Our Lady
Mt. Carmel
50th Anniversary

In 1903 Camden saw the founding of the Italian language parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, originally know as the "Italian Catholic Church" that had grown out of the pastoral work done among the Italian immigrants by Father Michael Di Ielsi.  The church building itself was built at South 4th and Division Streets around the year 1907, and the bell tower added in 1945. 

The Church was not only a spiritual center but a social one as well. The Young Men's Catholic Club of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church maintained its clubhouse nearby at 825-827 Clare Street, the corner of Clare Street and  Division Street

The church celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 1953 and published a book to commemorate the occasion. Thanks to Gene Robison, whose grandparents and parents were members of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel at the time of publication, this book is being reproduced on this website.

Message From
Bishop E

Dear Father Argullo,

It is with sentiments of deep gratitude to Almighty God that I realize this present year, 1953, marks the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish. I therefore turn first to God in order to thank Him for His many and great favors. He. has protected the parish, guided its Priests and people, and brought us to this happy day when we can look back on fifty years of graces received and salvation wrought. 

During the fifty years of its existence the parish has had a long and honorable history. Its baptismal records are crowded with the names of thousands who received in the parish church the waters of baptism, and thus became children of God and heirs of heaven. In uncounted thousands of instances the mercy of God has been dispensed in the confessionals of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. Before the altar young people have stood to exchange their marriage vows, and the same altar marked the place where the last holy rites of our religion were performed in the case of those who had finished the time of their exile from heaven. Often hearts have throbbed with joy on receiving at the altar-rail the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Our Lord, and I have had on many occasions the privi­lege of confirming the children. 

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IN the year 1903, the first Mass of the new Italian parish was celebrated by the Reverend Michael Di Ielsi in the humble and unimposing residence of a German family situated at Third and Line Streets. The Italian populace was overjoyed at having their first Mass.

The need for a more spacious site for the celebration of Holy Mass was soon felt and the congregation immediately went about the task of locating another building. A building at the N. E. corner of South Fourth and Cherry Streets proved to be the ideal answer to this pressing need. Thus, with a building suitable for their church and a congregation ever increasing in size, actual incorporation proceedings were established and completed on August 25, 1903. The parish had now become a legal entity.

The priests and trustees of the new parish, however, all the while realized that the present site was inadequate for this growing Italian community and in the year 1904, they successfully completed the purchase of the properties at 912-914 and 918 South Fourth Street, for the sum of $4,500.00. On these properties they hoped eventually to erect a more spacious and church-like edifice. However, the plans of Almighty God for this budding parish were different.

In the year 1868, the parish of SS. Peter and Paul, which formerly ministered to the spiritual needs of the people of this area, acquired a Baptist church building at the site which was to later bear the present church. Addition of a rectory and hall were completed in 1883. This, in later years proved inadequate for the German congregation which moved to its present site on Spruce Street above Broadway. The Reverend pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, realizing that the acquisition of this property would be more advantageous to the needs of his growing parish, began negotiating for the purchase of this property. The transfer of the plant, which consisted of a wooden Church, the present rectory and Church hall, was completed in 1907 for the sum of $9,700.00.

Sensing the need for a newer and more spacious church building, the wooden structure was torn down and the present one was begun.

With Thomas Stephen as architect and Daniel H. Sharp, the contractor, the work progressed at a rapid rate and was soon completed. Thus the overjoyed parishioners were able to assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered in this beautiful new church. Later on, additional ad· joining properties were purchased so as to consolidate the parish's holdings. War prevented further expansion and limited parish activities.

With the cessation of hostilities, peace and the Reverend Brendan Shea came to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Here was an incident to demonstrate the Catholicity of the Church - an Irish pastor charged with the spiritual welfare of an Italian congregation. The passing years would gain for him the filial love of his flock. Envisioning the need for quarters for the good Sisters who daily journeyed to School from the Convent adjoining SS. Peter and Paul Church, Father Shea purchased properties at 840 and 842 South Fourth Street, as well as 411 and 413 Spruce Street and 837 Dauphin Street (formerly known as Kaighn Street) for $30,000.00 in 1923, and 417 Spruce Street for $5,000.00 in 1925.

A basement Chapel dedicated to St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, the Little Flower, was dedicated in 1926. The pious people of the parish put forth the sum of $10,000.00 so that this tribute to one of the beloved saints of God might become a reality.

Meanwhile, the school flourished, and a Commercial department was instituted so that the children of the parish might receive a better and fuller education. This new move proved to be and continues to be a successful venture into the realm of higher education. The educational expansion in the parish did not halt at this point; in 1928 a new addition of a second and third floor was made to the old school building. This growth placed the parish in debt, to the amount of $24,000.00, adding to the existing debt.

On Wednesday, June 13, 1928, the beloved pastor, Father Brendan Shea was called by his heavenly Master to his richly deserved reward. Thousands of sad eyed parishioners, many of whom were personal friends of this popular priest, filed past the bier with bowed heads, paying their last tribute to this faithful man of God, who had labored among them almost from the time he was ordained.

The Reverend John Prosseda was appointed to succeed Father Shea. Though his pastorate lasted but two short years, he was able to begin the construction of the present convent for the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

The eventual completion of this project came during the pastorate of the Reverend Joseph A. Monaco, who was appointed in 1930. Father Monaco brought to this parish not only the priestly characteristics required of him but also a wise business mind. The debt which he inherited along with the $48,000.00 required for the building of the new convent, amounted to well over $100,000.00. It was his constant desire to rid the parish of this enormous burden. His task was made even more difficult by the economic depression that befell this nation in the thirties. In order to defray the expenses of the parish and afford his flock some wholesome enjoyments, he wisely inaugurated a series of carnivals to celebrate the various feast days of the Church. These proved to be highly successful and were the forerunner of our present annual carnival. At the same time, he was in­strumental in the establishment of many parish societies, taking a personal interest in them. Through his constant solicitude for his pastoral duties, he managed to reduce the parish debt as well as further the spiritual welfare of his parishioners. Tired and worn by the constant cares of his pastorate, and the ravages of illness, he journeye homeward to his Eternal Father in 1944.

His diligent assistant, the Reverend Michael Argullo, was appointed administrator in the fall of 1944. Under his capable guidance, a drive was instituted to rid the parish of its heavy debt. The ever faithful parishioners responded to his appeal in surprising fashion. Not only was the debt liquidated but sufficient funds were donated for the erection of the magnificent and imposing campanile, which graces the epistle entrance of the Church.

Unable to disregard the accomplishments of this energetic and zealous young priest. His Excellency, the Most Reverend Bartholomew J. Eustace, Bishop of the Diocese of Camden, New Jersey, pleased the assembled congregation at the dedication of the Bell Tower, with the announcement of Father Michael's elevation to the pastorate of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish. This responsibility only served to fire this young priest to newer and greater accomplish­ments.

In 1949, the old school buildings were taxed beyond capacity with the influx of hundreds of new students seeking a Catholic education. Unable to alleviate the overcrowded conditions immediately, Father Michael leased the old Mulford School from the City of Camden, located on South Third and Walnut Streets, for $500.00 a year. At the same time, plans were being formed for the erection of a modern institution of learning. In 1953, this dream became a realization with the opening of an eleven classroom building at the cost of over $200,000.00. A drive to defray the expenses involved in providing these additional educational facilities for the youth of this parish is now under way.

During these eventful years, which have seen this parish grow from infancy to one of the largest in the diocese, many things have become traditional. There were the processions and society functions of the past, there are the processions and society functions of the present, all serving to focus interest in and around the Church itself. As the spiritual side of Church life which though ancient and unchanging ever proves to be a new and vital, so too has been the development of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish.

May Our Divine Lord and His Most Blessed Mother continue to shower us with their blessings and love, just as They have through these fifty years of the history of the parish we all love


New Jersey Camden County

Whereas, in pursuance of an Act of the Legislature of the State of New Jersey, approved April ninth, A.D. eighteen hundred and seventy five, entitled "An Act to Incorporate Trustees of Religious Societies", the Right Reverend James A. McFaul, Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Trenton, the Very Reverend John H. Fox, Vicar General of said Diocese, and the Reverend Michael Di Ielsi, now being the Rector of the Roman Catholic Church, now known as "Italian Catholic Church", in the city of Camden, in said County, have selected Antonio Mecca and Francesco Travascia, two lay members of said Church according to the provisions of said Act. and for the purpose of incorporating said Church. Now, therefore, we, the said James A. McFaul, Bishop as aforesaid, John H. Fox, Vicar General as aforesaid, Michael Di Ielsi, Rector as aforesaid and Antonio Mecca and Francesco Travascia, the lay members aforesaid, do further, in pur­suance of the provisions of said Act and for the purpose aforesaid, hereby cert­ify that the name by which we and our successors shall be known and distin­guished as a body corporate, is "Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Camden. N. J."

Witness our hands, this 25th day of August in the year of Our Lord one thou­sand nine hundred and three -

James A. McFaul, Bishop
John H. Fox, V.G.
Michael Di Ielsi, Rector
Antonio Mecca, Lay Trustee
Francesco Travascia, Lay Trustee

Received and Recorded, August 27th, 1903
F. F. Patterson, Jr.,


A copy of the first Share issued to Thomas Auletto, a local barber, for one dollar in 1908 to help defray part of the then existing debt of $14,000. Haircuts in those days were 10¢.

Copia delIa prima azione, in favore di Tommaso Auletto, barbiere in Camden, del valore di un dollaro, emessa nel 1908, per aiutare il debito delIa Chiesa, allora di $14,000.00. Un taglio di capelli in quei giorni era 10¢

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Father Brendan Shea leads a procession
in honor of St. Rocco in 1926.

P. Brendan Shea nella processione
di S. Rocco, nel 1925.

Annual procession in honor of
Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

L'annuale processione delia
Madonna del Carmine. 

Father John Prosseda leads a procession in honor of St. Gabriel in the year 1929.

P. John Prosseda nella processione di S. Gabriele nel 1929. 


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Directly above: an artist's conception of the New School Addition completed in 1953 at a cost of over $200.000. 
Sopra: artistico progetto delia nuova ala scolastica, eseguita nel
1953 e costata piu' di $200.000.


ALTHOUGH the parish of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel was opened in 1903, it was not until 1908 that our school opened with an enroll­ment 01 319 children and two teachers - Sisters Mary Verda and a candidate, Alice Holland, of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. As the number of pupils was too great for two teachers, a third was sent for the little ones. The kindergarten was opened the following year. At this time the school was called St. Michael's and under this title it continued until the pastorate of Father Shea.

Early enrollments fluctuated between two and three hundred pupils and three or four teachers, but already by 1925 we had 890 children and in 1927, the enrollment reached 1081. This made the problem of overcrowded classrooms a serious one. Accordingly Father Shea added two floors to what had been a one-story building.  

In 1949 the abandoned Public School at South Third and Walnut Street, known to us as "The Annex" was leased. This building in the beginning housed four or five classes, but a little later seven grades were taught here.

In 1951 the walls and ceilings of our Spruce Street School were giving symptoms of old age and the superintendent ordered all grades to leave this part of the school. Teaching then took place in the meeting rooms off the hall. Building again was the order of the day, and we all know the result. Our beautiful, modern eleven-room school was opened this September.

In 1927 the parish offered our graduates a business course. The first year started with 21 pupils, both boys and girls. In 1938 due to over-crowded rooms, help was obtained from one of our old graduates and about nine years ago another commercial teacher was added to the faculty. Today the Business School has an enrollment of 135 girls. We can be proud of the reputation our commercial school has among the business people of Camden.

The history of our school is a story of growth and progress. We have under our care over 1.000 children who are cared for by 21 teachers.

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Father Brendan Shea and one of the graduation classes
on his day.
P. Brendan Shea con una delle classi graduate nel suo tempo.

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Bottom Row, Left to Right, Sister M, Blanca, Sister M. Liberta, Sister M. Elvira, Sister M. Alphonsine, Sister M. Constantine, Sister M. Thrasilla, Sister M. Humiliana. Middle Row, Left to Right, Sister M. Amida, Sister Maryalma, Sister M. A uxilia , Sister M. Hildegard, Sister M. Humilia, Sister Mariangela, Sister M. Emile, Sister M. Antonino. Top Row, Left to Right, Sister M. Earline, Sister Anna Marie, Sister M. Gaudenlia, Sister M. Generosa, Sister M. Cassia, Sister M. Fides.


THE Congregation of the School Sisters of Notre Dame was established in Bavaria in 1833. Fourteen years later their Mother Foundress, Mother Mary Teresa, answered the appeal of a Bishop in the United States by bringing four sisters to this country. Their number increased rapidly, and their first motherhouse in the United States was opened in Baltimore, Maryland. As early as 1872 Mother Mary Caroline, the first sister to be placed in charge of the order in this country, brought some of the School Sisters to Camden to teach in SS. Peter and Paul's School.

These sisters lived in a frame house on the corner of Spruce and Dauphin Streets, which house had been purchased by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. They continued to live there after the church and school of SS. Peter and Paul had been sold to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish. The parishioners of Our Lady of Mount Carmel asked to have the same kind of sisters to teach their children, and in 1908 Rev. Michael Di Ielsi succeeded in obtaining three sisters and a candidate to teach in our school. The first teachers were: Sister M. Verda, Sister M. Magdalena, Sister M. Annunciata, and Sister Alice. They had 319 pupils. The first classes were held in the parish hall at Division and Dauphin Streets, which was called "St. Michaels Hall."

Each year new classes were added, until the sisters were teaching in every available room­ what is now the garage, the Young Men's Catholic Club, and what was the clubroom of the Knights of St. George.

Until 1920, the sisters who taught both schools lived in the Spruce Street convent. That year, the parish of SS. Peter and Paul provided a convent for their teaching sisters at 834 Broadway. Sister M. Philip Neri was the first Sister Superior of the Italian school.

In 1926, Reverend Father Shea purchased the convent property from the School Sisters of Notre Dame, hoping to build a new convent for the sisters. However, this was not possible until four years later.

In 1930, the sisters moved to the third floor of the school building, and the frame house which had been used for a convent was razed. Right Reverend Bishop McMahon of the Trenton diocese helped Father Joseph Monaco raise funds to build a new and modern three-story brick convent.

By that time, there were nineteen sisters in the community, and they taught 750 children, One of these sisters - Sister M. Ferdinand - died soon after moving into the new convent, in November, 1930, and is buried in Calvary Cemetery.

Sister M. Magdalena, who had been one of the pioneers when Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School was opened, labored in other fields for a few years, then returned to our parish. Sister spent thirty years in this parish, teaching kindergarten and doing church work for most of that time.

At present there are twenty-one sisters in our convent. We also have one lay teacher, and an enrollment of 1,071 pupils.

As each year brings new improvements, we are confident that the teachers, parents, and pupils will cooperate with our parish priests to make Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School the best school in Camden.  

Religious Vocations from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish


Rev. Louis Di Nunzio, O.F.M.


Sister Letizia Luciani, M.P.F.

Sister Angeline Lo Perfido, M.P.F. (1928)

Sister Esther Del Duca, M.P.F. (1930)

Sister M. Ancilla, S.S.N.D. (Anna Castellano - 1931)

Sister M. Denisia, S.S.N.D. (Margaret Filippo - 1931)

Sister Anna Marini, M.P.F. (1932)

Sister Anna Zippilli, M.P.F. (1932)

Sister M. Donata, S.S.N.D. (Lucy Fanelle - 1932)

Sister M. Valentino, S.S.N.D. (Anna Smaldore - 1936)

Sister Rose Scarfo, M.P.F. (1936)

Sister M. Cabrini. S.S.N.D. (Mary Castellano - 1937)

Sister M. Gimelda, S.S.N.D. (Margaret Gimello - 1940)

Sister M. Annunziata, S.S.N.D. (Donata Cristalli - 1948)

Sister M. Dolorette, S.S.N.D. (Edith De Giosio - 1948)

Sister M. Francesanna, S.S.N.D. (Theresa Rapa - 1949)

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Curates of Mount Carmel

S. T. D., Ph.D.

Canoa of the Cathedral of Patti and seminary professor for twenty-three years presently assisting in Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church since 1949.  


Ordained in 1948, served in Holy Spirit Church, Atlantic City and Christ the King Parish, Haddonfield before coming to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in 1950.  



Came to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church immediately after his ordination in 1952.  

Twenty Three

Who Served at Mount Carmel

Rev. Raeffaele Ressa
Rev. A. Landolfi
Rev. Pietro Paris
Rev. Francesco Albanese
Rev. A. Milella 
Rev. A. Leone
Rev. N. Varanelli
Rev. N. Capaldo
Rev. T. Ambrosi
Rev. Joseph Di Masi
Rev. V. Donato
Rev. Pasquale Mugnano
Rev. Roberto Campolongo
Rev. Giuseppe Piciocchi
Rev. V. Fucci
Rev. Andrew Down
Rev. Anthony J. Richard
Rev. Matteo Cicchetti

Very Rev. Monsignor Joseph Doherty Chancellor of the Diocese of Camden
Rev. Emilio Cardelia
Rev. B. Corrado
Rev. Louis Pal
Rev. Lucien Burque
Rev. Edward Lucano
Rev. Joseph Doherty (in residence)
Reverend Emilio Cardelia
Rev. Theodore Tilbeurg
Rev. Peter Camalucci
Rev. Bernard Hewitt

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Trustees of
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church
Through the Past Fifty Years 

ANTONIO MECCA 1903 - 1908


1903 - 1908


1903 - 1908


1908 - 1910


1909 - 1910


1910 - 1922


1910 - 1922


1922 - 1937
JAMES COREA  1922 - 1925


1925 - 1944


1937 - 1944
FERDINAND SCATASTl    1944 - 1953



.Twenty Sir

Mr. Mt. Carmel



If there is anyone man who could be described as "Mr. Mount Carmel", that man, without a doubt is our own beloved Albert Grassi, the reliable, unpretentious, never idle Sexton of our parish.

Albert Grassi has been working for Mount Carmel for thirty-five years.

Through those long years he's served from parish cook to trustee, and every job has been done with a patient thoroughness which is unique to Mr. Grassi. There is no living member of the parish who knows more about Mount Carmel, its history, its activities, its traditions, its many problems. It's not an uncommon thing for one of the priests or sisters to approach Albert and ask "What do we do now? - or how are we supposed to do this? - or where is such and such a thing? - what's ordinarily done about that?" He always has the answer, the solution, the remedy. We often wonder how Mount Carmel managed without him for the first fifteen years of its existence - we know that it just couldn't have during the past thirty-five.

Albert Grassi's devotion, unselfishness, self sacrifice and extreme patience will perhaps never find its equal in our parish. Everyone loves him ­and it just wouldn't be Mt. Carmel without seeing Albert quietly and busily tending to the thousand and one details that require attention in a parish of this size. He seeks no other reward but to serve God and His Church in all that he does.

We are indeed fortunate and happily blessed that we have a man like Albert Grassi. We want him to know that our gratitude will be with him always. Our prayer is that Almighty God and His Most Blessed Mother of Mount Carmel will shower him with every blessing and grace and that They will grant him that heavenly crown which he has so richly earned.  

God love you always - Albert Grassi.

Twenty Seven 

Mt. Carmel "Firsts"

THE FIRST BAPTISMS took place on August 23rd, 1903. Two children were baptised that day and the Baptismal record registers them as follows:

LUIGI DIVONE di Mauro e Teresina Falatico 
Nato il giorno 3 Luglio 1903.
Battezzato il 23 Agosto 1903.
Padrini: Antonio Tampone ed Anna Marchisiello.

GIOVANN ANTONIO IACOVELLI di Domenico e Nicola Tartumaso
Nato il giorno 8 Luglio 1903.
Battezzato il 23 Agosto 1903.
Padrini: Antonio Mecca e Raffaella Capone.

THE FIRST WEDDINGS took place on October 26th, 1903. Two couples were married that day and the Matrimonial Register records them as follows:

ANTONIO SAPONARI di Giovanni e di Maria Ciliberti di anni 47 da Salandra (Basilicata) s'e' sposato con:

MICHELINA MASTRULLI di Antonio e di Maria Duaniero di anni 19 da Boiano (Molise) il giorno 26 Ottobre 1903 nella Chiesa Cattolica di Maria SS del Carmine.

Testimoni: Francesco Duaniero e Carmine Mastrulli.

FRANCESCO D'AGOSTINO di Giuseppe e di Angela Raineri di anni 26 da Gesso (Italy) s'e' sposato con:

MARIA GIUSEPPA GIASI di Antonio e di Maria Felicia Altamura di anni 16 da Salandra il giorno 26 Ottobre, 1903 nella Chiesa Cattolica di Maria SS del Carmine.

Testimoni: Antonio Calabro e Lucietta Castellani.

The "FIRST" FIRST HOLY COMMUNION. CLASS received Holy Communion on Christmas Day, December 25, 1904. Twenty one children received.

The FIRST CONFIRMATION was conferred by His Excellency the Most Reverend James McFaul, Bishop of Trenton on December 18th, 1904. Nine children were confirmed.

Twenty Eight


Sisters who have labored in Our lady of Mount Carmel Church

Sister M. Philip Neri 
(lst Superior)

Sister (Candidate) Alice 
Sister M. Magdalene 
(30 years)
Sister M. Annunciata 
Sister M. Anita


Sister M. Potens 
Sister M. Aurelia 
Sister M. Sophia 
Sister M. Louise 
Sister M. Doris

Sister (Candidate) Helen 
Sister M. Stephen
Sister M. Thomas
Sister M. Laurentilla 
Sister (Candidate) Estelle 
Sister (Candidate) Matilda 
Sister M. Regula
Sister M. Viatora
Sister M. Cyrenus

Sister M. Rodriguez 
Sister M. Willibald
Sister M. Martinian
Sister M. Kathleen

(First commercial teacher)
ster M. Paulitta

Sister (Candidate) Sedona 
Sister M. Cordis
Sister (Candidate) Loretta 
Sister (Candidate) Cecilia 
Sister (Candidate) Anna 
Sister (Candidate) Mary 
Sister M. Ferdinand 
Sister M. Josefita
Sister M. Dignata  

Sister (Candidate) Agnes 
Sister M. Arnica
Sister (Candidate) Catherine 
Sister (Candidate) Mildred 
Sister M. Adolph
Sister M. Xavier


Sister M. Coelestia 
Sister M. Thomas 
Sister M. Bernardo 
Sister M. Edward 
Sister M. Norbert 
Sister M. Alphonsine 
Sister M. Raphael 
Sister M. Josephine 
Sister M. Augustine


Sister M. Lucilda 
Sister M. Justitia 
Sister M. Rolendis

Sister M. Othmar 
Sister M. Francesca 
Sister M.Noella 
Sister M. Gaudentia 
Sister M. Bredilia 
Sister M. Beata· 
Sister M. Antina 
Sister M. Geraldine 
Sister M. Sanctina


Sister M. Christa 
Sister M. Rosula 
Sister M. Eusebia 
Sister M. Karola 
Sister M. Cordula 
Sister M. Loretta 
Sister M. Ludmilla 
Sister M. Arrnella 
Sister M. Alphonsine 
Sister M. Hildegard 
Sister M. Lumena 
Sister M. Annette 
Sister M. Juanita 
Sister M. Florence 
Sister M. Cecilia 
Sister M. Ambrose 
Sister M. Rosalinda 
Sister M. Bernard 
Sister M. Romuald 
Sister John Francis 
Sister M. Uriel
Sister M. Gustave 
Sister M. Jean

Sister M. Albertus 
Sister M. Laurentilla 
Sister M. Concetta 
Sister M. Emanuela 
Sister M. Bona 
Sister M. Evangela


Sister M. Generosa 
Sister M. Alfred 
Sister M. Bercana 
Sister M. Meliton 
Sister M. Gelasia


Sister M. Natalie 
Sister M. Amabilis 
Sister M. Delphine 
Sister M. Celeste 
Sister M. Maretta 
Sister M. Philomena 
Sister M. Octavia


Sister M. Frances Paula 
Sister M. Emile 

Sister M. Dunstan 
Sister M. Charles 
Sister M. Nepomucene 
Sister M. Carmelita 
Sister M. Conceota 
Sister M. Consiglia
Sister M. Bonosa 
Sister M. Pura
Sister M. Bede
Sister M. Rafaela 
Sister Rose Marie 
Sister M. Bernarde 
Sister M. Agnetis 
Sister M. Elvira
Sister M. Humilia 
Sister M. Thrasilla 
Sister M. Sanctina
(Superior-2nd time)
Sister M. Catharina 
Sister M. Irmengarde 
Sister Marie Francis 
Sister M. Philippia 
Sister M. Cecile 
Sister M. Constanzia 
Sister Mariangela  
Sister (Candidate) Margaret 
Sister (Candidate) Beata 
Sister (Candidate) Teresa 
Sister (Candidate) Dolores 
Sister (Candidate) Dorothy 
Sister (Candidate) Joan 
Sister (Candidate) Corine 
Sister (Candidate) Eileen 
Sister Maureen
Sister M. Anne
Sister Maryalma
Sister M. Antonino
Sister (Candinate) Kathleen 
Sister (Candidate) Mary Ann 
Sister (Candidate) Juliana , 
Sister (Candidate) Regina 
Sister M. Patrick
Sister M. Mildred
Sister M. Helen
Sister Alphonsine
(Present Superior)
Sister M. Constantine 
Sister M. Humiliana 
Sister M. Etienne 
Sister M. Blanca 
Sister M. Liberta 
Sister M. Amida 
Sister M. Fides  
Sister M. Earlene 
Sister Anna Marie 
Sister M. Cassia 
Sister M. Auxilia 

Twenty Nine

Certainly the life of any parish is the activities of its Societies. Our parish has been blessed both with the number and the quality of its many societies. We are proud to present here and in the following pages the photos of those active groups of men and women who form such an intimate part of our parish life-unfortunately, we were unable to obtain photos of them all, but these we do present as a token of our sincere gratitude

The Italian Holy Name Society

Click on Image to Enlarge

The officers of the Catholic Knights of St. George, Branch 347

The Young Men's Catholic Club

Click on Image to Enlarge

The Ushers' Society

The Altar Boys' Society

Click on Image to Enlarge

The Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Explorers

The St. Vincent De Paul Society

Click on Image to Enlarge

The Third Order of St. Francis

The Mother of Sorrows Society

Click on Image to Enlarge

The Sacred Heart Society

Saint Anthony's Society

Click on Image to Enlarge

Officers of the Parent Teachers Association

The Ladies of Mt. Carmel Society

Click on Image to Enlarge

The Saint Frances Cabrini Society

The Saint Gabriel's Women's Society

Click on Image to Enlarge

The Senior Choir

The Blessed Virgin Sodality

Click on Image to Enlarge

The Saint Lucy's Society of Syragusa

Saint Michael's Society

Click on Image to Enlarge

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Young Mens' Catholic Club

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Catholic Knights of St. George

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Saint Rocco's Society

Ordine di Giovane Italia

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Alumni Association of Mount Carmel Commercial High School

Devotees of Saint Gaudenzio


Sitting (left to right) Laura Calzonetti, Mrs. Anthony Laviano, Father Michael, John Bantivoglio (chairman), Mrs. Charles Rifice, Richard A. Troncone, Frank Grella. Standing (left to right) Fred Di Giuseppe, Angelo Di Persia, Peter Neri, Joseph Saitta, Rosario Russo, Mildred Boyer, William Darpino, Vola Zinnie, Margaret Quaciari, Leo Italiano, Adele Richardt, Angie Di Pilla, Mrs. Millie Di Giuseppe, Leonard Viggiano, Nicholas Lo Presti, Umberto Berardis, Dominic Di Stefano.

Forty Three

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Parish Patrons


Forty Four

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Abbott
Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Abbott 
Mr. and Mrs. Canio Abate
Dominick Auletto
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Angelastro
Mrs. Mary Angelastro
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Adinolfi
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Abate & Son
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Abiuso
Mr. and Mrs. John Abiuso
Mr. and Mrs. Nicolo A. Abiuso
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Adinolfi
Miss Mary Agigian
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Agostinelli
Mr. and Mrs. Dionision Albanese
Mrs. Pasquale Albanese
Miss Josephine Albano
Mr. and Mrs. William Alcavaze
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Alemi
Mrs. Joseph A. Alessi
Mr. and Mrs. John Alfonsi
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Alfonsi
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Altimore
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Altshuler
Mrs. Maria Amato
Mr. and Mrs. Prosper Ambrico &  Family
Miss Anna M. Ambrosino
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Ambrosino
Vitoria Amoruso
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Angelastro
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Angelastro
Maria Angelastro
Mr. and Mrs. Angelucci
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Annise
Mr. and Mrs. Carmen J. Ante
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Arcaini
Mr. and Mrs. Alessandro Arcari
Mary C. Ardire
Mr. and Mrs. S. Ardire
Mr. and Mrs. Vito Aruanno
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Asher
Mr. and Mrs. William Attardi

Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Auletto
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Auletto
Julia Balan
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Balestra
Mr. and Mrs. Bangle
Mrs. Lucy Barbalace
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barbalace
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Barbalace
Mr. and Mrs. Concetto Barbieri
Mr. and Mrs. Florindo Barnabie
Mr. and Mrs. Giuseppe Basco & Family
Dr. Victor R. Basil
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Basile
Mrs. Thomas Battiste
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Beatrice
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Branco
Mr. and Mrs. John Bantivoglio
Roxy Bumarch
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Basile
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brandimarto
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Biancosino
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Biancosino
Concetta Banchi
Mr. and Mrs. John Borrelli
Mr. and Mrs. David Buono
Giovanni Biasi
Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Barbarito
Mr. and Mrs. John Burgo
August L. Bresnaider
Grace Barbuto
Mrs. Anna Biondi
Busy Bees
John R. Bennie
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bennie
Giuseppe Berardis
Mr. and Mrs. Umberto Berardis
Mr. and Mrs. Emidio Bernardi
Mr. and Mrs. Pietro Bernardi
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bianchini
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick J. Bocco
Mr. and Mrs. H. Ballettini
Mr. and Mrs. Giuseppe Bolli
Joseph Balzano

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bonetto and Daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Candeloro Bordi
Mr. and Mrs. Egidio Bordi & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Borelli
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Borreggine
Mr. and Mrs. John Bottalico
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bottalico
Matteo Botti
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Boyer
Mrs. Frank Branco
Maria Brandimarto
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bruccoliere
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brucoli
Anna Bruno
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bucci
Mr. and Mrs. Michele Buono
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Burgo & Children
Mr. and Mrs. Roxy Burgo
Mr. and Mrs. George Burkett
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Corrao
Miss Filomena L. Carbone
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Chiumento
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Como
C. Carullo
Rita Cimino
John Creato
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Carbone
Anna Carden
Arthur Carbone
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Collepardi
Jean Constantino
Mr. and Mrs. Emilio R. Constantino
Victoria Caprice
Annunzio Corradetti
Mr. and Mrs. Mario D. Cacciacarro
Domenico Caglioti
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Calfina & Family
Mr. Domenico Calzonetti
Laura E. Calzonetti
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Camiso
Mr. and Mrs. Berardo Canzanese
Frank Capone
Mrs. P. Cappelli
Mr. and Mrs. Carmen R. Caprice
Dr. G. Capuano
Annunzio Corradetti
Mr. and Mrs. John Carbone
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carbone
Mr. Peter Carbone
Mr. and Mrs. James Carducci
Vincent J. Carita
Mr. and Mrs. John Carrier
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Caruso & Daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Casamassima
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Casamassima
Mrs. D. Campanella
Mr. and Mrs. George Cavallo
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Corsello
Mary A. Cronin
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Cellini
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Cuprys
Dominic Ciprietti
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Colangelo
Mr. and Mrs. James Caso
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Casale
Mrs. Nunziata Castellani
Mr. and Mrs. Emidio Catalani
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Catalani
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cavallo
In Memoriam - Anthony Cazello
In Memoriam ~ Assunta Cazello
In Memoriam - John A. Cazello
Peter J. Cazello
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Celani
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Celani
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Celia
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Celia
Mrs. Angeline Cerasaro
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Cerulli
Lucy Cerullo
Joseph Cetani
Theresa Chaslong
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Chiaro
Mr. and Mrs. Elpidio Cirii

Forty Six

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chiumento
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Christopher
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ciccarelli
Mr. and Mrs. John Ciccarelli
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ciabattoni
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cianci
John and Grace Cicalleli
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ciccaglione
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Ciccarelli
Mr. and Mrs. Felice Cinelli
Mr. and Mrs. Casimiro Ciprietti
Filippo Ciprietti
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Cirelli & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Cirucci
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cirucci
Mr. John Citeroni
Mr. and Mrs. Carmelo Coco
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Colache
Mr. and Mrs. Alfonse Colaiacovo
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Colalillo
Pasquale Colalillo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Colangelo
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Colangelo
Canzano Collaretti
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Colofranson and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Colozzi
Michelina Comanda & Family
Mrs. Carmela Coppola
Joseph Corea
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Corea
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Corsello
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coruzzi
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Coruzzi
Mr. and Mrs. Attilio Costantino
Mr. and Mrs. Crea
Mr. Joseph Cristalli
Theresa Cristalli
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Croce
Dominick Crudo, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Crudo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cuccurullo, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Curcio
Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale A. Curcio

Joseph Dacciaio
Mr. and Mrs. John Dalanni
Mrs. Santina Damiani and Anne
Mr. and Mrs. S. R. De Falco
Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Doto
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Domenices
Mr. and Mrs. Carl De Cerbo & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Del Palazzo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Del Palazzo
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Doto
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Di Falco
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Doganiero
Mario Di Lodovico
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Di Bartolomeo
Miss Dolores D' Avella
Mr. and Mrs. A. De Vicci
Mr. Rene Di Mattia
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D'Alessandro
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent D'Alessandro
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio D'Amico
Mr. D. Dandrea
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Daraio
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Darpino
Mr. and Mrs. John L. D'Avella
Mrs. Maria De Angelis
Mr. and Mrs. Vito De Angelis
Mr. and Mrs. Domenic De Bellis and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. De Bellis
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony De Fino
Sr. R. De Flaviis
Miss Rosemarie De Genova
Gabriel De Giosio
Mrs. Lucy Del Duca
Mr. and Mrs. John Del Gozzio
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Del Monica
Mr. and Mrs. Ezio Del Moro
Mrs. Nazzarena Del Moro
Margaret Del Rossi
Domenico DeLorenzo
Mr. and Mrs. Donato De Luca
Mr. and Mrs. John D. De Luca
Antonio De Marco & Rosa
Mr. and Mrs. Edward De Marco

Forty Seven

Mr. and Mrs. Martin De Ninno & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio De Pasquale
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick De Pasquale
Mrs. Marie De Pasquale
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo A. De Persia
Mr. Anthony De Tora
Catherine and Leonard Devone
Louis A. Devone
Mr. and Mrs Leon Di Abundo
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Diadone
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Di Angelo
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Di Amore and Family
Angeline Deven
Charles Di Carlo
Joseph Di Bello
Rita Di Federico
Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso D' Agostino
Basil A. Di Cerbo
Mr. and Mrs. Carmen J. Di Stefano
MR. and Mrs. Gabriel Di Pietro
Miss Dolores Di Carlo
Mr. and Mrs. M. Di Domenico
Mr. and Mrs. Armondo De Lucia
MR. and Mrs. Thomas De Cord, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Di Paolo
Mr. and Mrs. Emidio D'Ottavi
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas L. D' Alessandro
Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinando D'Alessandro
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Di Bartolomeo
Mary Di Battista
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Di Carlo
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Di Cerbo
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Di Ciano
Mr. and Mrs. Umberto Di Claudio
Mr. and Mrs. Severino Di Cola
Mrs. Joseph Di Domenico
Natale Di Donato
Mr. and Mrs. Grazio Di Fante
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Di Felice
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Di Fronzo
Mrs. Giovanna Di Filippo & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Di Giacomo
Mr. and Mrs. Felix Di Giacomo

Mr. and Mrs. James Di Giamarino
Mr. and Mrs. Eugenio Di Giampaolo
Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Di Giosafatto
Beatrice and Raffaele Di Giuseppe
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Giuseppe
Mr. and Mrs. E. Di Lauro
Ronald Di Marco
Mr. and Mrs. Seriano Di Marco
Mr. and Mrs. C. Di Martino
Mr. Philip Di Martino
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Di Massimo
Mr. and Mrs. Amedeo Di Mattia
Mr. and Mrs. Di Mauro
Mr. Alfred Di Medio
Benny Di Medio
Miss Genetrice Di Medio
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Di Medio
Leonard Di Medio
Rinaldo Di Medio
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Di Mona
Mr. and Mrs. John Di Muro
Mr. and Mrs. Ettore Di Nicola
Raimondo Di Nicola
Mr. and Mrs. J. Di Nisio
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Di Orio
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Di Orio
Mr. Vincent Di Palmo
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Di Paolo
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Di Paolo
Mr. and Mrs. Camillo Di Pasquale
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Di Patrizio
Mrs. Filomena Di Pietro
Sabatino Di Pietro
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Di Pilla
Mr. and Mrs. Fiore Di Prisco
Mr. and Mrs. Denny Di Renzo
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Di Renzo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Di Rocco
Mr. and Mrs. Ettore Di Salvatore
Mrs. Rose Di Salvio
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Di Severia
Mr. and Mrs. John Di Sibio

Forty Eight

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Di Sibio
Mr. and Mrs. Minnie Di Sibio
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Di Siena
Pietro Di Siena
Mr. and Mrs. Giulio Di Stanislao
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Di Stefano
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D'Italia
Mr. and Mrs. Tommaso Di Taranto
Mr. Antonio Di Taranto
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Di Tomasso
Mrs. Joseph Di Vincenzo
Mr. and Mrs. Vincenzo Di Vincenzo
J. D'Onofrio
Mr. and Mrs. Philip D'Orio
Mr. and Mrs. John Downes
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Doto
Mr. and Mrs. Luigi Doto
Martin Doto
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Errichetti
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Errichetti
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Epaldo
Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Ezzi
Mr. and Mrs. A. Fabio
Mrs. Spina Fabrizi
Mr. and Mrs. A. Falotico
Mr. and Mrs. Domenic Fandetta
Carrie and Ida Fanelle
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fanelle
Mr. and Mrs. John Fargnoli 
Maria Feriozzi
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Favala & Family
Mrs. Emma Farinelli
Mrs. Concordia Ferrari
Carmela Ferri
Ernest J. Ferri
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Ferrucci
Giorgio Firullo
Mr. and Mrs. Achille Flamini
Miss Mary Flamini
William Flamini
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fortunato
Mr. and Mrs Stephen Francesconi
Mr. and Mrs. A. Francolino

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Francolino & Family
A Friend
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M. Frumento
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fulginiti
Mr. and Mrs. John Fulginiti
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Fultano
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Falcone
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Falco
Mr. and Mrs. Dino Filipponi
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Favieri
Mrs. Anna Foss
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Fugaro
Anna Flonore
Pierina Ferretti
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Franchetti
Mary Flacco
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Francolino
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Fanelli
Mrs. Carmela Galasso & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Garruti
Lena C. Galasso
Mr. and Mrs. Paul George
Mr. and Mrs. Gimello & Family
Julia Galasso
Mr. and Mrs. Garro 
Salvatore C. Giglio
Mr. Vincent Gigliotti
Mr. and Mrs. John Garaguso
Janet Garzarelli
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Galasso
Mr. and Mrs. Luco Gallo
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Garaguso
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Garaguso
Charles George & Family
Mrs. Edith Gaspari George
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gerbino
Mr. and Mrs. Nicola Germanotta
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Gigioli
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Giglio
Mrs. Angelina Giordano
Mrs. Dolores Giordano & Family
Mrs. S. Giordano
Mr. and Mrs. Emidio Giorgi

Forty Nine

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Giorgio
Rose Giorgio
Rose A. Giorgio
Mr. and Mrs. John Giuliano & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Giuliano
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Giummarra & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grassi
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Grasso
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Grello
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grello
Mrs. Sarah Guarino
Mr. and Mrs. Guerini
Mrs. Anita Guerrieri
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Guidotti
Salvatore Gugliotta
Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Hoover
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Holdcraft
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Iacovelli
Michael Iacovelli
Mrs. Louis Iacovelli
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Iapalucci
Miss Elizabeth Iapalucci
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Iapalucci
Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Iapalucci
Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Iavarone
Mrs. Brunetta Iannuzzi
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Iezzi
Ettore Illuminati
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund F. Iacobucci
Joseph Imbesi
Mr. and Mrs. Donato Iosca
Mrs. Rose Ippolito
Mr. and Mrs. Romeo Ipri
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Italiano
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Italiano, Jr.
Joseph A. Italiano, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Juliano
Elva Klevenz
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klopp
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kaploniak
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kugler

Miss Anna Lamaina
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard La Battaglia and Family
Mr. Girolamo La Maina
Mr. Joseph Lamaina 
Miss Josephine Lamaina
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lamaina
Lorraine Lamaina
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Lamaina and Family
Miss Rose Lamaina
Mrs. Teresa Lamaina
Mr. and Mrs Vito Lamaina
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Lamarra
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Lamarra, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lanchoney
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Lanzilotta
Mrs. Rose Lanzilotta
Josephine La Placa
Mr. and Mrs. Deigo Latella
Gloria Anita Latini
Carmen Leon
Mr. and Mrs. Armond Leonardi
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Leone
Mr. and Mrs. John Leo & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leo & Family
Theresa Liberati
Mr. and Mrs. J. Libertella
Charles Librizzi
Mr. and James Liccketto
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lacovara
Mildred Lomurno
James J. Ladik
Mr. and Mrs. J. Luciano, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lauria
Salvatore Lombardo
Cipriani Lacovaro
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lestino
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Leperfido
Mr. and Mrs. David Luciano
Mr. and Mrs. D. Lombard
Mr. and Mrs. Nicola Longino
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Lo Presti
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Loscalzo


Mr. and Mrs. Francesco Loscalzo
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Loscalzo
Miss Rose Lovallo
Theresa V. Loveland
Mr. and Mrs. Giuseppe Luciani
Mr. and Mrs. John Luciani
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Luciano
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lupo 
Angelo Macchia
Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Machalica
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Macrina
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Maiese
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Malandro
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Malatesta
Domenic Mancini
Mrs. Luisa Mancini
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mangano
Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Mantine
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Manzi
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Manzi
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Marchesano
Mr. and Mrs. N. Marchese
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Masso
Mr. and Mrs. Mose Mancini
Mrs. Alfia Mannella
A. Micale
Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Marra
Mrs. Helen Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Francesco Maroccia
Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Marchione
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Mues
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Mancini
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mignogna
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Musick
Joanna E. Memmo
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Morabito
John Mancini
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Michelli
Pellegrino Mignone
Mr. and Mrs. Cosmo Marzilla
Mr. and Mrs. Pierino Melchionni
Mr. and Mrs. V. Meloni


Sue Marzilla
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Migliaccio and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Martella
Mrs. Marion Maiorano
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Marcionni
Mrs. Ignazio Marino &. Family
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Marini
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Marino
Mr. and Mrs. Celestino Marinaro
Mr. and Mrs. Vito Maro
Mrs. Giuseppe Maroccia
Joseph R. Maroccia
Joseph Maroccia
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Maroccia
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marrocco
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Martinelli
Mrs. Anthony Martinelli
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Martinelli
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Martinelli
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore D. Martinelli
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Martino
Mr. and Mrs. Donato Mascia
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Mastrullo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Massara
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Massi
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Massi
Mrs. Carmela Massi
Mr. and Mrs. Giulio Massi
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Massi
Mr. and Mrs. Saverio Massi
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Massi
Mr. and Mrs. Basilo Masso
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mazzarella
Mrs. Palma Mazzarella
Viscardo Mazzarella
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Mazzarelli
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Mazzariello
Mrs. Anna Mazzilli
Michael Mazzilli
Joseph &. Isabelle Mazzilli &. Family
Mr. and Mrs. T. Mc Keone
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mecca

Fifty One

Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Melfe
Rocco Melfi
Mrs. Eda Meloni
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Memmo
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Merola
Mr. and Mrs. Felix A. Meschini
Rosa Menaquale
Mr. and Mrs. Vito A. Mevoli & Son
Mr. and Mrs. John Micciche
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mignogna
Mr. and Mrs. Sostine J. Midili & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Domenick Migliano
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mignogna
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mignogna
Joseph Mignogna
Miss Phyllis Mignogna
Miss Virginia Mignogna
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mignone
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Mignone
Mr. and Mrs. Theobald M. Mignone
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Minervini
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Mistichelli
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Moffa
Mr. and Mrs. John Moffa
Mrs. Julia Mogano
Mr. Cipriano Moles
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moles
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Moles
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Moles
Mrs. Mary Moles

Ursula and Lauren Moles
Mr. and Mrs. Vito Moles
Louis Mogano
Mrs. Angelina Morlino & Family
Peter Montemurro
Mrs. George J. Morhauser
Angelina Morlino
Mr. Anthony Morrone
Miss Lena Morrone
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Martelli
Mrs. Maria Moscariello
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mozzo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Mucci


Carmela Munacillo
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Munciello
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Naples
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Napoli
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Napolitano
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Narciso
Fred V. Narciso
Mr. and Mrs. D. Nardone
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Natale
Lelio Natale
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nazzario
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Neel
Mr. and Mrs. James Neri & Family
Mr. and Mrs. William Neri
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Neri
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Neri
Ml. and Mrs. Angelo Neri
E. Nigro
Mrs. John Narciso
Carmel M. Naples
Mr. and Mrs. Umbert Nastasi
Mr. and Mrs. N. Nepi
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Nerone
Elsie Nigro
Carmen Nocito
Ruggero Odorisi
Mrs. Nettie Odorisio
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Oliva
Mr. and Mrs. Basil A. Olivo
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Off
Mrs. Clara Ognissanti
Mr. and Mrs. Felice Oliveto
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Olivieri
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pacitti
Mrs. Lucy Paglione
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Palermo
Mr. and Mrs. Giuseppe Palermo
Mr. and Mrs. Matteo Palmieri
Mr. and Mrs. Benedetto Palombo ­
Mr. and Mrs. Augusto Palumbi
Mr. and Mrs. Nickolas Palumbi
Mr. Alfonso Pandolfi
Mrs. John Panelli

Fifty Two

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Panetta
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Panichelli
Mr. and Mrs. John Papa
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Paradise
Mr. and Mrs James Pasquariello
Mr. Anthony Passarella & Family
Mr. Orlando Passeri
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Patragnoni
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Pecchia
Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Pellegrino
Mr. and Mrs. Aldobrando Pelotti
Mr. and Mrs. Preston Pendarvis
Dominic Penn
Mrs. Antoinetta Penna
Mr. and Mrs. John Pennisi
Elva Pepa
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pepe
Christopher Perice
Mrs. Angelina Perno
Mr. Frank Perrone
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Petralia
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Petrillo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Petrocella, Sr.
Mrs. Lena Petrone
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Petrozza
Giuseppe Petulla
Mr. Anthony Picciano
Mr. and Mrs. Nicola Picciano
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Pichini
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pieri
Josephine Pietronudo
John Picini
Mrs. Catherine Pigliacelli
Frank Pigliacelli
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pilla
Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale A. Pilla
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Pinto
Mr. and Mrs. Armond Pitoscia
Mr. and Mrs. Carmine Pitoscia
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pizzutillo
Mr. and Mrs. Rocco A. Pizzitello
Mrs. Mary Poli
Mr. and Mrs. John Pontillo

Mr. and Mrs. M. Pompeano
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Presti
Mr. and Mrs. James Procacci
Mrs. Angelina Palese
Domenica Piperno
Samuel Perrone
Jennie A. Pelle
Sarah Palazzo
Frank Pucci
Mrs. Mary Piotti
Augusto Palumbi
Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph Penn
Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Profico
Ottavio & Ermelinda Pepa
Dr. and Mrs. Roberto Principato
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Procacci
Mr. and Mrs. Luigi Procacci
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Procacci
Mr. and Mrs. John Procopio & Patricia
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Procacci & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Profico
Mr. and Mrs. Domenico Pucci
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Pucci
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Puleo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Putiri
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Puzzutiello
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Quaciari
Mrs. Anna Quaranta
Nunziata Quaranta
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Rago
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Radogna
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ragone
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Ragone
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Ragone
Mrs. Millie Ragone
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ragone
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ragone
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Raimondo
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rapa
Mr. and Mrs. George Rapa
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Raponaro
Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Rapini
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Rasicci

Mrs. Clara Raymond
Steve Raymond
Mrs. Wilma Reale
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Realdine
Mr. and Mrs. Primiano Ricci
Mrs. Helen Ricciordi
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Riccitelli & Family
Adele Richardt
Charles Richardt
Mr. and Mrs. James Richardt
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Rifici
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Rinaldi
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ripa
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Risorto
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Romano
Mr. and Mrs. Carmen J. Romano
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Romano
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Ronga
Mr. and Mrs. John Rosaci
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rosato
Mr. and Mrs. John Rose & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rossetti
Mr. and Mrs. Falco Rossi
Mr. and Mrs. Fiorino Rossi
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Ragone
Antoinette Racobaldo
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rosetti & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Recchia
Mrs. Carmela Ruccolo
Miss Flora V. Rossi
Nicola Rossi & Maria A. Rossi ­
Mrs. Catherine Rubino & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ruggiero
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Russo
Mrs. Susie Salamone
Mrs. Rose Sangarlo
Mr. and Mrs. Pietro Santaniello
Mrs. Rosa Santosusso & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sapienzo
Mr. and Mrs. D. Saracino
Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Scardapane
Mr. and Mrs. A. Scarfo
Kay Scarfo

Costantino Scarimbolo
Scatasti - De Luca
Mr. and Mrs. Innocenzo Scavetti
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Scena
Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Schiavo
Mr. and Mrs. Dante Sciamanna
Mr. and Mrs. George Sciamanna
Mr. and Mrs. Domenico Scola
Frances Serafino
Mr. and Mrs. Salvadore Serchia
Mr. and Mrs. Augustine Scappa
Mr. and Mrs. Michele Scappa
Mr. and Mrs. M. Settanni
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Shiraldi
Antonio and Carmela Silvestro
Mr. Filippo Simeone
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Simeone
Dr. Salvatore Siniscalco
Vincenzo Sivilla
Robert Smaldore
Mr. and Mrs. James Soldo
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Sorrentino & Family
Mr. and Mrs. John Spagnola
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Spagnola
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spedicato
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Speeney
Mr. and Mrs. V. Speyerer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gennaro T. Spina
Mr. and Mrs. Felice Spino
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Spino
Mrs. Maria Spinogatti
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Spinosi & Family
Mr. Joseph Starr
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Stavola
Mr. Carmela Stavola
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Tancredi
Mrs. John Santucci
Carmen, Sylvia Kathleen Sangarlo
Umberto Santaniello
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Salimena
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Scicchitano
Mrs. Angelina Simone
Richard L. Scena

Fifty Four

Mrs. Rose Staffieri
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Scavette
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic M. Sanchirico
Mrs. D. Scola
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Socco
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Scalise
Miss Elia Taffoni
Mr. and Mrs. William Talarico
Mrs. Angela Tamburri
Madeline Tartaglia
Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Tedeschi
Mrs. Rose Tenerelli
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Termine
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Terranova
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Terranova and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Terranova
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Teti
Yolanda Thomas
Mrs. Anna Tiberi
Felice Tiberio
Miss Joan Tischner
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Tedeschi
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Turse
Mrs. Eva Tortella
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Tomasetta
Mary Anne Trewin
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Troiano
William E. Trewin
Josephine Tiziani
Mrs. Vincenzina Torricelli
Mr. and Mrs. Dino A. Tortu, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Tramantozzi
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Trewin
Mr. and Mrs. Fiore Troncone
Carmella U. Troncone
Joseph Ummarino
Mr. and Mrs. Donato Vagliani
Mr. and Mrs. John Valentino
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Valeriani
Mr. and Mrs Frank Valianti
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Vasile

Mr. and Mrs. Eligio Vassalotti
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Vendetti
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Veneziani
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Veneziani
Mr. and Mrs. Sabba Verdiglione and Family
Mr. and Mrs. William Verdone
Mr. and Mrs. Giacomo Vernocchi
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vespe
Vito Vespe
Mr. and Mrs. Vito R. Vespe
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Vetri
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Viggiano
Mrs. Pasqurosa Viggiano
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vilardo
Mr. and Mrs. Nicolo Villanova
Mr. and Mrs. Rocco M. Vita
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vitale
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vitagliano
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Vitarelli
Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Vitarelli
Mr. and Mrs. John Vitarelli
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wardell
Filomena Viviani
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Viggiano
Anthony Valenti
Mario Viti
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Viggiano
Cipriano Vespe
Rocco A. Vespe
Frank Vergilio
Mr. and Mrs. D. Veneziani
Miss Rae Whelan
Harriet Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Widmann
Jennie Zinicola
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zinicola
Mr. and Mrs. Otto F. Zinnie
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Zippel
Mr. and Mrs. Davide Zippilli
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Zampino
Rose Zippilli

Fifty Five

Joseph Nazzario
in front of his barbershop
1211 South 4th Street

My Grandfather. Joseph Nazzario, started his first and only shop on South 4th Street in Camden. The shop  closed up after his passing in 1964. He was a long time parishioner of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, and a member of  its Italian Holy Name Society. When I was a kid, I remember going with him to one of his long time customers house, who was confined to a bed for a while. A free haircut and shave was provided free at no charge . The 50th Anniversary Book of his parish was placed on this site in his memory."    

Gene Robison
November 8, 2009

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