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CENTENNIAL AVENUE is a small street that runs east from 310 North Front Street, through to North 2nd Street. It originally ran to a dead end mid-block, only in recent years was Centennial Avenue extended through to North 2nd Street. 

Centennial Avenue was not listed in the 1872 Camden City Directory but is listed in the 1878 edition, which makes sense, as 1876 was the centennial year of the United States. Four homes were initially nuilt, numbered 2 through 5. A Charles H. Jenness, shoe dealer, is listed at 5 Centennial Avenue in 1878. Other residents included harness maker David Jones at 4 Centennial, and foreman Hugh Reilly (or Riley) at 3. A cooper, George W. Wolfe was at 2 Centennial Avenue in 1878. His widow and then his son, George W. Wolfe Jr., were a presence on Centennial Avenue into the 1930s. Shortly after the 1885-1885 City Directory was published, two more homes, numbered 6 and 7, were built. Harvey Slifer, a cooper, was the first Directory-listed resident of 6, and Joseph Goheen, a blacksmith, first occupied 7 Centennial Avenue. In late 1890 or early 1891 the City of Camden renumbered the six houses standing on Centennial Avenue, which became numbers 109 through 119. These homes were still there as late as April of 1930, and were then all occupied. 

It is interesting to note that beginning in the late 1890s and into the early 1930s, a number of families of Finnish immigrants lived on Centennial Avenue. Frank Johnson and John Antilla worked as house carpenters, Alfred Kauppi and John Joki were shipyard carpenters, and Nestor Aalto was a wharf builder. The Aalto family stayed on Centennial Avenue into the 1930s

The 1940 City Directory shows that only 117 and 119 were standing, and that 117 was the only occupied home, and that 119  was vacant. By 1943 no homes stood on Centennial Avenue.

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 Phil Cohen

 100 Block of Centennial Avenue
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   109 Centennial Avenue

George W. Wolfe & Family
George W. & Rachel Wolfe
George W. Wolfe Jr.

1919-1920 George Wolfe

1924 Mrs. Sophia Harmon

1929 Fritz Ftithjof

1930 George Wolfe
1930 Oscar Anderson
grave digger at City Cemetery

1940 Gone

   111 Centennial Avenue

1878 Hugh Reilly

George F. Jolly & Family
George F. & Rose Jolly
Anna Marie Jolly
George F. Jolly Jr.
Salone R. Jolly

Mrs. Ella Pennington Sewell & Family
Ella Pennington Sewell
John Pennington (brother)
Eugene Pennington

1919 William Kauppi
1924 Alfred Kauppi

Antonio Berzuices & Family
Anthony & Martha
Ethel Berzuices
Irene Berzuices
Gladys Berzuices

1940 Gone

   113 Centennial Avenue

1878-1880s David Jones

William C. Wlaker & Famnily
William C. & Mary Jane Walker

John O'Rourke & Family
John & Katherine O'RoOurke

Nestor Aalto & Family
Nestor &  Elsie Aalto
Irma Aalto
Martha Aalto
Elma Aalto

The Aalto family had moved to
109 North 3rd Street by Christmas of 1939

1940 Gone

   115 Centennial Avenue

1878-1880s Charles H. Jenness

Frank Johnson & Family
Frank & Sophie Johnson
William Johnson
Charles Johnson
John Johnson
Helen Johnson
Ida Johnson

1919-1920 John Johnson

1924 Mrs. Mary Walsh
1929-1930 Francis A. Walsh

1940 Gone

   117 Centennial Avenue

1885 Harvey Slifer

E.F. Ritter & Family
E.F. & Hattie Ritter
Ella Hines (niece)

Harry Peterson & Family
Harry & Florence Peterson
Anna Kesler (daughter)

1929 William Herman

Peter Tambussi & Family
Peter & Mary Tambussi
Margaret Tambussi

1940 William D. Robinson

   119 Centennial Avenue

1885 Joseph Goheen

William Brooks & Fmily
William & Carrie Brooks
Paul Brooks

John Antilla & Family
John & Anna Antilla

John Joki & Family
John & Ida Joki
George Joki
Jacob Joki

1924 Jacob R. Kratz
1929 Vacant

William Cotton & Family
William & Ethel Cotton
William Cotton

1940 Vacant

1943 Gone

Centennial Avenue - 1885 Sanborn Map

Centennial Avenue - 1891 Sanborn Map

Centennial Avenue - 1891 Sanborn Map