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HALLOWELL LANE runs south from Sheridan Street to Ferry Avenue. While no buildings or businesses have ever carried a Hallowell Lane address, a number of prominent Camden sites are and in on case have been on Hallowell Lane. These would be the old Camden Municipal Hospital for Infectious Diseases, New Camden Cemetery, and the sadly misnamed Whitman Park, formerly the home of the Morgan Village Little League baseball league, misnamed because there already was and is a Whitman Park that actually is in the Whitman Park neighborhood. Two Garden Apartment complexes also sit on Hallowell Lane, the Beacon Place Apartments at the north end and the Tamarack Apartments, which originally were known as the Ferry Station Apartments, at the south end. While there are some residences which open up on Hallowell Lane, all units in both complexes use building letters and apartment numbers for addresses, thus, no street addresses exist for Hallowell Lane.

Hallowell Lane takes its name from the brickyard owned and operated by Charles H. Hallowell, a brick manufacturer from Philadelphia, which was located on Mount Ephraim Avenue opposite Evergreen cemetery beginning in the 1880s. This firm was still in business at that location as late as 1900, but was gone by 1906. Hallowell Lane, which runs north from Ferry Avenue along the eastern edge of New Camden Cemetery, received its name from this business, and City Directories from the 1880s and 1890s indicate that the cemetery occupies land originally used as the Hallowell's brickyard. 

Charles H. Hallowell's son Harry L. Hallowell ran the business and was active in politics in the Camden's old Eighth Ward. His son John Hallowell had a long career with the Camden Police Department, and his son Harry Lynch Hallowell served with the Camden Fire Department at Engine Company 10 from its founding until his untimely death due to a heart attack on December 20, 1924.

On October 8, 2013 there was a fir is a basement apartment fronting on Hallowell Lane in the Tamarack Aprtments. Photos from that fire can be seen here.

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1955 - Camden Municipal Hospital
South Jersey Medical Research Foundation
Laboratory (foreground)

Intersection of Hallowell Lane & Sheridan Street



Intersection of Hallowell Lane & Van Hook Street



Intersection of Hallowell Lane & Decatur Street



Intersection of Hallowell Lane & Dayton Street



Intersection of Hallowell Lane & Browning Street



Intersection of Hallowell Lane & Sayrs Avenue



Intersection of Hallowell Lane & Ferry Avenue