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Clay Street

CLAY STREET, in Camden's 5th Ward, ran west from the 900 block of South 2nd Street to South Front Street. The street does not appear in the 1891 Sanborn Map, and has no listings in the 1887-1888, 1888-1889, or 1890-1891 City Directories. Its origins appear tied to the construction of the Public Service Corporation of New Jersey's gas plant on the east side of South 2nd Street between Cherry and Walnut Streets in the 1890s. A twin home of brick construction had been put up at 122 and 124 Clay Street by 1896. By 1906 Public Service has built a large storehouse and stables for its horses on the north side of Clay Street, and the S. Canning Childs grocery firm had a warehouse whose rear entrance was on the south side, at 116 Clay street. Contractor William H. Doherty had a large building at the rear of his property at 133 Walnut Street that had access to Clay Street.

It is quite probable that the houses on Clay Street were built at the same time as 121, 123, 125 and 127 Walnut Street, and that it was William H. Doherty who had them erected. William H. Doherty owned land in the 100 block of Walnut Street as early as 1890, and  made his home in that block of Walnut Street until he passed away in 1901.

Late in 1908 Clay Street became front page news when a resident was thought to have leprosy. No residences were recorded on City Street in City Directories after 1908, although newspaper articles indicate that there were residents there as late as 1912. 

No homes or business had addresses on Clay Street in the 1923 or later Camden City Directories.

Clay Street was officially extinguished by the City of Camden in October of 1974. All  physical traces of Clay Street are gone.

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 Clay Street - 1906 Sanborn Map
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100 Block of Clay Street

  116 Clay Street
122 Clay Street

Camden Daily Telegram
October 9, 1895

Real Estate Investment Company
W.A. Davis - Harry W. Boureau - George Zollers

Clay Street - Chambers Avenue
North 8th Street - Pearl Street
South 3rd Street - Senate Street
Chester Street - Federal Street
Bailey Street - Felton Street
North 5th Street - Willard Street 

  122 Clay Street

George Brady & Family
George & Henrietta Brady

1900 William Harding

  122 Clay Street

 1899 Jacob Harris
1899 Josephine Harris

  122 Clay Street

1900-1901 George Rocker 
1902 John Harris 
1903 John E. Harris 
1903 Evelina Harris
1906 Charles Johnson

  122 Clay Street

Prince Clark & Family
Charles Clark

124 Clay Street

Camden Daily Telegram
March 11, 1897

Real Estate Investment Company
W.A. Davis - Harry W. Boureau - George Zollers

Line Street - Arch Street
Berkley Street - Felton Street
York Street - Clay Street
Bailey Street - Federal Street
Trenton Avenue - Stevens Street
Cherry Street - Cooper Street

  124 Clay Street

1896 Allan Newman
1896 Kate Newman
1898 Joseph Cornish
1898 Sarah Cornish


  124 Clay Street

William Black & Family
William & Ella Black
Virginia R. Cannon (stepdaughter)
Andrew Rawles (boarder)

  124 Clay Street

William Hatchett & Family
William & Daisy Hatchett
Marie Hatchett
Leroy Hatchett
Florence Hatchett

  124 Clay Street

1902 William Chase
1902 Peter Keets

1904-1907 James R Daniels

124 Clay Street

Russell Davis & Family
Russell & Essie Davis

Camden Post-Telegram
October 29, 1909

Camden Post-Telegram

November 1, 1909

Moved to 433 Riley Street by April 15, 1910

124 Clay Street

Russell Davis & Family
Russell & Essie Davis

Camden Post-Telegram
December 22, 1909

Thomas Brooks
James Tatem
O. Glen Stackhouse
Albert S. Shaw


124 Clay Street

1910 Lewis Ford

Camden Post-Telegram
March 14, 1911

124 Clay Street

1912 Arminto Degrello

Camden Daily Courier
June 11, 1912

Dorothy Sheely - Berkley Street
Charles Travene - Spruce Street

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 Clay Street
"inside the box"

Map published in 1914

Clay Street - 1946 Map of Camden

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Leprosy on Clay Street
Camden Daily Courier * October 14, 1908
Camden Post-Telegram * December 29, 1908
Camden Post-Telegram * January 20, 1909

Camden Courier-Post * October 12, 1974