Camden, NJ

Cammer's Court
aka Dudley's Court & Cramer's Court

CAMMER'S COURT is listed in Camden City Directories as Dudley's Court in 1863, and was listed that way in City Directories through 1883. In the 1870s some listings began to be shown as Cammer's Court. The 1884 City Directory and 1885 Sanborn Map show the street as Cammer's Court. Cammer's Court ran south from Pine Street for one-half block between the dwelling at 512 Pine Street and the Turn Hall, also known as Turner Hall and Turn Verein Hall, at 516 Pine Street.  

The 1885 Sanborn Map shows a single building "Tenmnt", most likely a tenement, on Cammer's Court. 1891 Sanborn Map shows that four house had been built on that spot. Another name change seems to have taken place, as beginning in 1913 the street began being referred to in City Directories as Cramer's Court. The street does not appear in City Directories after 1917.  It appears to have been "consumed" along with the Turn Hall when the Hurley Store at Broadway and Pine Street built a warehouse at the rear of the store, along Pine Street, west of Welsh Street.

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 Phil Cohen

Intersection of Cammer's Court & Pine Street


1906 Sanborn Map

800 Block of Cammer's Court
5810-816 Cammer's Court
  810 Cammer's Court

1869-1879 William Hampton
(1 Dudley's Court)
1870 William N. Clark
(1 Dudley's Court)
1881-1883 Daniel Weeks
(1 Cammer's Court)

1897 Jacob Spere
1899 Lizzie Gottwaldt
1902-1903 John W. Day
1903 Joseph F. Monroe
1909 Sallie O'Donnell
1909 Charles T. Chamberlin
1912 Frank Gifford
1913 Mrs. Margaret Gaunt
1915-1916 Hugh J. Ward
1917 William Mosely

  812 Cammer's Court

1870 John Everin (2 Dudley's Court)
1878 William Warner (2 Cammer's Court)
1885 John Abel (2 Cammer's Court)

1895 Joseph Cavanaugh
1895 Benjamin Cavanaugh

1897 Frederick Rouhr
1899-1902 John Miller
1899-1902 Mary A. Funk
1902 John Funk
1903 Mrs. Margaret Gaunt
1907 John Maclean
1907 Harry Weil
1909-1910 Alexander Champion
1912-1917 Edward & Frances Stiles
1912-1913 Hugh Ward
1916-1917 Mary E. Stiles

  814 Cammer's Court

1894-1895 Michael Cunningham
1897 Charles Sharp
1899-1901 Isaac H. Campbell
1899-1903 Thomas Rodgers
1907 Edward Stiles
1909 Charles G. Pierce
1909 John H. Pierce
1912-1915 Mary Brady
1916-1917 John Herchelroth

  816 Cammer's Court

1863 Charles Winner (4 Dudley's Court)
1863 Thomas Toy (4 Dudley's Court)
1870 Sarah WInner (4 Dudley's Court)

1899-1900 Moses A. Gaunt
1902 Mrs. Lizzie Muncey
1903 Anna Fullen
1903 Emily C. Steward
1909 Frances Stiles
1910-1912 Samuel & Alice Mahan
1913 Mrs. Alice Mahan
1914-15 Frank Mahan
1915 Clyde Mahan