Camden, NJ


COX STREET ran west from 1119 South 2nd Street for about half a block until it came to a dead end, roughly opposite Sycamore Street. The street was not in existence when the 1885 Sanborn Map was compiled. In July of 1888 the Philadlephia Inquirer ran a story about developer James Cox building houses on Cox Street. Cox Street first appears in City Directories in 1890, and by 1891 14 homes had been built, seven on each side of the street. Cox Street was renamed Sycamore Street shortly before the 1923 City Directory was compiled.

The land bounded by Kaighn Avenue, Chestnut, South 2nd, and Front Streets was consolidated after World War II for industrial development. By 1963 only four homes were left on what had been Cox Street. Shortly afterwards, Cox Street, Stanley Street, Boyer Street, and Nelson Street were erased. 

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 Phil Cohen

1885 Sanborn Map

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Philadelphia Inquirer
June 7,1888

Joseph E. Roberts
Edward N. Cohn
Locust Street - Mechanic Street
Knight Street
Front Street - Chestnut Street
Kaighn Avenue - Stevens Street
Broadway - Benson Street
Viola Street - Cox Street
Berkley Street - Pleasant Street
North 27th (Cooper) Street 
Ss. Peter & Paul Catholic Church
Keystone Chemical Company
George Holl
James Cox
Frank Shaw

1891 Sanborn Map

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1906 Sanborn Map

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Cox Street aka Sycamore Street
1946 Map of Camden

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Sanborn Map
North Side of Kaighn Avenue
South 2nd Street

Last Edited 1963

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100 Block of Cox Street Street
Renamed Sycamore Street around 1922
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  140 Cox Street

1890 Harry Shemeley

  141 Cox Street

1890 John Grant

  142 Cox Street

1890 William T. Clements

  143 Cox Street

1890 No Listing

  144 Cox Street

1890 George R. Hamilton

  145 Cox Street

1890 No Listing

145 Cox Street

Rocco Zizak & Family
Rocco & Pearl Zizak
Vince Zizak
Peter Zizak - Anthony Zizak
Mary Zizak - John Zizak - Michael Zizak

145 Cox Street

1893 Robert Milne

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 21, 1893

  146 Cox Street

1890 Charles Whitzell

  147 Cox Street

1890 Charles Sapp
1890 ELwood Sapp

  148 Cox Street

1890 Richard Ward
1890 William Ward

  149 Cox Street

1890 William J. Hanna

  150 Cox Street

1890 James Sample
1890 Francis Sample

  151 Cox Street

1890 Albert W. Crouch

  152 Cox Street

1890 No Listing

  153 Cox Street

1922 Thomas Talley

Intersection of Cox Street & South 2nd Street