Camden, NJ

Berwick Street

BERWICK STREET is in East Camden. Prior to 1954, when the McGuire Gardens public housing project was built, the street began at Rand Street, with a block of homes in the 2000 block between Boyd and Morse Streets, and another block of homes in the 2100 Block between Morse Street and Marlton Pike, where it terminates. When McGuire was built, Berwick was extended all the way to South 20th Street.

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 Phil Cohen

Berwick Street - Map published in 1946

PLAT Showing proposed site for the Peter J. McGuire Gardens
Public Housing Project

February 14, 1951

2000 Block of Berwick Street
2100 to 2121 Berwick Street


2012 Berwick Street

Irvin F. Bishop & Family
Irvin F. & Mabel M. Bishop
Mary Bishop
Margaret Bishop Williams
Joan Bishop Cranmer
Edwin Bishop

Camden Courier-Post
June 12, 1958


November 23, 2004

Camden County Prosecutor Vincent P. Sarubbi and Camden Police Chief Edwin J. Figueroa reported today that Edwin Cortes, M/45, died on Nov. 22, 2004, at Cooper University Hospital from injuries he sustained in an alleged assault on Nov. 7 in Camden, N.J.

Investigation indicates that at approximately 6:35 p.m. on Nov. 7, family members of Cortes called police and emergency medical service personnel to his home in the 2000 block of Berwick Street in Camden. He stated to police that he had been beaten by his nephew, Eric Plaza, M/21, of the 2000 block of Westminster Avenue in Camden. Cortes complained of pain in his side. Emergency medical personnel transported Cortes to Cooper University Hospital to be evaluated.

Cortes' condition rapidly deteriorated and he underwent emergency surgery for internal injuries. His condition deteriorated further and he fell into a coma and was placed on life support. He remained in a coma until yesterday when his family decided to remove him from life support. Cortes was pronounced dead at 2:45 p.m. yesterday.

Plaza was arrested yesterday and charged with Murder for allegedly causing his uncle's death by beating the victim with his fists. Plaza remains in the Camden County Correctional Facility in lieu of $300,000 bail set by Superior Court Judge David G. Eynon.

2029 Berwick Street

2004 Edwin Cortes

2075 Berwick Street

Alfred E. Green

2100 Block of Berwick Street
2100 to 2121 Berwick Street

  2100 Berwick Street

1924 Frank Heisler

  2102 Berwick Street

1924 Henry Brill
Wilfred C. Clements

  2104 Berwick Street

1924 George Papp
1947 Anthony LeTorre

2105 Berwick Street

William May & Family
William & Anna Dowell May

Camden Post-Telegram
October 6, 1913

Grant Street
Line Street
North 19th Street
Everett Street

  2105 Berwick Street

1924 William Holliday
Mrs. Mollie Holliday

2105 Berwick Street

David Clark & Family
Michael Thomas Clark

Camden Courier-Post
November 9, 1967


  2106 Berwick Street

1921 Edward Guinness
1924 James Jones
Roland H. Plum

  2107 Berwick Street

1924 Thomas McElhenney
Davis B. Haines

  2108 Berwick Street

1924 William G. Reed
Samuel F. Bunnell

2109 Berwick Street

William J. Petris & Family

Camden Courier-Post
January 25, 1930

William E. Laird
William Burtis
Margaret Petris
William Petris
Morse Street

2109 Berwick Street

Edward Menzies & Family

  2109 Berwick Street

1947 Mrs. Frances V. Anderson
1947 Winifred McDonald
1959 William Petris Sr.

2110 Berwick Street

William May & Family
William & Anna Dowell May
Myrtle May - Evelyn May
Naomi May
William H. May - Anna May
Frank May - Dolores May
Frank P. Dowell Sr. (father-in-law)
Frank P. Dowell Jr. (brother-in-law)
George Dowell (brother-in-law)

Camden Daily Courier
May 13, 1921

Edward Guinness
O. Glen Stackhouse
Lewis Liberman

  2110 Berwick Street

1924 Walter Giffins
1947 Monroe Cooper

  2111 Berwick Street

1924 Mrs. Minnie Kelley
1947 William J. Kinsey

  2112 Berwick Street

1924 Daniel B. Miller
1947 Luigi Tassi

  2113 Berwick Street

1924 Harry G. Jetter
1947 Maltier F. Brown

  2114 Berwick Street

1924 Charles Eicholtz

2114 Berwick Street

Biagio "Benny" Acquaro & Family
Benny & Frances Acquaro
Joseph "Joe" Acquaro
Anna Cquarao

Samuel "Buddy" Croge (L)
Joe Acquaro
in front of 2114 Berwick Street

May 19, 1947

The boys had just been Confirmed
and are wearing
confirmation ribbons awarded at
St. Joseph's Pro Cathedral
Roman Catholic Church
on Federal Street

  2115 Berwick Street

1924 Charles Harrington
1947 Mrs. Pauline Kelley

  2116 Berwick Street

1924 Seaman Price
1947 Mrs. Anna Petrella

2116 Berwick Street

Private Raymond Price


  2117 Berwick Street

1924 Milton Stellman
1947 Mrs. Catherine V. Dunne

  2118 Berwick Street

1924 Walter A. Yates

2118 Berwick Street

William May & Family
William & Anna Dowell May
Myrtle May
Evelyn May
Naomi May
William H. May
Anna May
Frank May
Dolores May
George May
Claire May

Camden Courier-Post
December 28, 1931
March 14, 1932 & March 15, 1932

William Turner

  2118 Berwick Street

1947 Roy C. Newkirk

  2119 Berwick Street

1924 William Blair

  2119 Berwick Street

Samuel Croge Sr. & Family
Samuel & Maybelle M. Croge
Samuel Croge Jr.

  2120 Berwick Street

1924 William Toole
John J. Dyer

  2121 Berwick Street

1924-1947 Frank Attone
1929 Anthony Farsaci

2121 Berwick Street

Second Lieutenant
Jacob C. Attone


  2122 Berwick Street

Joseph Bacon & Family
Joseph & Sarah Bacon 
Alfred Bacon
Gertrude Bacon
Nora Bacon

1924 Mrs. Mary Blair
Frank Doyle

  2124 Berwick Street

1924 George Johnson
1947 Mrs. Lillie M. Brown

  2126 Berwick Street

1924 William Sweeney
1924 Alfred Lewis
1947 Gone

2100 Block
Berwick Street

July 31, 2006

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Intersection of Morse Street & Berwick Street
Looking South
Morse Street

February 14, 1951

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2100 Block of Berwick Street
2150 to 2168 Berwick Street

  2150 Berwick Street

1924 Meyer Teitelman
1933 Joseph Epstein
Berwick Food Market
1947 Morton Schwartz
2003 Gardens Grocery

  2154 Berwick Street

1924 Jacob Michael
1947 William H. May
florists supplies

2156 Berwick Street

James McCann & Family
James & Isabella Higgins McCann

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 29, 1912

  2156 Berwick Street

1924 Jacob Reiss
William J. Simons

2156, 2154 & 2150
Berwick Street

July 31, 2006

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  2158 Berwick Street

1924 Ner Haines
George J. Daly

  2160 Berwick Street

1924 Frank Stone
1947 James Withers

  2162 Berwick Street

1924 Edward B. Walker

Defendant at Pennsauken Found Guilty by Jury in 3-Year-Old Robbery

James Brody, 22, of 4341 Forty≠third Street, Pennsauken Township, yesterday was sentenced to serve an indefinite term in Rahway Reformatory today in Criminal Court. 

A jury found him guilty of participation in a $20 robbery three years ago. The jury deliberated for one hour and a half. The state charged that Brody, in company with Harry Schultz, 2162 Berwick Street, and William Dempsey, 2271 Mickle Street, went to the candy store of Mrs. Celia Schulman, 2902 High Street, threatened her with a pistol and took the money on Oct. 23, 1930.

Schultz and Dempsey were subsequently arrested, tried and sentenced to two years each. Brody was in dicted and declared a fugitive.

In court yesterday Brody denied that he had made an attempt to evade arrest and said he had been working as a hand on a dredge in the Delaware River. He said if there was a holdup he knew nothing about it for on the day in question he was 
intoxicated and merely took a ride with the two convicted bandits. 

"I was so drunk I don't remember anything," he declared. "If there was a holdup, I had nothing to do with it;" 

A fatal automobile accident resulted in Brody's arrest on the holdup charge. On the 28th of last month William Urban, 60, 109 Allen's Court, a passenger in Brody's car, was killed when the machine collided with a bus. During the subsequent investigation of the crash, Detective William Lehman remembered that a fugitive warrant had never been served on Brody and placed him under arrest. 

2162 Berwick Street

1932  Harry Schultz

Camden Courier-Post
June 21, 1933

  2162 Berwick Street

1947 Mrs. Goldie W. Phillips

  2164 Berwick Street



Charles Hellings, 52, of 2164 Berwick Street, was held without bail yesterday on a statutory charge by Police Judge Garfield Pancoast after he heard testimony from the man's daughter, 14, and a granddaughter, 12. 

The children made their complaint to Detective Edwin Mills and Hellings was arrested at his home by Detective Louis Schlam. Hellings said he had been drinking regularly.

2164 Berwick Street

1933 Charles T. Hellings

Camden Courier-Post
June 10, 1933

2164 Berwick Street

1947 George Eason

1956-1959 Gerald M. Miller

Camden Courier-Post
December 3, 1956

John E. Taylor
Dr. Lee J. Hammett

  2166 Berwick Street

1924 William P. Hanley
1947 George P. Mulholland

  2168 Berwick Street

William May & Family
William & Anna Dowell May
Myrtle May - Evelyn May
Naomi May
William H. May - Anna May
Frank May - Dolores May
Frank P. Dowell Sr. (father-in-law)
Frank P. Dowell Jr. (brother-in-law)
George Dowell (brother-in-law)

2168 Berwick Street

1938 Marie Cahill

Camden Courier-Post
February 26, 1938


  2168 Berwick Street

1947 Mrs. Loretta E. Morgenweck

2000 Block
Berwick Street

July 31, 2006

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Intersection of Marlton Avenue & Berwick Street

Looking Southeast towards on Marlton Avenue
Berwick Street

July 21, 2004

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June 10, 2006

Acting Camden County Prosecutor James P. Lynch and Camden Police Executive Robert L. Stewart reported today that a 27-year-old Camden man was shot to death last night outside a corner store in Camden, N.J.

The victim, Andres Camacho Jr., suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was dead at the scene, on Berwick Street near Marlton Pike in East Camden.

Investigation indicates:

Camacho entered a corner store at Marlton Pike and Berwick Street at approximately 9:50 p.m. last night, Friday, June 9, 2006. He made a purchase, left the store and walked a short distance south on Berwick Street. The victim was standing on the sidewalk beside the store when a lone shooter approached on foot from the direction of Marlton Pike, shot Camacho from close range, and fled on foot back toward Marlton Pike.

Images of the shooter were captured on surveillance video as he approached the victim and as he fled. Authorities are urging citizens who believe that may recognize the suspect to contact investigators. Calls should be directed to Senior Investigator Ron Moten of the Camden County Prosecutorís Office at (856) 225-8400 or Camden Police Detective Orlando Perez at (856) 757-7400.

VIDEO: Suspected Killer Caught on Camera

Marlton Avenue
Berwick Street

June 10, 2006 Estevez Grocery