Camden, NJ


LOIS AVENUE lies for the most part in Camden's Cramer Hill section. The 1947 Camden City Directory states that Lois Avenue runs west from Howell Street to Lemuel Avenue, this would be on the East Camden side of the railroad yard. In Cramer Hill Lois Avenue runs from Cleveland Avenue west across Hayes Avenue, River Road, and Harrison Avenue until it ends at the Delaware River, one bloc east of North 3oth Street. Lois Avenue is named for Lois Cramer, youngest daughter of Alfred Cramer, the real estate developer responsible for the development of much of Cramer Hill and East Camden.

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 Phil Cohen

Intersection of Lemuel Avenue & Lois Avenue

H. Kohnstamm & Co. Inc
General Color Corporation

800 Block of Lois Avenue

815 Lois Avenue

Private First Class
Herman F. Kerk


815 Lois Avenue

1947 Martin M. Renner


817 Lois Avenue


819 Lois Avenue


823 Lois Avenue


829 Lois Avenue


834 Lois Avenue


835 Lois Avenue


838 Lois Avenue


841 Lois Avenue


847 Lois Avenue

850 Lois Avenue

Harry M. Leigh

856 Lois Avenue

Harry M. Leigh


857 Lois Avenue

1947 Karl Rieck


863 Lois Avenue


864 Lois Avenue

1940 Joseph H. O'Hara


873 Lois Avenue


875 Lois Avenue


876 Lois Avenue


Vincent P. McGrath, 21, ot 1375 Chesapeake road, and Esther E. Riker, 19, of 2909 East Octagon road
Roy Walliser, 29, of 46 Hillcrest avenue, Oaklyn, and Hazel Veatch. 22, of 876 Lois avenue

876 Lois Avenue

Hazel Veatch

Camden Courier-Post
February 18, 1938


885 Lois Avenue


Joseph Bittner, 28, of 892 Lois Avenue, yesterday decided to burn the old grass and weeds growing near his home.

So he obtained a can of gasoline, poured it upon the accumulated trash and weeds and pffffft.

He was treated at West Jersey Homeopathic Hospital for burns of the right hand and forearm.

892 Lois Avenue

1933 Joseph Bittner

Camden Courier-Post
June 4, 1933


892 Lois Avenue

Alfred J. Bittner


899 Lois Avenue

900 Block of Lois Avenue


902 Lois Avenue


905 Lois Avenue


907 Lois Avenue


912 Lois Avenue


913 Lois Avenue


914 Lois Avenue


916 Lois Avenue


917 Lois Avenue


918 Lois Avenue


919 Lois Avenue


920 Lois Avenue

931 Lois Avenue

Albert Behrens

Philadelphia Inquirer
November 2, 1906


936 Lois Avenue


941 Lois Avenue


944 Lois Avenue

1933 John H. Becker

  945 Lois Avenue

Intersection of Lois Avenue & River Road


1000 Block of Lois Avenue

1009 Lois Avenue

about 1928

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1020 Lois Avenue


1021 Lois Avenue

1024 Lois Avenue

Louis Aldi & Family
Louis Aldi

Camden Courier-Post
November 9, 1967


1027 Lois Avenue

1927 Allen Palmer

....... I grew up in Cramer Hill at 1027 Lois Avenue . I remember those good old days with fond memories.  How we would pretend as if we were not poor, just to find out latter that all the neighbors were doing the same.

        I no longer live in Camden (though proud of it).  The great education given me from “H. C. Sharp”, “Veterans Memorial” and “Camden County Vocational and Technical High School ”, was all I needed to become a successful citizen, with a family I can afford to give a better (easier) life to. But I will always have a question in my heart.  Can they ever know how hard it was to make a dollar as a kid, pulling a red wagon across the 2 7 th Street black iron bridge to Frank's Junk yard?  Yeah boy, ….. I spent that dollar very slowly!  Hahahahaaa

Steve Logeren
October 2005

1027 Lois Avenue

Steve Logeren & Family
Steve & Sophie Logeren

  1030 Lois Avenue
  1033 Lois Avenue
  1035 Lois Avenue
  1038 Lois Avenue
  1039 Lois Avenue

1041 Lois Avenue

George A. Fuscellaro
fire fighter

1044 Lois Avenue

1910s - Late 1930s
Anton & Barbara Blaha Family
Elmer C. Blaha
Herbert J. Blaha

1947 William A. Saunders

November 2007

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1044 Lois Avenue

November 2007

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1044 Lois Avenue

November 2007

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1044 Lois Avenue

November 2007

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1045 Lois Avenue

John McKay & Family
John & Rachel D. McKay
John E. McKay

  1045 Lois Avenue


  1047 Lois Avenue


  1051 Lois Avenue


  1052 Lois Avenue


  1053 Lois Avenue


  1059 Lois Avenue


1100 Block
of Lois Avenue

Cramer Hill, Camden NJ

July 10, 2004

As Seen From
Southeast Corner
Lois & Pierce Streets

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1100 Block of Lois Avenue

1102 Lois Avenue

Harry J. & Mary Mote Sr. Family

1102 Lois Avenue

Harry Jackson Mote Sr.
Mary Anna Wolff Mote

Cramer Hill
Camden NJ


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1102 Lois Avenue

Harry J. Mote Jr.

1102 Lois Avenue

circa 1955
George Wagner, Jim Hayes,
"Six-Gun Jim" Richardson.
Dave Mandruke in front.

Photo courtesy of Jim Hayes

1102 Lois Avenue

Photograph Taken July 10, 2004

1102 Lois Avenue

Photograph Taken July 10, 2004


1103 Lois Avenue

1947 Edward C. Fyler


1106 Lois Avenue

1947 D. Joseph Conner


1107 Lois Avenue

1947 Frank Wagner


1108 Lois Avenue

1947 Charles J. Klein


1110 Lois Avenue

George W. Collar & Family
George W. & Emma Collar


1113 Lois Avenue

1947 William Harlfinger


1114 Lois Avenue

1900-1924 Ferdinad Sorg & Family
Charles F. Sorg

Girl and Father Sue Shipbuilding Official and Driver of Auto

Damages of $60,000 are asked by a Camden girl and her father for injuries suffered by the girl when an automobile struck her.

In a suit filed in state Supreme Court by Samuel T. French, Camden attorney, Miss Doris Sauer, 17, of 1114 Lois Avenue, seeks $50,000 and her father, Frederick R., asks $10,000 for medical expenses and loss of his daughter's services. Defendants in the action are LeRoy Robinson, 427 Washington Avenue, Haddonfield, vice president of Mathis Shipbuilding Company, and Robert W. Saeger, 336 Cooper Street . Saeger, it is charged, drove the car owned by Robinson at the time of the accident.

Miss Sauer was one of a number of girls crossing Admiral Wilson Boulevard at Memorial avenue shortly before midnight January 12 last. One of the girls, Edith Gilbert, 16, of 216 Fillmore street, Riverside, later succumbed to her injuries.

French avers the car operated by Saeger was going north on the boulevard at the time of the accident. One machine, proceeding in the same direction, had stopped to let the girls se get across and as they neared the curb, it is alleged, Saeger drove his vehicle past the standing car on the right, knocking down several of the girls. 

Miss Sauer, according to the bill of complaint, suffered a compound fracture of the right leg and skull in addition to other body injuries. She was unconscious in the hospital for 10 days and during that time her life was despaired of, French charged. 

It is further alleged Saeger was operating his car at a high rte of speed and was negligent in failing to stop when he saw pedestrians crossing the boulevard. 

1114 Lois Avenue

1929-1936 Frederick Sauer
Doris Sauer
1947 Mrs. Marie A. Sauer

Camden Courier-Post
October 26, 1936

1114 Lois Avenue

Damaged By Fire
March 12, 2012

Photograph Taken March 13, 2012

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1115 Lois Avenue

1947 William C. Schnabel

1956 Raymond J. Reber

Camden Courier-Post
June 2, 1956


1116 Lois Avenue

1947 Harry Lex

1121 Lois Avenue

Raymond J. Reber & Family
Raymond J. & Marie K. Reber
Elizabeth Reber Cleary

Camden Courier-Post
May 17, 1941

1121 Lois Avenue

Raymond J. Reber & Family
Raymond J. & Marie K. Reber
Elizabeth Reber Cleary

Camden Courier-Post
August 20, 1951


1123 Lois Avenue

Permit to Build in 1924
1947 No Listing


1123 Lois Avenue

Permit to Build in 1924
1947 No Listing

1127 Lois Avenue

Built in 1924

1947 Wlliam H. Steele
2011-2012 Vacant

Photograph Taken March 13, 2012

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1130 Lois Avenue

1947 Fred R. Romano


1131 Lois Avenue

1947 George R. Fest


1137 Lois Avenue

1947 Raymond Getman


1138 Lois Avenue

1947 Mrs. Hannah A. Parker


1143 Lois Avenue

1947 Max Schoenfeld


1144 Lois Avenue

1947 Samuel Fabitore


1149 Lois Avenue

1947 Emil Schlichting


1150 Lois Avenue

1947 Nelson C. Jones


1154 Lois Avenue

Bill and Betty Flemming

1155 Lois Avenue

James Young & Family
James & Florence Young
Marjorie Young
James J. Young 


1158 Lois Avenue

1947 Harry Cholister


1161 Lois Avenue

1947 Fred J. Loeble
Walter and Evelyn Baker Jr.


1164 Lois Avenue

1947 William Brandhurt