were about five garages behind the houses on Nelson Street. (1131 to 1137). Access to the garages was past the driveway adjacent to 1131. Grandpop Bacon and wife at 1131 had a huge fence and gate controlling access to garages. We used to climb the fence and play on the garage roofs much to the dismay of Grandmom and Pop Bacon. It was a status symbol to be able to climb to the roof then jump off to the ground below without injury. Little guys like I had to "hang and drop", thus never quite making the grade... 

"Burkie" (no one called him "Austin") and wife Minerva had at least 3 children, Betty, Myles (in So. Jersey), and Patricia.  Burkie was a notable no windmill fast-pitch softball pitcher of the 40's-50's.  I believe he played for Camden Cold Storage, Kroeker's Café, and possibly the Camden Coke Plant. The games were played on a big lot at Front and Chestnut, out front
of the Coke Plant.

John Block
May 2009

1133 Nelson Street

1947-1950s Austin Burke

Nelson Street

Frank & Rose Dabundo

Edward Cooney

  1136 Nelson Street

1947 Mrs. Gertha Harris

1137 Nelson Street

 Marco Yocko & Family
Marco & Viola Davis Yocko
George J. Yocko

Camden Courier-Post
July 30, 1955

William R. WIlkie
Princess Avenue

  1138 Nelson Street

Osie Garrett & Family
Osie & Lula Garrett

1138 Nelson Street

August H. Robinson & Family
August H. & Gertrude Robinson
Mildred Robinson
Gertrude Robinson
Bertha Robinson
Earl C. Robinson
Dorothy Robinson
Stella May Robinson

Eavenson & Levering

Trenton Evening Times
March 16, 1947

Nelson Street - 1930 Census
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Camden Courier-Post * February 23, 1961
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