Class of June 1931

This yearbook, along with those from June 1930 and June 1932, were donated by Susan White Shuff. Her mother, Laura T. Pernier, of 441 Royden Street, was a member of the June 1932 class.

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Phil Cohen
July 7, 2012

Camden High School has a long and distinguished history. Many of its graduates went on to careers in public service in the city, to success in business, sports, and in the arts. As time goes by, I will be adding pictures, news articles, and other material about Camden High School.

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Phil Cohen



We, the members of the Purple and Gold Committee, respectfully submit this new and interesting edition of the yearbook to the June Class of Nineteen Hundred and Thirtyone. In planning this yearbook we have endeavored to incorporate in its pages as much of our life in Camden High School as possible. We sincerely hope that in the future you will derive as much pleasure from its records as we have had from its production. 


Canio Ambrico Marie Aharon   

Romuald Austin

Ruth Barroway 

Robert Banyard

Miriam Bass
John Benton  Ruth Brooks
Walter Duffield Ruth Connor
Edward Gallob Helen Crombie 
Robert Geverd  Marion Hart
Frank Halpin 

Bertha Kunkel  

Gordon Jacobs Dorothy Pancoast 
Benjamin Kasten Dorothy Pendexter 
Samuel McDermott

Helen Pratt  

George Sparrow Louise Scott
Joseph Tomaselli Rosalie Toll 

Ruth Tokins

Clara Stewart Burrough

Class Officers of 1931



Vice-President Secretary


Canary and Green

Yellow Rose

To The Stars Through Bolts And Bars

Superintendent of Schools

For Dr. Bryan the June Class of Nineteen Thirty-one holds the sentiments which have been those of graduating classes for thirty-two years, those of respect, honor, and love. Though he is departing from our midst, his influence upon our lives will remain. 


The President's Message to the Graduating Class


We have now reached the peak of our high school career. and though we hate to see these wonderful days drawing to a close, it must be so. It is evident we can never re-live these days, but they will remain in our memories forever. 

As we look back over our three years at Camden High, we see little of importance in our "rookie" year, but in our junior year things started to happen. The crowning features of that year were our Junior Play and our School Party. As we entered our senior year we had our Senior Prom and at the close of the term, the Senior Play. 

Having finished our course at Camden High we must all go out into the world, striving for either a prosperous business life or a professional career. The associations with our many dear classmates and inspirations received from our helpful advisers will, I am sure, prove a wonderful asset in climbing the ladder of success. 

In bidding farewell to our Alma Mater, let Us carry with us the impression that the best way to continue these delightful friendships is to affiliate ourselves with the Alumni Association. "Au revoir" and good luck to the June 1931's! !

William Reed

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Mildred Abrams Marie Aharon William C. Ahrens
723 Birch Street 694 Ferry Avenue Pennsauken
Stanley R. Albright Canio Ambrico
506 State Street 1009 South 4th Street
Avis Alberta Anderson William E. Andrews Romuald Austin
1033 Princess Avenue 525 Haddon Avenue 1323 Federal Street
Elbert G. Ballinger Robert A. Banyard
Collingswood Pennsauken
Ruth Barroway Miriam Bass Marie Batten
1247 Ormond Avenue 1413 Ormond Avenue 1365 Park Boulevard
Beatrice Wesley Beideman John K. Benton
3404 River Avenue 1056 Langham Avenue
Frances Gilman Bird Mary Margaret Blair  Bertha Blatt
3192 Westfield Avenue 1432 Belleview Avenue 50 South 24th Street

C. Nils Blom Lorence C. Blomquist
3180 Westfield Avenue 559 North 36th Street
Florence H. Blum Ruth Brooks William A. Brown
1140 Atlantic Avenue Pennsauken 2787 Congress Road
Max Eli Bukstel Carl A, Carlson
1212 Haddon Avenue 1103 Baring Street
A. Evelyn Cole Ruth Lillian Connor Luwean Cretz
Pennsauken 3076 Carman Street 631 Bailey Street
Helen Crombie Marguerite Cummings
Pennsauken Woodlynne
Ralph Carr John A. Castellano Paul W. Chambers
Woodlynne 340 Cherry Street 340 Pine Street
Sallie S. Charen Albert Chinappi
1065 Princess Avenue 639 Ferry Avenue
Ralph Cole Dennis Jack Dougherty S. Frank Dovi
1265 Langham Avenue 2946 Cramer Street 1400 Van Hook Street

Walter H. Duffield Meyer Edelsohn
626 Elm Street 2364 Broadway
Edward J. Eggart Jr. Albert Franklin Fields Marion Constance Fish
1431 Kaighn Avenue 950 Pine Street Pennsauken
Jeanne Fogel Dorothy Anna Fox
4020 Westfield Avenue 2364 North 35th Street
Sidney Freedman Edward F. Gallob Ethel Garwood
Pennsauken 1228 Langham Avenue 717 Bailey Street
Robert S. Geverd Elizabeth Gilbert
524 Byron Street 428 Bailey Street
Lillian Glander Miriam E. Grear S. Minerva Green
517 North 2nd Street   2721 Cramer Street 3005 Tuckahoe Road
Edythe Greenberg Charles Gricco
1144 Whitman Avenue 408 Stevens Street
Mary Ellen Gurtcheff Frank S. Halpin Robert C. Halsey
424 South 7th Street 101 North 24th Street 32 South 32nd Street
Sylvia Harris George E. Hart
320 North 9th Street 331 North 9th Street
Marian Hart William E. Heine Walter F. Higgins
1239 Langham Avenue 1510 Baird Avenue Pennsauken
Elizabeth Frances Hill Elizabeth Hirst
416 Bailey Street 2414 South 28th Street
Florence Holm George B. Hood Thomas Hughes
3067 Highland Avenue Pennsauken 721 North 5th Street
Jane M. Aldworth Huhn Robert D. Hunt
Woodlynne 2906 North Constitution Road
B. Gordon Jacobs Betty Lois Johnson Evelyn M. Johnson
960 Ferry Avenue 1921 North 18th Street 1135 Cooper Street
Margaret H. Jones Rosella Dolly Jones
Pennsauken 935 Linden Street
Benjamin I. Kasten Gertrude Koehler Gertrude J. Koeller
40 North 28th Street 324 North 39th Street Pennsauken

Bertha M. Kunkel Gregory G. Lagakos
Merchantville 1211 Empire Avenue
Florence Landis Jennie Lawyer Charles D. Ledyard
447 Atlantic Avenue 1190 Yorkship Square 3520 River Avenue
Margaret Virginia Lee Julia M. Legnaioli
Pennsauken 1663 Norris Street
Franes Mae Lichter Florence May Lloyd Charles Locke
554 Pine Street 4303 Westfield Avenue, Pennsauken 1532 Park Boulevard
Verna D. Lockerman W. Gordon Lowden
823 Haddon Avenue 514 Haddon Avenue
Reba Lukoff Albert Lustgarten Elizabeth M. MacCauley
927 Point Street  251 Kaighn Avenue 241 North 32nd Street
Mildred Mackler Ellen Mary MacRae
1274 Magnolia Avenue 556 Fairview Street
Beatrice Marcus Walter Martin Doris Evelyn Maull
2612 River Avenue Pennsauken 915 Vine Street
Samuel McDermott Eleanor W. McLean
Pennsauken 1132 Langham Avenue
Christie Megargee Mitchell M. Melnik William Carl Merkle
Woodlynne 437 Stevens Street Pennsauken
Ellen Michalowski Agnes Miller
1254 Sheridan Street 1169 Van Hook Street
Harry Molotsky Thomas William Montgomery Earle Walter Mooney
538 North 6th Street Woodlynne 1074 Niagara Road
William R. Moore Frances Jeane Morris
437 Van Hook Street 623 Vine Street
H. Blanche Mullin Hannah Marie Nicholl Woodrow C. Nicholson
309 Cole Street 631 Pine Street 144 Eutaw Avenue
E. Marie Nickerson Irvin Nittinger
125 South 34th Street 521 North 7th Street
Herman Nussbaum Doris A. Old Sara Ostroff
831 State Street 2788 Stevens Street 1196 Haddon Avenue
Charles H. Ott E. Bernard Paletz
924 North 7th Street 1521 Baird Avenue &
S. Arthur Paletz Dorothy R. Pancoast Katherine H. Patton
Baird Avenue & Magnolia Avenue 234 Morse Street 1273 Park Boulevard
Elizabeth Paul Dorothy G. Pendexter
Merchantville 234 Morse Street
George A. Perks Anna Eva Lewine Peterson Leo F. Piccioni
548 Newton Avenue 2823 Westfield Avenue 1905 Broadway
Bertha Plevinsky Stanley Pogrozewski
1500 Wildwood Avenue 1312 Green Street
Helen Pratt Alexander Price Frances Eleanor Rand
213 North 4th Street    544 Kaighn Avenue 1140 South 9th Street
Ellis E. Ratcliffe William A. Reed
2218 River Avenue 24 North 35th Street   
Philip Rehmus Ellen J. Riddagh Daisy Marie Rittenhouse
1472  Princess Avenue Woodlynne 1457 Bradley Avenue
Mary Robinson Ruth E. Robinson
771 Pine Street Dudley Grange
Herbert Rodenbeck Edward Ross Harry J. Ross Jr.
508 State Street 799 Line Street 721 New Street
Ralph W. Royer Frank Russo
252 Morse Street 425 Winslow Street
Grace Sandgrund Marie Schaefer Harry Schard
1346 1346 Lansdowne Avenue 1447 Ormond Avenue
Ruth Schwartz
2810 River Avenue 842 South 6th Street
Louise Scott Humbert S. Serri Lillian Shaen
Woodlynne 938 State Street 624 Kaighn Avenue
Thomas L. Sink George P. Smires

624 Erie Street

2814 Tyler Avenue
James A. Smith Jean Sulowitz Edward Snow
3118 South Constitution Road

1514 Mt. Ephraim Avenue

3421 Highland Avenue
George B. Sparrow Reba Stein
925 Cooper Street 324 Kaighn Avenue
Harold Edwin Stepler Charles S. Stevenson Alexander Stoyco
925 York Street 1232 Kenwood Avenue 427 North 10th Street
Eleanor J. Todd Rosalie Toll
107 North 8th Street 1019 Market Street
Joseph M.P. Tomaselli Charlotte Tomkins Clifford Richard Toye
119 North 3rd Street 1000 Newton Avenue 925 Beideman Avenue
Emilia M. Troni Nettie Troutman
1670 Norris Street 707 South 8th Street
Dominick Vittori Jacob Waldman Margaret Watt
1326 Van Hook Street 741 Carman Street 2831 Idaho Road
Gertrude Weinstein Sylvia Weinstein
1503 Wildwood Avenue 1503 Wildwood Avenue
Marie Weiss Carlin Hirsh Wentzell Edith Christine Wenz
432 Kaighn Avenue 1333 Argus Road Pennsauken
George A. Wenz Jr. Bernice Retta Wessel
Pennsauken 1781 Park Boulevard
Isadore H. Woldman Anna Mae Worrall Arthur L. Wright
1261 Whitman Avenue 1261 Whitman Avenue 33 North 33rd Street
Someone erred here. Last verified address for Isadore Wolman 
was 459 Atlantic Avenue in the Cenusu of April of 1930; 
Anna Mae Worrall possibly is listed at 56 Marlton Avenue 
in the same Cenus 
Samuel Wyatt Althea Yeager
1203 Princess Avenue 2955 West Octagon Road
John Zaleski Leon Zawisa
1122 Mt. Ephraim Avenue 1550 Louis Street


June Who's Who

Most Popular Girl             
Most Popular Boy              
Prettiest Girl                          
Handsomest Boy                  
Best Blusher, Girl           
Best Blusher, Boy         
Cutest Girl                      
Cutest Boy              
Best Natured Girl         
Best-Natured Boy           
Most Bashful Girl             
Most Bashful Boy           
Class Athlete, Girl            
Class Athlete, Boy               
Most Dependable Girl          
Most Dependable Boy      
Class Baby Girl                      
Class Baby Boy                        
Best Giggler, Girl               
Biggest Giggler, Boy                  
Class Juliet                                 
Class Romeo                        
Most Studious Girl      
Most Studious Boy            
Class Scribe                    
Class Artist                   
Class Musician, Girl           
Class Musician, Boy         
Wittiest Girl                      
Wittiest Boy                      
Noisiest Girl                      
Noisiest Boy                   
Class Orator                   
Most Dignified Girl           
Most Dignified Boy          
Class Actor                  
Class Actress                
Class Optimist             
Class Songster             

Dorothy Pendexter
William Reed
Ethel Garwood
Charles Stevenson
Eleanor McLean
Clifford Toye
Constance Fish
Samuel McDermott
Edythe Greenberg
Earl Mooney
Mary Blair
Frank Dovi
Betty Johnson
Earl Mooney
Ruth Connor
Robert Banyard
Dorothy Pancoast
Gordon Lowden
Eleanor McLean
Leo Piccioni
Ruth Brooks
Walter Duffield
Bertha Kunkel
George Hood
Louise Scott
Betty Paul
Bertha Plevinsky
Leon Zawisza
Dorothy Fox
Arthur Wright
Bertha Blatt
Jack Dougherty
Robert Banyard
Miriam Bass
Robert Banyard
Robert Banyard
Jane Huhn
Margaret Jones
Jane Huhn


American Dancers from "Inez"

Spanish Dancers from "Inez"


With Apologies to Virgil

BILL REED was peregrinating through a dark forest one warm evening in June. At regular and uniform periods he urged his antiquated Ford to a higher frequency of spasmodic movements. In the conveyance were several of his more beloved classmates, including Ruth Brooks, Mildred Abrams, Evelyn Cole, Art Wright and Max Bukstel.

Annie, as Bill had lovingly dubbed the vehicle, was painfully ascending a steep incline. (Probably the Hill of Difficulty.) Her motivity was aspirate, uncertain and variegated. She seemed to be saying, "I guess—I won't; I hope— I do; I won't—I can't; I wonnn—I—I—I guess—I will; I did—I did, I did, I did, I made it."

The party was on the downward path and Annie, like the most of us, found travel in that direction comparatively smooth going.

Traveling with a velocity of twenty-four miles an hour, and an acceleration of two miles an hour per second, Detroit's declared supreme product proceeded down the proclivity.

Ahead loomed a large portentious arch bedecked in the dirge color. Beside it stood a mournful man whom Ruth immediately recognized as Jacob Waldman.

"Hello, Jake," she flung at him as the car flashed into the foreboding shadow beneath the arch.
Quite inanely he responded in a morose tone, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." His remark was lost in the hurry of the moment, and Bill and the rest continued into the beyond.

Soon their eyes became accustomed to the comparative darkness. To the right were beautiful trees and flowers; to the left was a precipitous precipice. 

As they progressed, the flowers became more beautiful and the chasm deeper, the light lessened, and their velocity increased.

By this time, quite alarmed, the girls were murmuring "Mother, mother, mother, etc." The boys were applying their interests and efforts to the problem of bringing Annie to a standstill. The wheels continued to revolve although the brakes were against them. Art deduced "that the contending forces not being equal, equilibrium could not exist."

Locomotion, finally though gradually, ceased. A grayish pallor hung everywhere and an ominous stench pervaded the atmosphere. "Why," exclaimed Evelyn, "the River Styx!"
"We know it," replied Max, "but we can't help it."

There were multitudes crowded on the banks waiting to cross the slimy stream. Among those present were discerned Elizabeth Hill, Mary Gurtcheff, Minerva Green, Ed Stepler, Leon Zawisza, Dominick Vittori and Leo Piccioni. Brothers Perks, Smires, Ott and Merkle were doing guard duty 
along the bank and were ably superintended by a huge giant, Gordon Lowden, who was often seen spitting sparks and giving orders to the men.

An old, old man with flowing beard and hair, that must have been Bob Geverd, was reading Milton's Poems. Quite disgrunted at this interruption, he sourly gazed at the amazed sextet. "Well," he inquired in the voice disconsolate, "are you ready to go over?"

'We're ready for anything," said Bill, "but is there room in Hades for my car?".

"Yes, special provision has been made for such machines as yours," laconically remarked the ferryman.

They embarked, Annie and all, and as they approached the opposite shore they saw a monstrous three-headed dog with vicious and brutal faces that resembled Ralph Carr's, Frank Halpin's and Walter Higgins'. (Cerebrus.) He was chained to a large rock, and thus rendered much less dangerous than he appeared.

Bob Harris was denied the privilege of crossing when a saxophone was discovered about his person, that might have passed for a meerschaum pipe.

To one side of the broad highway was a pit in which students were laboriously doing problems in Darrow, answering questions flicked at them by four familiar physics teachers, and drawing generators, motors and the like with great mental exertion. Thomas Sink, Ruth Robinson, Thomas 
Hughes, Charlotte Tomkins, Ruth Connor, Helen Pratt, Ronald Dennis and Benjamin Kasten had chosen this as punishment to atone for the sin ( ?) of making disparaging remarks about their teachers in, high school.

In still another pit had been relegated Marie Aharon, Carlin Wentzell, Avis Anderson, Beatrice Beideman, Joe Tomaselli, Beatrice Marcus, Sidney Freedman, and Gertrude Koeller for insulting old folks and taking candy from babies. Frank Russo, Louise Scott and Bertha Blatt, whose greatest fault on earth was their inability to stop talking, had been bound and gagged and were forced to listen to lectures given by Sylvia Harris and Alex Stoyco.

Jimmy Smith, Clif Toye, Sam Wyatt, Irvin Nittinger, John Benton, Al Lustgarten, Walter Duffield, Ed Gallob, bluffers extraordinaire, were suffering intolerable throes of agony, inflicted by the Avenging Furies, Mary Blair, Frank Dovi, Eleanor McLean, Frances Morris, Albert Fields, Jennie Lawyer, George Sparrow and Herman Nussbaum.

Bill Andrews, Bob Hunt, Harry Schwab, Conrad Ahrens, Jack Dougherty, Chic Blom— the conceited "eggs"— were made to wear incommodious orthopedic necessities, the excruciating pangs of which convulsed their self-panegyrized profiles.

Such eulogized and generally esteemed people as Dottie Pancoast, Bob Banyard, Ethel Garwood and Betty Johnson, Sammy McDermott, Betty Paul, Dot Fox, Jane Huhn, Dorothy Pendexter, Connie Fish and Charles Stevenson were bereft of names, recognizance, traits; and, where their mentalities warranted it, reason. They were labeled with odd numbers in the upper thousands to obviate the possibility of memoranda of the digits, and consigned to oblivion.

George Hood, Sylvia Weinstein, Helen Crombie, Gordon Jacobs, Reba Stein, Althea Yeager, William Heine, Gertrude Koehler, Alex Price and Bertha Kunkel (the Honor Students) were conspicuous by their absence, having taken their places among the gods, demigods, tingods and 

Ed Snow, Carl Carlson, Phil Rehmus, Lorence Blomquist, Ed Eggart, Harry Schard, Kuk Zaleski and Earle Mooney, those superlative athletes, cavorted on Elysian Fields.

Annie and her contents were greatly flabbergasted to see the sour expressions on the countenances of the sweet Marie Shaefer, Emilia Troni, Anna Petersen, Edythe Greenberg, Marguerite Cummings, Edith Wenz, Marie Weiss and Daisy Rittenhouse who were demurely plucking daisies to ornate the heads of forgotten lovers, neighbors, classmates, teachers, tax 
collectors and such whom we have at various times assigned to perdition.

Crash, bang, smack, plooie, piffle, bing—(a blank period).

And then it dawned upon them. Annie, completely demolished, lay a bruised and broken thing. Bill, with Ruth on one arm and a stray differential on the other, revived sufficiently long enough to moan, "Where am I?" 

Evelyn Cole, who was gracefully draped over the cross-arm, languidly deciphered the markings of the sign which supported her.

-Three miles to Marlton!—



June Section

          G. Sieber Pancoast                                             Jack Kessler
               President                                                 Treasurer 
Eileen Engel                                       Lillian Anderson
Treasurer                                           Secretary
Class Motto
Class Colors Class Flower


June Class of 1931

Aceto, Albert 
Ackerman, Kenneth 
Adam, Louise 
Akermann, Dorothy 
Allen, Frances 
Altshuler, Daisy 
Anderson, Lillian 
Andress, Anne 
Antisdel, Ruth
Azoff, Freda 
Barag, Milton 
Barton, Laura 
Bauer, John 
Baxter, David 
Bennett, Reba 
Bernhoff, Eleanor 
Berry, Edward 
Bibighaus, Mary 
Bishop, Blossom 
Blair, Albert 
Blaker, Selma 
Block, Fannie 
Bold, Clara 
Bowman, Joseph 
Brager, Rebecca 
Brand, Hyman 
Bratten, James 
Buchanan, Frank 
Butcher, Lillian 
Carmelia, George 
Caya, Vincent 
Clark, Thelma
Cohen, Alexander
Cohen, Morris 
Cole, Lillian 
Comerford, Helen 
Cone, Edith 
Connor, Walter 

Cooper, Jack 
Cooperman, Leah 
Costanzo, Joseph 
Crane, Leon 
Curry, Ruth 
Dahlquist, Nels 
Daniels, Etta 
Deckert, Jack 
DeFulio, Carmen 
Dellerson, Ruth 
Demby, Edith
Deputy, Norman 
Dinerman, Myer 
Doto, Francis 
Dovi, Benedetta 
Dworkin, Harry 
Easton, Laurie 
Eckhardt, Mildred 
Edelman, Abraham 
Engel, Eileen 
Faber, Eva
Falkinburg, Catherine
Fisher, Elizabeth 
Fluke, Elizabeth
Foster, Baird 
Foulkes, Catherine
Frambes, Ruth 
Freitick, Frances 
Friedenberg, Sylvia 
Fusco, Lucy 
Gamburg, Sylvia 
Gass, Constance 
Geedy, Thelma 
Gerber, Edith 
Giordano, Dominic 
Githens, Frances 
Gondolf, Helen 
Gottlieb, Eugenia

Goukler, Julius 
Grabowski, Cecelia 
Grear, Anna 
Gresh, Theodore 
Gruccio, Madeline 
Hedden, Clara 
Hendrickson, Harold 
Herbert, William 
Hirst, Dora
Hollingsworth, Paul 
Holmes, Lucille 
Horner, Margaret 
Horwitz, Sylvia 
Hudson, Joseph 
Huff, Fannie 
Hughes, Joseph 
Hunt, Claude 
Hyman, Lillian 
Ingram, Frances 
Ivory, Ella 
Jensen, Hilda
Johnson, Margaret 
Kaminski, Felicia 
Keese, Henry
Keiser, Helen 
Kelchner, Pearl 
Kerns, Esther 
Kessler, Jack 
Knauf, Anna 
Krug, Charles 
Kulczynski, Wanda 
Kyler, Martha 
Lear, William 
Leewer, Gladys 
Leiner, Marie 
Lippincott, Dorothy 
Lutz, Anne 
Macke, Alvin


MacKnight, George 
MacLauchlan, Helen 
Malinowski, Walter
Malkus, Nelson 
Manning, William 
Markowitz, Rebecca 
Massaro, Carolyn 
Matthews, Ethel 
Mattison, Leah 
McCall, Yvonne 
McClelland, Paul
Mehaffey, James 
Mevoli, Dominic 
Miller, Kenneth 
Moore, Clement 
Mumford, Laura 
Myers, Edith
Natal, Roswell 
Nicholls, Eleanor 
Olsen, Ruth 
O'Neill, Jack 
Osborn, Edward 
Paera, Evelyn 
Palese, William 
Pancoast, Garfield Sieber
Pastorius, Berkeley 
Paul, Marian 
Pearce, Isabelle 
Pearl, Rosalie 
Peech, Eleanor Jane 
Perrigo, Olive 
Pestritto, Thomas 
Peterson, Charles 
Pidatella, Angelo
Piotrowski, Alexander 
Plasket, Howard 
Polato, Amelia 
Poore, Catharine

Presser, Walter Stanley
Price, John 
Proscheck, Elsie
Proud, Anna 
Quillin, John Albert
Ragone, Louis 
Reiff, Roslyn 
Rein, Mae
Revallo, John 
Reynolds, Hubert
Richardell, Thomas 
Riegraf, Mildred 
Ristine, Beatrice 
Rose, Anna 
Rosenberg, Daniel
Rosenberg, Jacob 
Ross, Milton 
Rothamel, Mary 
Ruttenberg, Joseph 
Salit, Joseph 
Sandier, Katie 
Scanlon, Jeanette
Schaal, Charles 
Schaefer, Henry 
Schemanski, Henry 
Scotton. Eugene
Sharp, Harry
Shaw, Helen 
Shivers, George 
Siewicz, Leona 
Smaldore, Patrick 
Smith, Donald 
Smith, Ruth 
Sochacki, Grace 
Sochacki, Helen
Speier, Mildred 
Spencer, Helen 
Spiegel, Sylvia 
Springer, Miriam

Stackhouse, Esther 
Stackhouse, Virginia 
Starke, Lillian 
Stefanski, Anthony
Steinberg, Louis 
Stepanek, Anna 
Stepler, Margaret 
Stonaker, Horace 
Swain, Thurber 
Taffoni. Enis 
Talmon, Anita 
Taylor, Grace
Teitelman, Saul 
Thompson, Charles 
Thompson, Lewis
Tietze, Alfred 
Tomlinson, Edgar 
Toms, William 
Townsend, Ruth
Trensch, Franklyn 
Tyler, James 
Ulak, Bruno 
Van Syckel, Delmar 
Wachstein, Pearl 
Ward, Alice 
Warke, Mary
Weber, William
Weldin, Thelma
Wells, Joseph
West, Evelyn 
Whitecar, Alten 
Wiest. Georgia Rutfi
Willett, Harris 
Williams, Lloyd
Williams, Miriam 
Wingate, Leon 
Wolf, Ava 
Zanetich, John 
Zondler, Leonard





The Purple and Gold Committee dedicates this page to those who have advertised in this book. The Committee urges all students and friends of the school to extend their patronage to the advertisers whose names appear in the following list: 

Babette Studio
George Bachmann 
Banks College
Beringer, Pharmacist
Breyer Ice Cream Co.
Tom Colsey
Edwin F. Cooper
Cooper's Chevrolet
Cooper Cut-Rate Store
Edwin Field Crane
Elmer Deputy
Frank DeViney 
Elks' Club Restaurant
Eureka, J. C. Manning
General Electric Refrigerator Agency
Harbaugh and Hall, Inc.
D. C. Hart
H. B. Hemphill
Hill Brothers
Hotel Walt Whitman
C. F. Johnston
La Bon Bon Shop
Dr. William Laub
Mary Elizabeth Shop
Merchantville Beauty Shop
Miller, Costumer
Dr. Luther M. Mkitarian, D. D. S.
Morrison's Market
Carlton J. Murray
Peirce School of Business Administration
Physicians' Exchange 
Max Reihman, Jr.
RCA Victor Co., Inc. 
August F. Schuele, Sr. 
Joseph Schlitz
South Jersey Law School 
Steelman Business School
The American National Bank of Camden
Warren Marinello Beauty Shop
Warren Webster
West Jersey Trust Co.
H. Zamsky