501 Vine Street
North 5th Street and
Vine Street

The Church of the Holy Name was organized on July 13, 1913 to serve the Catholic population of North Camden. Rev. Thomas J. Whelan was its first pastor. The new parish celebrated its first mass in a box factory on the north side of State Street, between North 7th and North 8th Streets. The parish dedicated the handsome new church at North 5th Street and Vine Street on December 18, 1927. This church cost more than $250,000.

Holy Name continued to serve North Camden until 2008. On April 4, 2008 Bishop Galante announced the following changes which affected to churches in Camden and Pennsauken. The changes, taken from the text of the bishop's speech, are as follows:

* Merge the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Camden), Holy Name (Camden) and Our Lady of Mount Carmel & Fatima (Camden), with the primary worship site at the Cathedral and a secondary worship site at Our Lady of Mount Carmel & Fatima.

* Merge St. Joseph Pro-Cathedral (Camden), St. Cecilia (Pennsauken) and St. Veronica (Delair), with the worship site at St. Joseph Pro-Cathedral.

* Merge St. Joan of Arc (Camden) and St. Bartholomew (Camden) with the worship site at St. Joan of Arc.

* Cluster the new parish at St. Joan of Arc (Camden) with Sacred Heart (Camden).

* St. Anthony of Padua (Camden) and St. Joseph Polish (Camden) will remain as stand-alone parishes.

Holy Name Roman Catholic Church at the Box Factory

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 27, 1915

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 7, 1921

Rev. Thomas J. Whelsn
Judge Frank T. Lloyd
Alban Eavenson
Belford G. Royal
Francis Ford Patterson Jr.
Charles H. Ellis
David Baird Sr.
L.A. Hawkes
Frank S. Van Hart
John Prentice
Burleigh B. Draper
A.C. Dorrance
William S. Darnell
C.W. Tomlinson
James V. Moran
L.D. Johnson
Rev. Charles B. Dubell
Elmer Ellsworth Long

Mrs. A. Haines Lippincott

Mrs. W. Penn Corson
Mrs. Harry Pelouze
William E. Bennett

Eavenson & Levering

Hunt Pen Company

Esterbrook Pen Company

Broadway Trust Company

R.M. Hollinshed Company

Hurley Store

Church of the Holy Name

St. John's Episcopal Church

Munger & Long

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Camden Courier-Post
19, 1927

Charles L. McKeone
Church of the Holy Name
B.F. Schroeder
Rev. Thomas Whelan
Edward N. Teal
William J. Paul
Frank Sheridan
Stephen O'Keefe
Benjamin Zorek
Ben Courter


Camden Courier-Post * January 27, 1928

Camden Courier-Post - June 2, 1932

Mary W. Kobus - Holy Name Roman Catholic Church - Church of the Sacred Heart
Ss. Peter and Paul's Roman Catholic Church - Church of the Immaculate Conception

Camden Courier-Post
June 16, 1932

Leo Kelly


Camden Courier-Post - June 16, 1932

Camden Courier-Post - February 8, 1933


A card party and social will be held at the Holy Name auditorium, Fifth and Vine Streets, 'Friday night by the parish amusement committee. Tables will be arranged for the various card games, which will start at 8:30 PM, and attractive prizes will be awarded high scorers. The committee comprises Mrs. Anna  Higgins, Mrs. Miriam Wilkins, Mrs. Agnes McCracken, Mrs. Edward Moran, Mrs. Charles Henle, Jr., Mrs. Catherine Hambach, Miss Marie McDonough and Mrs. Teresa Hale.

Camden Courier-Post - June 7, 1933

Friday Affair to Provide Funds for 1200 Children's Excursion

The Holy Name Parent-Teacher Association will conduct a card and radio party on Friday evening in the auditorium at Fifth and Vine Streets.

The party is to provide a fund for the excursion for the 1200 school chil­dren to Riverview Beach on June 13. Tables will be arranged for bridge, pinochle and radio.

The committee in charge is as follows:

Mrs. Mary Alcorn, Mrs. A. Barbarito, Mrs. Martha Black, Mrs. Mildred Brandt, Mrs. Nellie Chomeill, Mrs. Rose De Grasse, Mrs. Elizabeth Dickinson, Mrs. Mary Dickinson, Mrs. Winifred Dildine, Mrs. Samuel Edwards, Mrs. Marion Feasler, Mrs. Thomas J. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Mary Flanagan, Mrs. Margaret Foster, Mrs. Maud Gale, Mrs. Joseph Goff, Mrs. Teresa Hale, Mrs. Margaret Hallahan, Mrs. John Hanson, Mrs. Catherine Hazlwanter, Mrs. Elizabeth Henle, Mrs. Anna Higgins, Mrs. Mary Howell, Mrs. Catherine Kelley, Mrs. Victor Klock, Jr., Mrs. Isabel Ladner, Mrs. Elsie McHugh, Mrs. Frank McMaster, Mrs. Frank Mall, Mrs. Edward Moran, Mrs. Helen Morten, Mrs. Helen Mulligan, Mrs. Marie Neeld, Miss Christine Nugent, Mrs. Helen Olesiewicz, Mrs. Isabel Peterson, Mrs. Robert Reardon, Mrs. Annie Rilatt, Mrs. Charles Shaw, Mrs. George I. Shaw, Mrs. Mary Spear, Mrs. St. John, Mrs. Mahlon Stokes, Mrs. Ellen Van Hart, Mrs. Millie Villano, Miss Anna S. Wasleski, Mrs. Mary O. White, Mrs. Miriam Wilkins, Mrs. Eleanor Young, Mrs. Delzeit. 

HOLY NAME SCHOOL 2nd Grade Class - 1948
This Photo is of the students in the Holy Name Graduating Class of 1954
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Photo courtesy of Ronald Rowan, who is in the second row from bottom, sixth from the left. Identifications provided by Teresa Stuebing Long, second row from top, fourth from the left.

FIRST (TOP) Row: Anne Longstreet - Donna Burkhardt - Carol Holt - Mary Ann Ryan - Mary Fabian - ________ - Mary Wunsch - Grace Stagliano  
SECOND Row: Eleanor Delicato - ________ - Nancy Crean - Teresa Stuebing - ______ Florice Patrick - ______ - ______ - Barbara Vain
THIRD Row: ______ - ______ - ______ - ______ - Nancy Kershaw - Kathleen Elder -  Patricia Kraus - Rita Ackley
FOURTH Row: ______ - Anna Tucci - _____ - Catherine Wentz - Maryann Catanzaro - Marie Thompson 
FIFTH Row: _______ - William(?) Fallon - Joaeph Flanagan - Billy(?) Meyer - ______ - _____ - ______ - ______
SIXTH Row: Larry Weaver - Carmen Zarelli - Leonard _____ - ______ - Robert Rowan - ______ - ______ - 
SEVENTH Row: ______ - Thomas Hilferty - John Tusi(?) - Larry Costigan  - Edward Shoemaker - Ronald Tompkins James Anderson - William Loges - Paul Rilatt

If you can identify anyone else in this class photo or the one below, please e-mail me as soon as possible.

Thank You
Phil Cohen

Philadelphia Inquirer - 1951


The schools represent eight public arid one parochial school in. Camden and the Pennsauken Township Junior High School. The Camden county competition is part of the an­nual marbles tournament sponsored by The Inquirer.

Champions were developed yesterday at the Pennsauken School, which registered a total of 41 boys and eight girls in its first years competition. Robert Barroway, 11, of 5303 Sherwood Terrace, and Vera Polk,12, of 3466 Gladwyn Avenue, both seventh-grade Pennsauken students, captured the titles.

Camden school champions are Albert Colsey, 12, of 2807 Cleveland Avenue; and Iola Brooks, 13, of 2728 Garfield Avenue, of the Harry C. Sharp School, 32nd Street and Hayes Avenue; James Twyman, 13, of 807 Chestnut Street, winner at Whittier School, 8th and Chestnut Streets; Michael Marto, 14, of 215 Sewell Street; of the Cramer Junior High School, 29th and Mickle Streets; Alfred Medley, 13, of 1177 Lawrence Street, of the Powell School, 10th and Linden Streets.


Also, Nicholas Martell, 13, of 1041 North 31st Street, brother of last year's Camden champion, and Arlene. Fallon, 13, of 811 North 28th Street, both of Veterans' Memorial Junior High School, 26th Street and Hayes Avenue; Ronald Rowan, 51 North Street, champion of the Holy Name Parochial School, 5th and Vine Streets, competing ·for the first time this year; Ann Coles, 13, of 697 Van Hook Street, girl winner at the Mickle School, 6th and Van Hook Streets, and Stephen Trout, 14, of 305 Beideman Avenue, representing the Davis School, 34th and Cramer Streets.

Other Camden school winners announced earlier included Paul Palla, 11, of 1087 North Merrimac Road, of the Yorkship School, and Robert Hudson, 11, of 2123 Van Buren Street, boy winner at the Mickle School. Runners-up who will be alternates at the district playoffs include  Yorkship School, Jerry Hunt, 13, of 3150 Colorado Road; Mickle School, John Jones, 14, of 673 Central Avenue and Brenda Bates, 10, of 569 Ferry Avenue; Sharp School, William Wagner, 12, of 1107 Lois Avenue and Jean Martell, 12, of 1041 North 31st Street; Pennsauken, Adrian Mencer, 14, of 4311 Union Avenue, Delair, and Lorraine Brucks, 13, of 2228 Sherman Avenue, Pennsauken

Also Whittier School, Edward DeGrilla, 14, of 732 Chestnut Street; Davis School, Robert Kerby, 13; Holy Name School, Samuel Montanez. 13, of 621 Cedar Street; Powell School, Sterling Davis, 13, of 323 North 11th Street, and Veterans School. Herbert Betts, 14, of 1155 Bergen Street and Judith Arensberg, 13, of 2730 Garfield Avenue.

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Same students as pictured above from Second Grade Class picture, 1948.
Photo courtesy of Teresa Stuebing Long

If you can identify the other two people in this class photo or any in the one above, please e-mail me as soon as possible.

Thank You
Phil Cohen

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Photo courtesy of Raymond Becoskie, who is in picture at Upper Center (Left of the principal). 
TOP Row---Harry Jackson, Don Tomasyk, ?, Denny Taggart, Mother St. Andrew (principal), Ray Becoskie, 
Eileen Pine, Mike Hallahan, Ray Majewski.
5TH Row---Donny Reese (deceased), Carman Sampona (Deceasesd), Alice Huber, Lou Anselmi, Mary Tighe, 
Patty Keyak, Tim Payton, Ethel Foltz, Bob Flamini, Mike McCarthy 
4TH Row---Mickey Brasberger, Lois Horn (Deceased) Maureen Shea, George Hicks, Eileen McGettigan, 
Henry Hernandez, Cynthia Donahue, Elwood Anderson (Deceased), Cathy Curran (Deceased), Carol Hopkins, 
Rod Rodriquez
3RD Row---Sister Koska, Ginny Castro, Freddy Laxton, Nancy Kuntz, Charles Leusner, Charlene Hesbecker, Joan Armstrong, John Sampona, ?, Richard Mori, Gloria Fabrizio, Sister Tarcissius
2ND Row---Joey Hale, Rosemarie Patricia LaFrenz, Chris Serici, Linda Janney, Bobby Foster, Kate Cunningham, Bruce Hudson, Sandy Carlton, Tommy Brutschea, Eileen St. John, Tommy Burke, Eileen Brown, John Brady
1ST Row----Johnny Costello, Barb Passarella, Michelle Manarca (deceased), Eileen Kelly, Phyllis Barrett, 
Barb Holmes, Helen Sclafari, Joan Bauer, Mary Bartello, Linda Lorusso (Deceased), Walter Rein

Thanks to Fred Laxton, who identified all but three people in this photograph. Thanks also to Rosemary LaFrenz Reese and her brother, George Coppinger, who wrote in about this photo. If you can identify the other two people in this class photo or any in the one above, please e-mail me as soon as possible.

Thank You
Phil Cohen

HOLY NAME SCHOOL 3rd Grade - 1962-1963
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Row 4 _________, Pat McClellan, _______, Michael Larson, ______, George Arroyo, ______
Row 3 Mike Sviben, Mathew Hale, Joe Sheridan, John Maldanado, ______, ______, ______, Wayne Slaughter
Row 2 ______, Lillian Precca, ______, ______, Rita O'Toole
Row 1 Nancy Terilla, ______, Janice Larwa, ______, Pamela Murray, Mary Decker, Margaret McCartney