Camden, NJ

Charles Street

CHARLES STREET runs north from Ferry Avenue to Budd Street. There are a few houses on the west side of Charles Street, the east side is taken up by the Butler Cemetery, and when that property ends, the Evergreen Cemetery. The old Brass Cafe bar was for many years located at 1067 Ferry Avenue, the northwest corner of Charles Street and Ferry Avenue. This building has been a private residence in more recent times. The Butler Cemetery, founded, owned, and operated by black businessman Dempsey Butler, is on the northeast corner. 

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 Phil Cohen

Northwest Corner of Charles Street & Ferry Avenue - 2003

Intersection of Charles Street & Ferry Avenue


1100 Block of Charles Street

  1863 Charles Street

1924 No Listing
1929 William Dove
1947 Charles W. Clark
1969 No Listing
1989 P.H. Percival

1865 Charles Street

Emma Brass
circa 1925-1930

  1865 Charles Street

Melvin and Helen Sarson bought 1885 Charles Street from Mr. Juergens in 1947. They also bought the empty lots at 1865 Charles Street and made our yard huge. It was like having our own park.

Joan Sarson
November 8, 2009

  1885 Charles Street

1923-1947 Gustav Juergens
1947-1960s Melvin H. Sarson
1947 No Listing
1969 No Listing
1980 D. Redd

  1887 Charles Street

1923 James L. Miller
1924 Frank Daly
1929-1947 Mrs. Mary C. Beck
1947-1969 John L. Beck
1969-1980 O. Bank Sr.

  1889 Charles Street

1923 Adolph Huber
1924 Charles Rambus
1929 Russell Asher

Frank Percival & Family
Frank & Emma Brass Percival

1969-1980 John L. Beck

  1891 Charles Street

1923 Joseph Mead
1924-1929 Henry Mosley
1947 Albert Mosley
1969 A.R. Mosley
1980 G. Moseley

Intersection of Charles Street & Budd Street