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BELLA PLACE is an L-shaped court that at one time had nine houses, that ran north from 751 Spruce Street, with a narrow alley that ran from the court to 754 Division Street. Access from Spruce Street was through an alley that could accommodate a car or wagon. Access from Division was narrower, for pedestrian traffic only.

As of 2004 there are no houses left on Bella Place. There is no access from Division Street, as one of the homeowners has gated the alleyway. 

All that remains of Bella Place is a lone telephone pole between Spruce Street and Division Street, that serviced the homes, two each on the east and west ends, and five on the north end, that once were there.  

Do you have an Bella Place memory or picture. Let me know by e-mail so it can be included here.

 Phil Cohen

Map of Camden

Bella Place is in upper left. running north from Spruce Street.

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Looking West on Bella Place from 833 Bella Place
832 and 830 Bella Place are the homes with the porches. At right are 753 and 755 Bella Place
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Bella Place

  753 Bella Place

1947 Mrs. Martha Stanley

  755 Bella Place

Edward Fortiner
Edward & Mary Fortiner
Franklin F. Fortiner

  755 Bella Place

1947 Booker T. Weeks

  757 Bella Place

1947 Pauline Hardy

759 Bella Place

Edward L. Troutman & Family
Fetters School
Edward L. & Elnora Troutman
Edward Troutman - William Troutman
Ethel Troutman - John Troutman
James Troutman - Betty Troutman
Kenneth Troutman - Elnora Troutman
Ronald Troutman

Camden Courier-Post
November 17, 1949

  761 Bella Place

1947 Daniel Horn

  830 Bella Place

1947 James DeShields

  830 Bella Place

1947 Sally Jones

  830 Bella Place

1947 Joseph Chapman
1947 Roy Batty

  830 Bella Place

1947 Theodore Archer

  831 Bella Place

1969 N. Hicks

Hi. My name is Ronald Troutman, I am the youngest son of Edward and Elnora Troutman who once resided at 759 Bella Place. I in fact was born at that location.  I remember most of the persons listed as former residents.  I had five brothers and three sisters. Five members are deceased. Four of the male members were police officers in the City of Camden. Edward, William, John, and myself. My oldest sister still lives in East Camden, my youngest sister lives in West Berlin. My only living brother James lives in Parkside. I recall each night the service man coming around to light the gas light in Bella Place. I should mention that also we moved from Bella Place to 751 Spruce Street  That location was the corner entering Bella Place. I went to Kindergarten at Mt. Vernon School but transferred to Liberty School in the first grade in 1946. That year was the first that black children could attend.  They were the good old days. I will close by saying that it is nice to be able to go on the internet and find so much information about the City and its residents former and current.    

Ron Troutman
October 16, 2009

Map of Camden

Bella Place in 2006
beginnings and endings marked by RED rectangles
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Bella Place looking North from Spruce Street - October 2004

Bella Place looking North from Spruce Street October 2004

Bella Place Memories

I also have a memory of an interesting street. It was only a half block long when I went to Liberty School........ It was like walking through an alley from Division to Spruce, can't remember how many houses were on it.

Jim Bessing, May 2004