340 Federal Street

This bar was licensed after Prohibition was repealed in 1933 to Edward Markowitz. Markowitz also promoted a few fight cards in Camden. The club came to the attention of the police in May of 1934 when an 18 year-old woman claimed that she was sold beer there, and again in February of 1936 when a brawl occurred between three men. The bar was still operating as the Wall Street Club as late as November of 1936. It was a notoriously tough place, as were many of the bars in the 300 block of  Federal Street.

By 1947 Edward Markowitz had renamed the establishment Mindy's  Restaurant & Bar. Mindy's remained opened through 1956. By 1959 Mindy's had closed. The block was razed in the early 1970s, and the Camden County Jail was erected on the site.  

Camden Courier-Post - May 10, 1934

Camden Courier-Post - February 24, 1936

Proprietor of Wall Street Club Charged With Hitting Policeman 

Four persons were arrested early yesterday during a free-for-all fight in the Wall Street Club, 340 Federal Street, according to police.

Edward Markowitz, 38, proprietor of the place, was arrested and charged with assault and battery on an officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Ambrose Brown, 31, and his brother, Asher, 27, both of 2104 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, were arrested on complaint of George Brown, 29, of 1214 Mt. Ephraim Avenue, who charged them with assault and battery. The Browns under arrest are not related to the complainant. Brown, the complainant, is a brother-in-law of Patrolman Joseph Schultz.

Patrolmen Earl Wright and Gus Fortune were passing Fourth and Federal streets at 1:45 AM in a radio car with Commissioner Mary W. Kobus when a man ran out of the Wall Street Club and shouted to them that some men had been beating him.

When the policemen entered, Markowitz is alleged to have tried to eject the police. He said they had no right in his place, according to Wright and Fortune.

Markowitz was arrested with the three Browns. Wright alleges Markowitz struck him in the face. At police headquarters Mrs. Eleanor Brown, wife of Asher Brown, said she, her husband and brother-in-law were getting ready to leave the place when George Brown struck her in the face. She said her husband and brother-in-law struck George Brown in retaliation.

Police said when they reached the interior of the taproom men were fighting, women screaming and tables were being overturned.

Markowitz was held in $1000 bail. When booked at police headquarters, Markowitz was drunk, Wright and Fortune said. Ambrose and Asher Brown in $500 bail each and George Brown in $200 bail as a witness. They will have hearings today in police court.

Markowitz last night denied he struck Wright but alleged the patrolman knocked him unconscious at police headquarters. He said he was placed in a wheel chair and pushed into a cell. He charged he was not permitted to use a telephone until 7:00 AM.

"There was no fight in my place," Markowitz declared. "The fight was out on the street and Wright rushed into my place, grabbed me and hustled me to the patrol box. He struck me in the eye in my place and I never raised a hand to him. There were 20 persons in the place can testify I am telling the truth,"

Camden Courier-Post - February 26, 1936

Markowitz Faces Grand Jury; Terms Suspended on 3 in Fight in Place

Waiving a police court hearing, Edward Markowitz, 38, proprietor of the Wall Street Club, 340 Federal Street, was held in $1000 bail for the Grand Jury yesterday by Police Judge Lewis Liberman.

Markowitz was charged with assault and battery on an officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. His arrest followed a police call early Sunday when a fight allegedly took place in his cafe.

Three other men, arrested in the case, received suspended sentences.

Ambrose Brown, 31, and his brother, Asher, 27, both of 2104 Spring Garden street, Philadelphia, were accused by George Brown, 29, of 1214 Mt. Ephraim avenue. The latter, who is not related to the Philadelphians, charged the brothers struck him. Ambrose countered with an assault charge against George Brown.

Ambrose testified that he was standing at the bar in Markowitz' place when George Brown insulted his wife. He admitted he struck Brown after an argument over the alleged insult. Asher said he tried to separate his brother and George Brown.

Judge Liberman said he believed the trouble was caused by George Brown. He found all the Browns guilty and suspended sentence.

No testimony was offered in the charges against Markowitz. He was held for the Grand Jury .at the request of Firmin Michel, his attorney.

At the time of his arrest, Policeman Earl Wright said that Markowitz tried to eject the police. When they refused to go he is alleged to have struck Wright. After his arrest Markowitz said the fight was not in his place. He charged that Wright knocked him unconscious at police headquarters.