Camden, NJ


EDMUNDS STREET, which still exists but today appears on no maps, ran as an alley with no homes fronting on it from Blaine Street south to Clinton Street, then picked up about 50 feet west on Clinton Street and runs south for one block to Royden Street. Edmunds Street appear in Camden City Directories in 1887. By 1891 fourteen homes were built on Edmunds Street, which appears on that year's Sanborn Map as Edwin Street. Five of these homes were still standing in 1947, none, had listed phone numbers in 1969. Today Edmunds Street runs from Blaine Street to New Street, where it is interrupted by The Cooper Building condominium apartments, then resumes midway between New Street and Berkley Street and continues to Clinton Street. The last section of Edmunds Street, from Clinton Street to Royden Streets, was erased in the late 1990s or early 2000s in order to build a public park, which unfortunately for a time shortly after construction became a hangout for local drug dealers.

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 Phil Cohen

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1891 Sanborn Map

1906 Sanborn Map


Edmunds Street Satellite Image - 2016

Intersection of Blaine Street and Edmunds Street

Intersection of New Street and Edmunds Street

Intersection of Berkley Street and Edmunds Street

Intersection of Clinton Street and Edmunds Street

500 block of Edmunds Street
510 Edmunds Street

Frank Clark Sr. & Family
Frank & Mabel Clark
Frank Clark Jr.
George W. Clark
Dorothy Clark

Left: Mabel Clark, at wheel,
with her friend, Mrs. Jennie Chew

Photo taken about 1910

  510 Edmunds Street

1947 Gone

511 Edmunds Street

1917 Isaac Gilbert

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 3, 1917

William J. Kraft
Raymond King
Thomas E. Elder
Joseph R. Huyett








  511 Edmunds Street

1947 Edward F. Kraft

  512 Edmunds Street

1947 Gone

  513 Edmunds Street

1947 Gone

  514 Edmunds Street

Albert T. Dudley & Family
Albert T & Ethel Dudley

1947 Vacant

1956 Mrs. A. Kelly

514 Edmunds Street

Mrs. A. Kelly & Family
Charles Kelly

Camden Courier-Post
August 3, 1959

Leroy Snyder
Esther Edmonds
Penn Street
Carteret Street


515 Edmunds Street

James Eastlack & Family
James & Bella Eastlack
Emma R. Eastlack

515 Edmunds Street

James Eastlack & Family
James & Bella Eastlack
Emma R. Eastlack

Undetermined Camden Newspaper
September 1, 1911 

  515 Edmunds Street

1947 Gone

516 Edmunds Street

Stephen L. Thomas & Family
Stephen L. & Martha Thomas

My family lived at 516 Edmund Street, we moved to Glendora, NJ in 1955 when I was 12 yrs old. 516 Edmund was the section between Clinton Street and Royden Street, which is a park today. 516 was a two-story rowhome with a coal heater. It was sandwiched by 2 other rowhomes, one owned by a Mrs. Kelly, on the other side was my great-aunt Gertrude Jaricki (nee Gushue). I may not be spelling Jericki correctly.

Bill Skanes
December 25, 2016

516 Edmunds Street

James Leo Skanes & Family
James Leo & Frances Woodford Skanes
William "Bill" Skanes

  517 Edmunds Street

1947 Gone

  518 Edmunds Street

1947 Hartley C. Hancock
1955 Mrs. Gertrude Gushue 

  519 Edmunds Street

1947 Gone

  520 Edmunds Street

1947 Gone

  521 Edmunds Street

1947 Gone

  522 Edmunds Street

1947 Gone

  523 Edmunds Street

Owned by Zellie Ellis
as a Rental Property 1943-1944

1947 Mrs. Freda Callahan


Intersection of Royden Street and Edmunds Street