839 Market Street 

Owned and operated for many years by John MacDougall, Mac's Bar was a fixture from before World War I through at least the fall of 1959 at 839 Market Street. He remained open during Prohibition under a "soft drink" license. When Prohibition was repealed he was granted his beer license on June 30, 1933

Camden Courier-Post - January 27, 1928

Court Attache Scours City
To Round Up Jury for Trial

Looking North
at the Hollingshead plant at 10th and Market Streets

Photo taken before the fire shows the Hollingshead industrial complex amid congested residential construction.

Virtually everything in this picture no longer exists, some lost to fire, most lost to "urban renewal" and highway construction, with one exception, the office building at 9th & Cooper St.

July 13, 1940 - The Hollingshead Fire

Above: MacDougall's Tavern aka Mac's Bar at the far left remains in harms way as fire extends onward

Below: Subsequent damage to tavern following additional collapse of factory walls striking the front of the tavern. Firefighters seen freeing charged hose line beneath rubble.

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Below, firemen are protecting exposures against the intense heat from the ruins of No.6 Building. MacDougall's Tavern aka Mac's Bar is visible at the lower left.

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