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MAIN STREET is a diagonal street that runs southeast from the intersection of State Street and Point Street in North Camden. It first appears in the Camden City Directory in 1878, at that time beginning at the entrance of the Vine Street Ferry. Main Street is a VERY wide street, its width necessitated by the railroad tracks that ran from the waterfront, originally belonging to the Camden & Amboy Railroad. Prior to the construction of the Ben Fra

nklin Bridge, these railroad tracks ran up Main Street, intersecting and crossing the railroad tracks that lead to the Pavonia Yard, and traveling on to the rail line to points south in New Jersey. These tracks now carries the PATCO High Speed Line. Main Street in the 1880s ran all the way to 11th Street. From the 1920s through the 1960s Main Street reached Penn Street between 7th and 8th Streets in these days.

After the construction of the bridge and the establishment of the Bridge Plaza, Main Street terminated in the 600 block. The rail line continued to 7th Street, where a large coal yard operated for many years by the R. McAllister Company was located. By 1952 the tracks had been covered over at 7th and Linden Street. On 7th Street between Penn and Linden stood the triangular Bridge Plaza Parking Garage, which had housed the Edstan Ford automobile Dealership in the 1930s. The rear of this building faced Main Street south of Linden. Photographs indicate however, that due to railroad tracks that still existed as late the 1950s, that Main Street was closed to automobile traffic here. No buildings had addresses on Main Street east of 6th Street by 1947.

By the late 1970s the railroad tracks were long gone, as were the port facility and most of the industries in North Camden that they supported. Only a few houses, mostly in the 100 and 200 blocks remain.

Notable Main Street residents over the years included journalist Daniel P. "Dan" McConnell, and his father, also named Dan, Daniel D. McConnell, who was a noted boxer in South Jersey in the 1890s and early 1900s. The Oberman family ran a bar at 505 Main Street from the 1900s through the 1940s, a bar operated here as early as 1887 through the mid-1960s. One of the Oberman sons, Frank A. Oberman, had a long and distinguished career as a member of the Camden Fire Department, having reached the rank of Captain by the late 1940s. A hardware store operated at 132 Main Street for well over 50 years. 323 Main housed a stable as early as the 1880s, and when the automobile came to Camden, the building became a garage. 

For many years at 201 Vine Street, the intersection of Vine, Second and Main Streets stood Daly's Tavern, founded by John F. Daly and run by his family into the 1970s. The North Camden Theater, which is still standing, was next door at 203-205 Vine. The Mancine family ran a bar from the 1930s until it burned down in the 1970s on the southwest corner of North 3rd and Main streets. The family still has a liquor store on the same block, at North 3rd and Elm Streets.        

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 Phil Cohen

Main Street and Point Street

The Camden Casket Company, formerly the Weidenhammer Bottling Works, is visible in upper right hand corner of this picture

Looking Northwest
on the

100 Block
Main Street

Kelly's Bar
State Street
at rear

Photo Courtesy Of
Floyd Miller

100 Block of Main Street
  115 Main Street

Four persons, including a former Camden boxer, were among victims of dog bites recorded over the weekend. 
George Delker, 54, of 29 South Forty-second Street, the former boxer was attacked at Pennsville while romping on the beach with a pet spaniel. Delker was treated by a physician for lacerations of the left foot.

At Cooper Hospital three persons received treatment. They are Jonas Cooper, 24, of 1163 Lawrence Street; bit on left arm; Lawrence Repetto, 2, of 117 Main Street, bit on leg, and a physician John Garrity, 17, of 205 Byron Street, bit on leg. 

117 Main Street
  123 Main Street

125 Main Street

Daniel D. McConnell & Family
Boxer - Oyster Restaurant
Daniel D. & Teresa McConnell
Daniel P. "Dan" McConnell
May McConnell
Henry F. "Harry" McConnell

Bertha McConnell

William "Billy" Dieffendorff
Oyster Restaurant


125 Main Street

Daniel P. "Dan" McConnell

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125 & 127 Main Street

1935 to 1947
Harry Wieland

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  125 Main Street

Joey & Lolly Knox 

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125 Main Street
Mabel Knox Toner

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125 & 127 Main Street

June 6, 2004

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  129 Main Street

Thomas Homan

  130 Main Street

Walter Banks Family
Walter & Alice Banks

William R. Harring Sr. & Family
William R. & Ida May Banks Harring
Quentin Harring
WIlliam R. Harring Jr..

  131 Main Street



132 Main Street

Paxson Hardware

Charles Gillingham Paxson & Family
Charles G. & Zoe L. Smythe Paxson
Ethel V. Paxson
Charles E. Paxson
Rebecca G Paxson
Victor J. Paxson
Marguerite Paxson
Sarah E. Paxson

Left: Victor J. & Charles G. Paxson







Left. Charles G. Paxson



Photograph circa 1914

132 Main Street

Crossley Hardware Company

1955 New Jersey Bell Telephone
Yellow Pages Ad

132 Main Street
as seen from in front of 125 Main Street
Mabel Knox Toner and Nipper in picture

to the left:
Herman's Soda Fountain
at 623 North 2nd
to the right:
128 Vine Street

Victor J. Paxson Hardware
Crossley Hardware Company
Richards Hardware Company

1940s- Looking Southeast on Main Street
at the intersection of North 2nd Street, Vine Street, and Main

Where a playground now stands at the "point" created by the intersection of Vine & Main Streets, James F. Walton traded as "Walton the Plumber" prior to his death in 1927. He was eventually succeeded by Taggart & Green, plumbers. At 208 Vine, the next building, with doors and signs on both sides, was the Chin Bock Suey  Chinese laundry. The photo dates from the early 1940s, when Taggart & Green's office served as Civil Defense station for Air Raid Wardens in the area.  Main Street is at right.

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200 Block of Main Street
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201 Main Street

Camden City Directory Advertisement
James F. Walton

201 Main Street

Camden City Directory Advertisement
James F. Walton

201 Main Street

Camden City Directory Advertisement

208 Main Street

Mrs. Sadie Hiers

Camden Courier-Post
February 8, 1959

210 Main Street

Charles B. "Barney" Harvey

210 Main Street
Sergeant John J. Smith Jr.
212 Main Street

Charles B. "Barney" Harvey


212 Main Street
  214 Main Street
216 Main Street

William H. Leash & Family
William & Anna Duncan Leash
Clarence Leash
William Leash
Grace Leash
Theresa Leash
Myrtle Leash White

Camden Courier-Post
August 29, 1935


  218 Main Street
  220 Main Street
  222 Main Street
224 Main Street

Charles B. "Barney" Harvey

224 Main Street

1917 James Murphy

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 30, 1917

226 Main Street

Photograph Taken November 4, 2011

226 Main Street

Charles B. "Barney" Harvey

My Grandparents Raffaele & Anna Roggi pur- chased 228 Main Street in 1920 & lived there until my Grandmother died in 1950. The tree it the pic- ture in front of 228 on your site was planted by my Grandfather. It's no longer there. 

They also purchased sometime in the the early 30's 228 Main Street & when my parents got mar- ried in 1935, purchased it from my Grandparents. When my Grandmother died 228 was turned over to my parents, Joseph & Mary Gellura. Our family continued to live there until my Brother Joe sold 226, 228 232 & 234 Main Street in June 1994. 

My Brother Joe also purchased in around 1980, 224, 222, 220 1/2, 220, 218, 216 & 214 Main Street, built the garage on the grounds of 224 and 222, and made the rest a beautiful garden.  

Ralph Gellura
March 31, 2019 

226 Main Street

Joseph Gellura & Family
Joseph & Mary Gellura
Joseph Gellura
Ralph Gellura


228 Main Street

John W. Plum

  228 Main Street

Raffaele Roggi & Family
Raffaele & Anna Roggi
Frank Roggi
Mary Roggi
John Roggi

228 Main Street

Frank W. Vlerebome Family
Frank & Helen Vlerebome

1976-1977 Phil Cohen

Photograph Taken November 4, 2011

228 & 230 Main Street

Photograph Taken November 4, 2011

230 Main Street

Photograph Taken November 4, 2011

230 Main Street

Charles B. "Barney" Harvey

230 Main Street

William Harry DeFord

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 30, 1894

230 Main Street

Joseph Cunningham & Family
Joseph & Eleanor Cunningham
Eleanor Cunnigham

Philadelphia Inquirer
May 24, 1895

230 Main Street

Abigail DeFord

Philadelphia Inquirer
June 4, 1895

230 Main Street was occupied by Paul & Helen Mumman with their son Paul, from 1949 till Paul's Sr death in 1995. - Ralph Gellura

230 Main Street

Paul Mumman Sr. & Family
Paul & Helen Mumman
Paul Mumman Jr.

232 Main Street

Photograph Taken November 4, 2011

232 Main Street

Edward E. Peraria Sr. & Family
Edward E. & Frances Peraria
Edward E. Peraria Jr.
Frances Peraria

232 & 234 Main Street

Photograph Taken November 4, 2011

234 Main Street

Photograph Taken November 4, 2011

1887 Hugh Scroggy

Looking Southwest from the corner of 3rd & Vine in the aftermath of the Cyclone of April 1912 
From Left: 607 and 609 North 3rd Street; 234, 232, 230, 228, 226 Main Street

Pictures from the  Cyclone of 1912
 Tornados struck Camden in 1885 and 1912.
The term "cyclone" was commonly used top refer to tornados in those times.

1925 - Looking Northwest on Main Street
at the intersection of North 2nd Street, Vine Street, and Main

300 Block of Main Street
301 Main Street
Samuel D. Payne
306 Main Street
1906 Robert J. Wythe
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  323 Main Street
Benjamin F. Sweeten
E. Roberts & Brother Livery Stable
North Camden Livery Stables
Edward Roberts
323 Main Street

Hoddell Garage
William F. Hoddell

  323 Main Street

Main Garage

  325 Main Street

Main Street
Point Street and 5th Street

The railroad yard that serviced Main Street, and the grounds of the old Vine Street Ferry Terminal, which had stopped running in 1926m are visible in this picture. The North Camden Theater at North 2nd and Vine Streets, and Mancine's Tavern at 3rd and Main Street, can be easily seen. 

1875 - 520 North 4thStreet
at the southeast corner of North 4th Street and Main
The home and business of Charles L. & Richard Reeves

400 Block of Main Street
  418 Main Street
Carl E. Trebing Sr.
420 Main Street

Alfred A. Holt & Family
publisher, Camden Echo

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 23, 1909

  422 Main Street

422 Main Street

Franklin Pierce Alloway & Family
Franklin P. & Sarah L. Alloway
Sarah L. Alloway - Eleanor J. Alloway
Florence M. Alloway - Franklin C. Alloway
William R. Alloway - Anna L. Alloway
Mary E. Alloway

Franklin Pierce Alloway and his wife, the former Sarah Lavinia Griffee resided at 645 Willard Street when their first child, my mother, was born on November 24, 1919. Her name was Sarah Lavinia Alloway. They resided at 815 Market Street when their second child, Eleanor Jennie Alloway, was born on December 10, 1921. They  lived at 718 Federal Street when their third child, Florence Mae was born on February 23, 1923. They next resided at 513 South 6th Street when their fourth child, Franklin Charles "Bud" Alloway was born on November 7, 1924. They lived at 608 Carmen Street when their fifth child, William Robert Alloway was born, December 31, 1926. The family had moved to 436 Benson Street, when their sixth child, Anna Louse Alloway came on August 5, 1928. When the seventh and last child, Mary Elizabeth was born on August 30, 1930, the family was living at 422 Main Street. The reason given for the continual moving was because of the increase in the family size requiring larger accommodations. 

Jim Powell, February 2013

The bottom photo was taken in the 1930s by oldest daughter Sarah L. Alloway. Her siblings Florence, Eleanor, Franklin, William, Anna and Mary Alloway and their uncle, Milton Alloway are pictured.

The Griffee & Alloway Family

  424 Main Street
430 Main Street

Carl E. Trebing Sr. & Family

  430 Main Street
Private George E. Trebing

1952 - Main Street Between 4th & 6th Streets

Automobile traffic on Main Street ended  in the 500 block. The railroad remained in use into the 1950s, servicing the R.M. McAllister coal yard in the 600 Block. Visible at the corner of 4th and Main is the building depicted above in the photo from 1875. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 14, 1887
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NOTE: "Mill Street" was Main Street. The Soap works was at 507-511 Main Street

Camden & Philadelphia Soap Works - Main Street - Isaac Lovett - Ladder Company 1
Mrs. Mary Vanneman - Birch Street - North 6th Street -  James Baird

500 Block of Main Street & Birch Street - 1891
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500 Block of Main Street
  505 Main Street

Joseph Zanner

John S.B. Candler

Thomas B. Sheppard


505 Main Street

A Saloon run by the following parties

William Oberman Sr. & Family
William & Tekla Obermann
William Obermann Jr.
Frank A. Oberman

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 15, 1905
February 16, 1905

505 Main Street
A Saloon run by the following parties

Main Cafe
(William Oberman's Estate)
Walter E. Gross

Main Street Cafe

Ann's Tavern
Frank Malek - William Micklin

Camden Courier-Post
August 19, 1957

Gone by 1966

  507 Main Street

B&H Trucking Company

  515 Main Street

Tru-Ade Bottling Company

  517 Main Street

Dominick Oleveto

1947 Pietro Appiccifuoco

  519 Main Street

The Ambassador Club

Stephen Kirby
Eugene Lorenzo

  519 Main Street

1947 No Return

  521 Main Street

Theodore Drown & Family
Theodore & Hannah Drown
Wilbur A. Drown

521 Main Street

Trego & Winters Roofing
Camden Courier-Post Ad
March 12, 1930




521 Main Street

Mrs. Grace Beutler & Family
Elmer Beutler
George Beutler Jr.
Grace Beutler
William L. Beutler
Joan Beutler

Camden Courier-Post
November 1943

  521 Main Street

1947 Trego Roofing
1947 William M. Lewis Real Estate
1947 Mrs. Grace Beutler

  538 Main Street

1947 Mrs. Emma M. Crafchok

  540 Main Street

1947 Louis Cranfrano

  542-544 Main Street

1933 D.W. Harris
1947 Camden Battery Service

519 Main Street
Camden Courier-Post * August 22, 1931




Stephen Kirby - Roy R. Stewart - Eugene Lorenzo - Garfield S. Pancoast
North 5th Street - Walter Smith - Alfred Shire - Edwin Mills - Gus Koerner
Bernard Dempsey - Sydney Wilkins - Robert Sweeney - Betty Doyle
Helen Wright - Albert Malmsbury - Frank Smith - Joseph A. Kirby
John C. Gibson - Main Street - Pearl Street - Bailey Street 
Borton Street - York Street - Dayton Street
Marlton Avenue - Haddon Avenue - Newton Avenue
South 7th Street - Cedar Street

600 Block of Main Street
R.M. McAllister
Coal Yard

By 1947 there was no motor vehicle traffic on this stretch of Main Street, and no addresses.

700 Block of Main Street
Bridge Plaza
Parking Garage

By 1947 there was no motor vehicle traffic on this stretch of Main Street, and no addresses. The railroad tracks had been covered over on Linden and Penn Streets, but still were in place, unused, along Main Street.



The Vine Street Ferry Terminal The Vine Street Ferry Terminal
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Operated for many years by the Pennsylvania Railroad, the Cooper's Point, or Vine Street Ferry operated between Camden and Philadelphia. The Ferry was able to remain profitable even with competition from three other ferries in Camden, but the opening of the Delaware River Bridge brought a quick end to the service. The last run of the ferry was made on October 31, 1926, only a few months after the opening of the then new bridge.

Charles S. Wolverton was the superintendent of the ferry for many years, retiring when it closed, His son, Charles A. Wolverton, represented Camden in the United States House of Representatives for 32 years