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MEMORIAL AVENUE was laid out in the late 1920s, and completed around 1931. It served to connect Cramer Hill and much of South Camden to the Admiral Wilson Boulevard, and the recently built Sears- Roebuck building. Memorial Avenue starts near the end of Princess Avenue and connects to what was then called Starr Avenue but in recent times is referred to as part of Mickle Street, near the "Camden Connection" overpass that crosses the Admiral Wilson Boulevard and connects South and Center City Camden to East Camden and Cramer Hill

No one ever lived on Memorial Avenue, but the original Camden Convention Hall, which burned down in 1953, was located on it, and the Corporate Offices of the Campbell's Soup Company have been there since the 1960s. 

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 Phil Cohen

Memorial Avenue

MEMORIAL AVENUE, photographed while under construction, is shown on the left. Running from Princess Avenue to Starr Avenue, the modern highway was cut through an inaccessible stretch to become a much-traveled link connecting the Admiral Wilson Boulevard with the central section of the city.

Below, the completed highway. The Sears-Roebuck building can be seen in the background. Line Street is feeding in to memorial from the left. The yard in left foreground was in front of Camden Convention Hall; white wall in lower right belonged to Mechling Brothers chemical factory.

Memorial Avenue

Aerial view of Memorial Avenue, taken in 1967. 

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Memorial Avenue

Aerial view of Memorial Avenue, taken in the mid-1932. Camden Convention Hall is at bottom of page, Mechling Brothers' factory is across Memorial Avenue, Parkside, Forest Hill Park, Camden High School, Farnham Park, and Central Airport are also visible.   

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